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  1. What about Maya Kaimal? She has written cookbooks about Indian food, & done some television work about the subject. Monica, do you remember which local Canadian shows, you have appeared on? ----------------- Steve
  2. The one in NYC Chinatown specializes in Peking Duck(as the name would suggest). ----------- Steve
  3. There's also a Peking Duck House in NYC Chinatown. Is it any good? How does it compare with the one in Closter? ------------- Steve
  4. SteveW

    aging beef

    Lobel's butcher shop in NYC, goes a step or two further in dry-aging their beef. They claim their beef is aged 4-6 weeks(28 to 42 days). ------------ Steve
  5. SteveW

    Maple syrup...

    From which area does the world's greatest maple syrup come from(Quebec or Vermont)? -------------- Steve
  6. He has brought new property at Dupont & Landsdowne. That will be soon, his new location, where he can handle wholesale, wedding cake & retail operations more equally. -------------- Steve
  7. Besides Tournayre(already mentioned by Degustation here), I've heard big raves about Dessert Trends. Anyone with comments on this establishment? --------------- Steve
  8. Francois Rahier has definitely appeared on Marth Stewart Living before(I remember two appearances). I can't remember if he made brioche, croissant and/or something similiar. ------------ Steve
  9. I echo Ellen's query, soon after I read the JoeBurger posting. Previous to this, I've heard of an oil fired pizza oven once ever. It's the oil fired brick oven at the famed Tacconelli's Pizza in Philadelphia. I've been wondering about this type of oven ever since(couldn't figure out a way to post this question at eGullet before). Since JoeBurger piqued my curiosity. What is the name of the New Haven pizzeria landmark with the oil fired oven? ------------- Steve
  10. FG, would you have a informed guess %-wise, how much of the USDA Prime beef goes to Asia(primarily Japan)? -------------- Steve
  11. I would rephrase it, and say the top level of Alberta "AAA" is roughly equivalent to the high end of USDA Choice. Don't know much about Manitoba beef(might of tried it once ever). Ontario beef can also be very good. You're right, almost all very best Canadian beef(most marbled), goes to Asia. The very best Canadian beef is considered too fat, for the Candian marketplace. Personally I don't understand it, especially in the major Canadian cities(Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto), where USDA Prime steakhouses are popping up more & more the last 5 years. --------------- Steve
  12. identifiler, there're Montreal-style bagels in Jewish communities of New York?? Where specifically in New York, & give me names of the establishments. maggiethecat. Pines Pizza is now at Parc & Mount-Royal(next to Dusty's). During what years, did you go to Pines Pizza at their original location? I'm trying to figure out, approx. when they moved to their current location. The original owner sold Pines Pizza around 4 years ago. Have you eaten the pastrami at Manny's in Chicago? I wonder if it's any good(comparable to the best Montreal smoked meat?). Manny's is listed in The Saveur 100, as among the best pastrami anywhere. --------------- Steve
  13. I was at the Rosalie restaurant today. Joey is correct, the burger is available on the lunch menu, listed under "plat a $12." The topping on the strawberry dessert is creme fraiche. -------------- Steve
  14. When I went to Rosalie on opening night, I don't remember seeing the burger on the menu. David(or Joey), what's the latest on when will the Rosalie website, be completed? ---------------- Steve
  15. I think you're thinking of Yung Kee. It's renowned in Hong Kong for their roast goose. ------------- Steve
  16. Actually I don't think they're too hard to make yourself - the dough is normally just flour and water - no egg. You pull them by holding a thin sausage of the dough at each end and twirling it between them, using centrifugal force to extrude it ok, maybe i should find a picture to explain it! j From television demos, by top Chinese chefs showing the technique of making hand-pulled noodles, it does look like it would takes years to master. Just an observation. The ingredients used are basic. I'll grant you that. ---------------- Steve
  17. Are you saying that the whole Aroma operation has changed hands(they're several Aroma restaurants in London)? Before the change over, were the Aroma hand-pulled noodles very good? I've heard about Aroma, through a second hand source. -------------- Steve
  18. The Costco outlets here in the Montreal-area, are located in the outskirts of the city, or in the suburbs. For the Canadian market, Costco has a freebie magazine, that showcases the products they carry, & new products on offer. The publication is available at all Costco locations across Canada. ------------ Steve
  19. It was mentioned recently in another eGullet thread, that ex-TVFN host David Rosengarten does a food/restaurant segment for Channel 5(Fox New York). For which show(I'm guessing part of a news program), & does it have a set schedule when it airs(it seems to air on Fridays)? He did a segment on the Otto pizzeria, 2 days ago. Previous Friday(Jan 10), was it him, covering about the Old Homestead Kobe burger? I can watch the NYC television stations, through satellite television. Are there any other food/restaurant segments airing on local NYC television? ---------------- Steve
  20. So 'ACT' is short for A Cook's Tour(posted before I saw Jinmyo's reply). Isn't Iron Chef still in production, not as a regular series, but a series of special editions each year? --------------------- Steve
  21. I suspected it was you Stelio, that would join Les Chevres as head chef. Will there be a replacement for you at Le Lemeac, or will co-head chef Richard Bastien take over full responsibities? Good luck at Les Chevres. ------------------ Steve
  22. Near the end of Sara Moulton's reign hosting Cooking Live, she for one television season, hosted a similiar live cooking program on TVFN. It aired live from 10-11pm, but I can't remember the name. Also does anybody here know, the difference between this show, & Cooking Live(it followed the same format)? Great Chefs is airing on the Travel Channel. What is the 'ACT' television show? East meets West, I believe is not currently in production anymore(Ming is concentrating on running his Blue Ginger restaurant in Boston). ----------------- Steve
  23. So Sara is not the Executive Chef at Gourmet magazine anymore? When did this happen(must of been very recently)? Any reason why she left? ----------------- Steve
  24. The next airdate for the $50, 000 Pastry Challenge show airing on TVFN, is Saturday Feb 1, at 5pm. --------------- Steve
  25. I encourage more eGullet members, if possible to post pictures that they take. Especially professional shot type pictures, like Ellen took here. Now I know how the unique griddle/broiler cooked pizzas at Otto look like. ---------------------- Steve
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