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  1. Yunnan ham, now available in Canada!! I'm on this case immediately. I have a contact in Vancouver, who's very knowledgeable about Chinese food, & can confirm it's availability in at least Vancouver. If it's available in Vancouver, then it must be available in Toronto. My brother lives in Toronto. He can bring me Yunnan ham from Toronto, when he comes visits Montreal for the holidays next week. I know Serrano ham from Spain is illegal in Canada. As is French Bayonne ham from France. Irwin, when you say Fresh Water Crabs this winter, do you mean the Hairy Crabs from Asia(it's currently Hairy Crab season over there)? I've also been wondering if fresh Hairy Crabs(in season) are available in America. -Steve
  2. Is Chinese Yunnan ham available anywhere in America? I don't think so, but people here might know better. Is it comparable in taste to Smithfield ham, as has been mentioned in some writeups? -Steve
  3. Vivre, I'm certainly interested in your March Smoked Meat Marathon. What's is your plan on how you're going to attack the smoked meat establishments in March? -Steve
  4. Going by memory, I believe Steven Shaw(FG) said Langer's in LA double steams their pastrami(same thing that Ben's Best in NYC claims). Meaning they both steam their pastrami approx. twice as long as the others. That would account for its tenderness. BTW, I'm glad you ordered your pastrami medium-fat(always my preference for Montreal smoked meat, here in Montreal). -Steve edit: Just above is what Steven Shaw actually wrote
  5. Larry, ARE YOU SERIOUS!! I'll ask you again, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! In all my years, of checking out the Montreal Gazette food section, I've never been impressed at all. Nowadays, the Wednesday food section is even shorter & shorter(less space devoted to food content), as it's part of the revamped Art & Life section. I can't remember how long, Julian Armstrong has been their Food Editor(must be around 20 years). I see locals in their respective areas complaining about the Toronto Star & NY Times's food section on eGullet. The Montreal Gazette's food section is a hundred times worse!! As for as the Saturday restaurant reviews(not really part of the food section). It's better, but still could be improved. I like Lesley Chesterman's selection of the fine dining restaurants that she reviews(she has reviewed quite a few restaurants, throughout the Montreal area(& sometimes beyond that), that I have never heard of). Although quite a few of the fine dining restaurants reviewed, are not really true fine dining restaurants(can't blame her as there's not enough of these restaurants, for her to review a new restaurant weekly). I would like Sarah Musgrave's casual-dining reviews to be a little longer(it's way too short). And it's always been my feeling that the reviews in the big city daily papers, should always be based on at least two visits(Lesley occasionally makes more than one visit, before her reviews). A pet peeve of mine, is that many of the Montreal restaurant critics, rush to review the high-profile new restaurants(as soon as 4-5 weeks after opening). -Steve
  6. I contacted Lesley privately last night about this, & she just responded. I'll just say, I didn't just make things up, to post on eGullet. Anything more, you can contact me privately Joey for the full story. And to protect Lesley, my intention was never to post this type of thing on eGullet. -Steve
  7. Was told by the same radio host today(might not be appropriate to mention his name here), he would like to have Lesley as a guest very soon on his radio show, but not sure if she's interested. He had scheduled her for October, but she cancelled without giving a reason(that's what he told me). So if you're interested Lesley in appearing on his radio show(I'm sure you know who I'm refering to), you should contact him soon. He's a bit hesitant to contact you again, as he's not sure of your interest. -Steve
  8. SteveW

    Tahiti Treat

    How does it taste? Is it readily available through most of North America? -Steve
  9. I have never tried the Tahiti Treat soft drink. However a Montreal broadcaster frequently raves about this drink. Currently unavailable in Montreal(apparently use to be years ago), this broadcaster goes to Ontario several times a year just to obtain cases of this soft drink. So it must be good. Any comments on Tahiti Treat? -Steve
  10. SteveW

    Opening Soon.

    Chef, I commend you very much for planning to bring in Canada Prime grade beef in this new restaurant venture. Outside of one steakhouse in Winnipeg, you would be the only other restaurant in Canada carrying Canada Prime. How easy/hard is it going to secure the Canada Prime beef? I'm guessing relatively easy, with basically zero demand for this grade beef within Canada. The ratio of Canadian beef graded Canada Prime, must be around the same ratio of US beef graded US Prime?? Since Canada Prime beef was introduced approx. 7-8 years ago, I have not heard anyone in Canada(outside of talk, in a food discussion group like eGullet) demanding it. Many butchers & restaurateurs in Montreal, have not even heard of Canada Prime beef!!! Could you compare the prices between Canada Prime grade beef vs US Prime grade beef(I'm pretty sure, US Prime beef is a little more expensive)? -Steve
  11. Anyone tried the breads & pastries at Banette bakery/pastry(5791 Sherbrooke West) in Montreal West? Is it any good? I think they claim to only use organic ingredients. -Steve
  12. SteveW

    Opening Soon.

