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  1. One of my peeves, is that many recipes listed in cookbooks, don't specify what specific soy sauce should be used. In chinese soy, light soy sauce & dark soy sauce are totally different. I always prefer light soy sauce. Rarely ever used dark soy sauce. However many restaurants only have dark soy sauce readily available to customers. A customer has to request light soy sauce. Steve
  2. Preet, can you get great Kulfi in New York City or anywhere in North America. A reviewer here(Montreal) reviewed a Indian restaurant some time ago, that made home-made Kulfi. He commented that their Kulfi was awful. Steve
  3. Steven, the burgers at steakhouses you refer('very high quality meat'). What cut of beef, do these steakhouses generally use for their burgers? I ate a burger at a top steakhouse here, they use ground sirloin if my memory is correct. Most of the best burger places use ground chuck(or a mixture featuring ground chuck) it seems. Are Angus burgers anything special-beyond using angus beef? My pet peeve with many restaurants serving burgers, is that they often overcook their burgers. I always order my burgers cooked medium, but rarely get it that way. With Mad Cow worries by the general public, I might never get a medium done burger ever again at a restaurant!
  4. SteveW

    High end ranges

    At the highest end of the market-considered the Rolls Royce of stoves, I'm aware of the La Cornue brand. At least in looks, it's similiar to Diva de Provence(mentioned by Steven A. Shaw). La Cornue got its Canadian launch last December, here in Montreal(Canada). Their flagship model(has 2 ovens) was demoed at the time by top Montreal chef, Marc de Canck(La Chronique restaurant). Price ?? Around ิ,000 Canadian(approx. ษ,000 US). La Cornue website is at http://www.lacornue.com/
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