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  1. American Chianina Association Thanks guajolote. I just figured out, that I was actually thinking about the French Charolais beef. ----------- Steve
  2. In checking out the St. Viateur Bagel website, I find it strange that they make no mention of their St. Viateur Bagel & Cafe location on Monkland street. I know it still exists. ----------------- Steve
  3. To clarify, they're 5 St. Viateur Bagel locations in all(2 of them are St. Viateur Bagel & Cafe). The original location(263 St. Viateur West), another one on the same street(158 St. Viateur West). St. Viateur Bagel & Cafe's are located in Mont Royal east & Monkland. And they have a location in Laval. The second St. Viateur outlet(158 St. Viateur West) & the one in Laval are mostly for the wholesale market, but are open to the public. ----------- Steve
  4. No sweat Lesley. Recently I have seen numerous mentions of Cafe Melies in this Montreal section. I was curious to check it out, & had used your Flavourville mention of it as a reference before going there. Did go, & enjoyed the total experience(including the food). I would call Cafe Melies fine dining(food wise), in a casual setting. Can't wait to check out their Kobe beef burger, once it comes out. ---------- Steve
  5. Lesley, you have never been to Cafe Melies?? It's among your entries in the casual dining section, of your Flavourville book. You even list favorite dishes(& mention their wine list). Steve
  6. Has Chianina beef ever been available in the US somewhere? I thought I heard some time ago, that several steakhouses in the mid-west of the US, had it. Steve
  7. Isn't the processing of USDA Prime beef, controlled by 3 big companies? --------- Steve
  8. What about for the best rib-eye steaks in Manhattan? Rib steaks have been mentioned in this thread, but I don't regard them as the exact same thing as rib-eyes(if the bone is removed from rib steaks). How popular is the rib-eye(also known as rib steak, bone-out) cut in Manhattan? Where in the United States is the best USDA Prime beef coming from? Is it all coming from the Mid-West? Specifically which state(s) has the best? --------------- Steve
  9. It's called Beauty's. ---------- Steve
  10. Maybe not considered Chinese cuisine(at least Chinese influenced). Is any of San Choy's restaurants in Hawaii world-class? He's a big celebrity chef there. --------------- Steve
  11. A fairly scientific way to gauge if a Chinese restaurant is authentic or not, is do a quick head count in the % of dinners that are Asian. ------------ Steve
  12. Another obstacle, the authentic Chinese food menu, might be only in Chinese!! And the waiters might have limited English language knowledge. ---------- Steve
  13. The split personality phenomenon at some Chinese restaurants & their reasons for it, as described by both the FG & Eddie, are very interesting. Could another reason for it be discrimination? Asians would get the authentic Chinese food menu, with the non-Asians would get the Americanized menu. ----------- Steve
  14. Two other new Food Network programs coming later in the spring. Boy Meets Grill(off-shoot of Bobby Flay's recent book) & Food Fight. ------------- Steve
  15. Speaking of a modern day upscale hotel restaurant(Chinese). The one that immediately comes to mind for me, is the Toronto-based Lai Wah Heen Chinese restaurant in the Metropolitan Hotel. It's world renowned for their dim sum(some say the best in the world), but they also have a full menu. ------------ Steve
  16. There were two earlier versions of 'How To Boil Water.' One with Emeril & the other with the comic & a young female chef(Kate something??). I believe the first version was hosted by Emeril. ------------- Steve
  17. Regarding your 'Fat Guy Across Canada' newspaper series. Anything you really regretted doing, or would of changed if you had to do over again? ------------- Steve
  18. Anil, Bright Pearl Seafood is around the downtown area, in Toronto Chinatown((346-348 Spadina Ave). Thanks, on your own for translating your symbols, but I think you just confused me more. I thought from your write-up in a earlier posting, YVR stood for Vancouver. I had no idea what YYZ stood for(wondering all night, until your last posting). What is Chung King??? ------------ Steve (edit. it seems that YYZ, translates to Toronto. And Chung King is a Chinese restaurant, in the Toronto suburbs)
  19. Joey, you beat me in posting this. David I sent you a message within the past 12 hours, through davemcm. If you didn't get it, then contact me. ------------- Steve
  20. Anyone know how much %-wise of the USDA Prime beef goes to Japan? And do they get the best of the best(by paying the highest prices)? Does the Lobel's butcher shop get the best of the best of all the USDA Prime beef cuts? And do they aged their filets, just as long as their other beef cuts? ------------- Steve
  21. SteveW

    gas stove

    Joey, got to this thread late. As you know, I'm also in Montreal. What you should of done immediately, was call the landlord ordering him to fix the problem ASAP(also send him a certified letter, to make it official). Give him a ten day limit. If it's not done, then you call a repairman to have it fixed. And then you can give the bill to the landlord. Fortunately Montreal has a useful Rental Board, that takes care of these situations. Also we have several excellent tenant rights organizations. I understand in many big cities in North America, they're practically no tenant rights. Hope your new gas range, is to your satisfaction. -------------- Steve
  22. SteveW

    Wagyu Beef

    All these different Wagyu beef cuts discussed in this thread, are available at Lobel's butcher shop in NYC. They're the only ones in America, carrying the Australian Kobe beef. I would be interested in feedback, from anyone sampling any of the Australian Kobe beef from Lobel's. ---------------- Steve
  23. The Lombardi's oven would be similiar to Pepe's(the original Lombardi's oven, is now at the current Lombardi's location, if I got my facts straight)? In that the Lombardi's coal-fired brick oven, was originally made to be a bread oven. --------------- Steve
  24. Sorry sorry Monica, I just realize now that you had mentioned Maya Kaimal in a earlier post in this same thread(how did I miss it??). Christine Cushing Live & Canada AM are seen nationally, & both air live(some of the Canada AM segments are pre-taped). I probably have your live appearance on Christine Cushing Live, in one of my videotapes. At that time, I didn't know your name. -------------- Steve
  25. Do you know approx. how many pizza pies can be cooked in the Pepe coal-fired oven at any one time? -------------- Steve
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