    Hey!, it's called Montreal smoked meat . I'm glad Chef Fowke made the name change on the menu for his new upcoming restaurant. -Steve
  13. There're only about 3 Canadian flour brands. And I think they all have a higher protein content than King Arthur Flour. Some consider Canadian flour the best in the world, because of its protein content. Canadians should adjust slightly the flour(use less flour), when using American recipes requiring flour. -Steve
  14. SteveW


    This would also apply to exclusive Private members' restaurants? Lesley Chesterman's(eGullet Montreal forum host) husband Bertrand Bazin is the head pastry chef of a very exclusive Montreal Private members' restaurant called Le 357c. I should add that Le 357c is a whole complex, which includes a restaurant. It caters to the rich & powerful of Montreal. I've been trying to get in as a guest for the past year, but they have a secret members' list. Bertrand toils away in obscurity, but he's dealing with a select upscale clientele who can afford the steep annual membership(by Montreal standards). -Steve
  15. Whampoa Gourmet opened fairly recently. I estimate around 2 years ago. -Steve
  16. Have this place opened on Monkland yet? What's the exact address? -Steve
  17. Today, I did some quick checking on the new release date for Flavourville 2004. It seems to be moved back to sometime in 2004, with no firm date yet(I suspect that's the latest to what Lesley has heard). -Steve
  18. I was in contact with the radio host again today, he had originally tentatively scheduled you for November, but it now seems to be for December(no firm date yet). -Steve
  19. Lesley, are you doing much Montreal media appearances in late-November or early-December, for the release of the Flavourville 2004? I'm thinking mostly of radio appearances(I assume you won't do television, as you're suppose to be anonymous). I'm aware of one upcoming Montreal radio appearance for you. -Steve
  20. If I can say Montreal is the best food/restaurant city in Canada. Then how does it compare, with the best cities in the US(excluding NYC)? Cities like San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles. As far as the question, of this thread. I thought about it Thursday night, I came up with about 15 things that's missing in Montreal. -Steve
  21. It's OK burgerflipper(George), I actually prefer my pizzas a little overcooked. A pizza owner in Montreal who I'm friendly with, everytime I go there, I asked for my pizza to be a little overcooked. Now I recall. Just before going into your restaurant, I saw someone inspecting the front of your establishment. I think he went in just after me. And now I remember your waitress talking about the food inspector & inspection. And I heard someone else talking about it(which I assume now was you). The bambino special that I had was well packed(it was all-dressed plus several other things) & very very hot! I know for evaluation purposes I should order a pizza with less ingredients. There was a nice big layer of cheese on top(I'm guessing it's Saputo mozzarella 52% moisture). With the special, it was meat sauce, replacing the traditional straight tomato sauce. I don't really have any complaints(honest). It was a fairly good very traditional Montreal-style pizza. -Steve
  22. Yeah!, I did get the bambino special. So do you work at this pizzeria? I've been checking into Montreal pizzerias extensively the last few years. Personally as I posted earlier in this thread, I'm looking to check out more pizzerias in the east end of the city. -Steve
  23. Funny how this site can bring back memories. Elio sponsored a soccer team called the "Elio Blues" for years in Montreal that I used to play against "generations" ago. I have not been back in a long time. Someone mentioned a spot on Dante. The gentleman who sponsored our team Tony di Palma owned Dante Pizzeria, Trattoria dai Baffoni. Does it still exist on Dante just off St. Laurent? Merlin, Trattoria Dai Baffoni still exists, but it's now located on St-Laurent & Dante(6859 St-Laurent). -Steve
  24. I tried St-Aubin pizzeria today. It was a decent traditional Montreal-style pizza. The pizzerias in the east end(based on my findings) focus for the most part, producing a very traditional Montreal-style pizza, while in the western part of the city, it's less so. -Steve
  25. Well the cheap pizza-by-the-slice & 2-1 places have hurt the pizza business greatly in Montreal. Many pizzerias all around the city, are forced to keep their prices low, to compete. This despite the rising prices of cheese(in many cases the most expensive ingredient in a pizza). -Steve
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