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  1. He's looking to get very good beef, a good price if possible. I suggested to him, get Canada Prime beef. It's just about as good as US Prime, & it's cheaper. Today, I suggested as a cheaper option, go to Royal Beef on Danforth(heard some great things about them). My brother lives in the suburbs around Richmond Hill, but he works in downtown Toronto. -Steve
  2. My brother in Toronto contacted me yesterday. He's looking for a place that sells US Prime beef at a good price. I told them the ones that sell US Prime in Toronto are all charging pretty hefty prices(I think the US beef ban in Canada is pretty much over). My suggestion for him, was to maybe consider Canada Prime grade beef, which is a little less expensive(Bruno's & Grace Meats both sell Canada Prime grade beef, at last notice). He's looking for a 32oz cut of either striploin or rib-eye. He needs to get the beef by the weekend. Any suggestions? -Steve
  3. i think batman wsa trying to say tsirco on rene levesque ← Thanks. Very interesting. -Steve
  4. Where is Trico(it's a big chore, finding any restaurant listed in the Montreal phone pages)? Doing a quick check, I couldn't find it in the Montreal Yellow Pages. -Steve
  5. For non-Chinese food in Hong Kong, anyone here with an opinion on M At The Fringe restaurant? -Steve
  6. I absolutely agree. I should of mentioned it previously when discussing FLM. Although I didn't know they had 'attitude.' Do you mean they're 'elitist' with customers? -Steve
  7. Their briskets I've been told now, are smoked for up to 12 hours. The deep fried pickles that mcmillan mentioned, are not available just yet. -Steve
  8. Any place in Montreal currently that has Kurobuta pork?
  9. The other one is Karl le Gros in Pointe-Claire on Donegani. However, I was just made aware tonight, that Karl le Gros is now apparently closed(shut down sometime earlier this year). I ate there about 2-3 years ago. -Steve
  10. When did this happen? The LC article(the big group picture of the 'hot new chefs' that the Gazette photographer shot, included Darren in the mix) came out Sat September 18. The other chefs in the piece were Michel Ross(chef and co-owner, Brunoise), Patrice Demers(head pastry chef and co-owner, Les Chevres), Chloe Gervais-Fredette(chocolatier and owner, Les Chocolats de Chloe), Frank Gioffe(co-chef, Cavalli), Steve Lemieux(chef and co-owner, Le Bouchon de Liege), Alexandre Loiseau(chef & partner Cocagne), Joe Mercuri(chef & owner, Bronte), Frederic Morin(chef, Globe), Jean-Francois Vachon(chef, La Baside(just closed)), -Steve
  11. he stopped working since june... ← hi atomic you might want to try the club again. he's back there since the sous-chef left. good luck! ← Which sous-chef left? LC in her feature story last month in the Gazette on 'hot new chefs,' had Le 357c sous-chef Darren Bergeron among the hot chefs. Is Darren the new sous-chef at Le 357c? Were there a number of chef changes at Le 357c recently? -Steve
  12. They opened their doors for the first time last night(been following their progress the last few weeks). Didn't go but I'll check them out very soon. Their meats(pork, brisket, ribs(pork) & chicken) are slow cooked(up to about 8 hours) in their big smoker. This is Southern slow cook BBQ. Only the second restaurant in Montreal, of this type. -Steve
  13. Fook Lam Moon just opened a Shanghai branch last week, & offering the same dishes as their other locations. So you might want to check FLM in Shanghai, instead of Hong Kong. -Steve
  14. I haven't tried Hairy Crab. It's next to impossible to find live Hairy Crab in North America. Although I think the Japanese restaurant in NYC called Masa has it on their menu in some form, and I've heard reports of it being available in Vancouver. You eat the roe & meat. As already mentioned on this thread, there's not much meat, & it's hard to extract(can get very messy eating Hairy Crab). -Steve
  15. It's the hairy crab roe that's main attraction for these creatures. -Steve
  16. Like I said I haven't read the story yet. However, Jacob doesn't have to like the 3 Montreal restaurants that he reviewed. And I'm pretty sure, it wasn't he who came up with the title '3 reasons I Love Montreal.' -Steve
  17. Jacob Richler is a ex-Montrealer, but comes back to Montreal often. He's the son of writer Mordecai Richler. Jacob is restaurant critic for the National Post covering Toronto, but occasionally reviews Montreal restaurants(on average maybe once a month). I did see his story early Saturday morning, but haven't read it yet. -Steve
  18. Upon further checking, it seems the better Italian white truffles are later in the year. So you might want to wait until November & beyond. -Steve
  19. According to a very small item in the NY Times today, the season for Italian white truffles is starting. So Maeve, you might want to start looking for the fresh Italian white truffles now. It's probably very expensive however. -Steve
  20. Yes, its main airing is Friday nights at 9pm(or 21h). Then the episode is repeated several times(secondary main airing is Sundays at 5pm(or 17h)). -Steve
  21. Thanks Russ, just gone back & read your truffles article. -Steve
  22. Only in recent years, I've heard about Chinese truffles. Are they worth getting for the price(much much cheaper than Italian or French truffles)? What should I use it for? -Steve
  23. Just had a extended talk with Ron Botosan of Fresh Cutz. He's still in business, but he doesn't have a storefront anymore. People can order his Canadian Kobe beef over the phone(use the phone# that Hellcook just supplied). -Steve
  24. They're definitely closed at its original location(I checked it for myself). There's a chance they might of moved(I'd asked around, & was told they went out of business). I'll contact Ron later today. -Steve
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