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  1. Could it be possible, that they're some Asian restaurants in North America, offering dog meat dishes under the table(not listed on their menu)? That they will offer it, to the customers who they trust(since it's illegal). --------------- Steve
  2. Ed, to cook your rice, do you use a rice cooker? I don't think it's absolutely necessary, but nice to have. ------------- Steve
  3. The Food Hunter show, comes from Food Network Canada. Pete Luckett I believe is based in Halifax(Nova Scotia). The other shows from Food Network Canada, currently on the Food Network are The Surreal Gourmet & The Thirsty Traveler. --------------- Steve
  4. FYI, The Food Network in the US is airing the first season of The Surreal Gourmet(he only made a limited amount of episodes. Maybe around 8-12 episodes, in the first season). Here, Food Network Canada, is airing the second season. I do like Bob Blumer & the show. Incidently he's coming to Montreal as one of the guest chefs(not really a chef) for the next edition of the Montreal High Lights Festival. Bob was born in Montreal, but is now based in California. -------------- Steve
  5. Thanks for posting this. All last night I was wondering, whatever happened to the thread(I desperately checked for it, trying 4-5 different ways)!!! I couldn't even read my own posting, on the topic. There was just no way possible, that the thread was so offensive, & eGullet had to censor it by deleting everything. Since I have been very busy the last few days, I hadn't even read chef dave mc(David McMillan) response to my query. I'm planning to dine at Rosalie, as soon as it opens. About 5 days ago, I checked at the future Rosalie restaurant, to see how construction was progressing(it's located at 1232 de la Montagne). --------------- Steve
  6. Here in Canada, I can't hardly think of any prominent national mail-order sources, that specializes in food gift baskets, along the lines of Harry & David. Maybe this gift basket thing, is more of a US thing. Even Canadian food mail order sources are fairly hard-to-find(not even talking about, if any of them are any good). Food gift baskets are available across Canada, but mostly done by local merchants, for their specific area. ---------------- Steve
  7. Regarding some of the dinners are already sold out!! Is that because, many of Montreal restaurateurs & people in local food media have an inside track in advance, of who's coming? That the organizers reserve some of the tickets(give out complimentary), for these people? ----------------- Steve
  8. What about the Toronto bagels at Kiva's? Heard they were great. The brick oven at the original Gryfe's bagels, is it wood burning or gas? Last I heard, wood burning bagel ovens were disallowed in Toronto. --------------- Steve
  9. Ed, any opinions on East Meets West Cuisine? Chefs Ming Tsai in Boston, & Susur Lee in Toronto are the current best known practitioners, in this cuisine. Any comments about their food? As you know, your good friend Ken Hom is credited with creating this fusion cooking. -------------------- Steve
  10. Lesley, the opening of Le Petit Milos was actually on Wednesday? It must of been only for the press. Earlier this week, I was told it was opening Thursday(Dec 5). I've been eying its eventual opening for the last two months. -------------------- Steve
  11. Ed, I recently heard about Bruce Cost through Gourmet magazine. I think he's also based in NYC. Could you elaborate on his Chinese food background? A good friend recently recommended books by Florence Lin, in particular her noodle book(very hard to find nowadays). She's also from NYC. Don't know anything more about her. I'll try to find the Irene Kuo book you recommended here. --------------------- Steve
  12. Ed, for as long as I can remember, MSG has always been associated with their use in Chinese restaurants. Although I'm sure MSG is used in other cuisines. What is the current situation of its use in America(at least in NYC) & Asia(focusing on Hong Kong), at Chinese restaurants across the board? Over your years in the industry, were the top Chinese restaurants in NYC, frequently spicing their dishes with MSG? Would you know nowadays, if the top fine dining Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong use MSG, as a general rule? Thanks in advance, for any input. ------------------- Steve
  13. Thanks for the long response Suvir. One more thing I just thought of. Is the long skewers used in tandoor oven cooking, any different than that of the other long skewers available? --------------- Steve
  14. Suvir, tell us about the outdoor tandoor oven in the terrace of your NYC apartment? For example, is it a home or restaurant model? And is it made in the US or India? Didn't you say before, that when you lived in Delhi, for a time, you had a tandoor oven in your home? Was it a indoor or outdoor model? Is it common for home owners in India, to have a tandoor for the home? Finally, are you seeing tandoor ovens showing up, in non-Indian restaurants? Just curious about all this. ---------------- Steve
  15. Did my own checking. It turns out, what they announced yesterday, was the other portion of the Montreal High Lights Festival. I was given wrong information yesterday. The Dining Experience portion of the Festival will be announced December 13. --------------- Steve
  16. The full-lineup of the 2003 edition of the Montreal High Lights Festival was announced today here by the organizers. Unfortunately I don't work in the media, so I don't have any of the details, relating to the 'Dining Experience' portion of the program. Lesley C, could you give us now the details of the interesting visiting guest chefs? Did you attend the event today, regarding the full-lineup announcement? -------------- Steve
  17. What about the Continental Bagel Co. in Ottawa? Supposely they have authentic Montreal-style bagels, operated by ex-Montrealers. Are their bagels any good? Last I heard they had 2 locations. They make about 18 flavours, including red strawberry bagels(usually not a good sign of quality). However the famous Fairmount bagel in Montreal, makes blueberry bagels. ---------------- Steve
  18. This is not based on personal experience(never tried Toronto bagels before). My understanding is that Toronto bagels are somewhere between the puffy NY bagels and Montreal bagels. --------------- Steve
  19. On the other hand, Toronto bashing is an obsession across Canada. I hear it every day here in Montreal(Montreal media & public). I see it often, when I watch Vancouver television & etc. The anti-Montreal faction across Canada, very much pales in comparison. Just to give proper perspective. --------------------- Steve
  20. helena, is Australian Vogue Entertaining + Travel available on newstands in your part of world? My friend in Hong Kong, also says this magazine is her favorite food publication. What does this magazine have that makes it so appealing? --------------- Steve
  21. FG, your answer was way beyond what I ask for(thanks very very much!!). I only brought it up, because it was posted onscreen for the Radical Sabbatical episode & at their webpage(the money figures). I promise, no more these type of questions(sorry for putting you in an uncomfortable position). Finished watching the episode earlier tonight. Very interesting. The best fish & chips in Halifax(Fries & Co.). Did it have a light batter? For next time, regarding your future television or radio appearances, gives us around 24 hour notice. I missed your live appearance on the Fox News Channel(debating about cell phone use in restaurants), when I found out too late. ------------------- Steve
  22. (From the description of the Radical Sabbatical episode (204)) Shaw gets paid $40 for a mini-review and up to $6,000 for a multi-part article series. FG, what constitutes a mini-review? The $6000 for a multi-part article series. Is that the money specifics for the Cross-Canada series for the Southam papers? Or more of a general statement for all your multi-part articles? --------------- Steve
  23. And he still finds an inordinate amount of time, logging in to the egullet board, seemly 24/7. 6370 posts(4.68 of total forum posts); On average 14.1 posts per day. ThAT'S EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE! (Got the Radical Sabbatical episode on videotape today. Will watch it, early this evening) ------------------- Steve
  24. Lesley besides Quest, where else in Vancouver did you dine at in August of this year? --------------- Steve
  25. I wonder for the visits to the Vancouver restaurants, did Mark dine there anonymously, or maybe he gave them advanced notice & identified himself once arriving at these place. ------------------ Steve
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