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  1. What's on the breakfast menu at Cafe Melies? I don't think I have ever seen your breakfast menu. From checking, you open around 8:00 am(the other days 8:30am) daily. -Steve
  2. SteveW

    coke or pepsi?

    What is Pepsi One? Do you know if it's available in Canada? -Steve
  3. From reading the NY mag article, Peter Luger doesn't take credit cards!! -Steve
  4. Wolfgang Zweiner, former longtime headwaiter at Peter Luger, has now postponed retirement to open up his own NYC steakshouse called Wolfgang's Steakhouse. It will feature USDA Prime dry-aged beef(aged for about 28 days). The story is in the latest NY magazine issue. Click here for the story.
  5. Add to what Michael Kingdom just posted(about the Ethiopian restos). Carswell, I would be interested if you could elaborate about the food at Au Messob d'Or. From what I gather, you think that the place is not too good. I got a recommendation for this restaurant not too long ago. -Steve
  6. Big welcome to eGullet Maeve. I think I know who you're. -Steve
  7. Are there any authentic American Diners(not replicas) left in Montreal? I can't think of any. -Steve
  8. You're right, Andrew. I was under the impression that the new book had the word "Flavourguy" in the title. I was thinking of The Guide to Ethnic Montreal, which I kick myself for not picking up when it was in print. By the way, although I haven't done an entry-by-entry comparison, I'd be surprised if there wasn't some overlap between Taste of Montreal and the collected Flavourguy columns on www.montrealfood.com. Taste of Montreal, for the most part is a compilation of his Flavourguy columns(they originally appeared in the Montreal Gazette). The entries are updated when warranted. Jeffrey Steingarten does the same thing with his last two books(compilation of his previous Vogue food columns). And the last 3 Montreal Gazette fine dining critics have also done it(although in Lesley Chesterman's Flavourville books, the fine dining reviews are reorganized). -Steve
  9. Do you know this first hand, Steve, or is it something you picked up off another board? The reason I ask is because someone posted a similar explanation on Chowhound's Montreal forum a while back but it doesn't necessarily jibe with the little I know about Toman's. First, who is the owner who died? The original pastry chef (Mr. Toman, I assume) who retired about ten years ago after training a young man to take his place? And who's the son? It's probably not the young chef; my info is that he was unrelated to anyone connected with the place. And why did they close if they had a well-trained chef in place and a devoted clientele? Did Conc. U. play a direct (forcing them out of a building it owns, not that I know that it does) or indirect (making a mess of the neighbourhood, especially with all that construction) role? Anyway, it's a shame the cafe is no longer open. There was nothing quite like it in Montreal. Carswell, after reading this message last night from you, I decided to do a search at Chowhound for the Toman thread. According to one person, it was closed shortly after the death of father George. And added that Robert was the finest host and an excellent chef. I heard about the closing at least 6 months ago, but can't remember from where. -Steve
  10. I honestly can't remember where I heard it from, but the place is definitely closed. I'm almost certain I didn't get it from a food board. -Steve
  11. It was a bit before my time. Wasn't there several prominent Hungarian restaurants in Montreal during the 60's and/or early 70's? Now the only Hungarian resto is the casual Cafe Rococo. -Steve
  12. I haven't trudged up to the second floor to check for myself but that's what I've heard and read. From Ste-Catherine St. the building sure looks dead. Toman closed I'm guessing around 15 months ago, shortly after the owner died. It was the son(who had some involvement with the establishment) who finally decided to close Cafe Toman. -Steve
  13. I ate there, maybe that's why I don't You've come a long way baby! These two restaurants was located in ex-railroad trolley(maybe several put together) of some kind. Went there to eat once, when it was known as Sammy's Ribs. Can't remember how the ribs tasted, or if it was any good. -Steve
  14. Any Montreal restaurant(s) from the past that are now gone, but you still fondly remember? What about any anecdotes about them? -Steve
  15. Merlin I respect your opinion in regards to Canadian Angus beef. Could we be talking about different Canadian Angus beef? There seems to be several different Canadian Angus beef programs around. I'm thinking about Candian Certified Angus(CCA). It has since been replaced by the name Angus Pride(with slightly higher standards). Maybe the best Alberta beef are kept in Alberta(similiar to the effect that NYC gets the best USDA Prime produced). I've tasted several times CCA at 2-3 different Montreal steakhouses, & have never been impressed. I've talked to several Montreal steakhouse owners who have tried Candian Angus beef, & they're not impressed, & say the product is inconsistent. I've tried Sterling Silver beef numerous times, & have been impressed. Is Sterling Silver the best branded Canadian beef around(all their beef are Triple A)? Interested to getting more opinions on what's being discussed here. Merlin thanks for your imput. -Steve
  16. Junior, would you say that Canadian beef in general is less marbled than US beef? Canada Prime is less marbled that US Prime, Triple A is less marbled than US Choice, & so on. From my experience, Canadian Angus Beef is junk(at best inconsistent). Would you agree? Name me some of the best of the best steakhouses in Western Canada? Or you list by city, giving me the best steakhouse(s) in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, & etc.. -Steve
  17. Very interesting that Joanne Kates & you, both dislike the desserts made by Dessert Trends. In a previous eGullet thread in the Toronto section, I brought up Dessert Trends, & it got praise from all that responded. -Steve Steve, Interesting in what way? As I said in my post, IMHO only. I'm pleased to hear in your previous posts that it got praise from all that responded. To each his own, no? It's OK, the more feedback the better(praise and/or non-praise). Until you chimed with your comments about Dessert Trends, I thought this establishment was universally liked by everyone in Toronto. -Steve
  18. Very interesting that Joanne Kates & you, both dislike the desserts made by Dessert Trends. In a previous eGullet thread in the Toronto section, I brought up Dessert Trends, & it got praise from all that responded. -Steve
  19. Went to Georges deli Wednesday for their smoked meat, based on Dave's comments here. Their smoked meat that I tried was very good, just below IMO Snowdon deli & Schwartz's. But it does show some potential, that I will give them a try one or two more times in the coming weeks, before fully deciding how good it is. Got to add that the smoked meat that I had there, was expertly hand sliced(the slices were perfect). However it a bit of a misnomer, when they claim at the restaurant, that George 'with 30 years experience.' Georges deli has been opened for 5-6 years only. Previous to that he was at Schwartz's(not sure for how many years). Great find Dave. I didn't think they would make their own dry-cured smoked meat, because so few delis in Montreal still do it(Schwartz's, The Main, Abie's...& now Georges deli). -Steve
  20. I'll be there...soon... very soon. -Steve
  21. Are you talking about Saint-Martin in Laval? Did you check their smoked meat pakaging(is it strictly a straight commercial product from one of the smoked meat suppliers or what)? -Steve
  22. SteveW

    Coffee Crisp

    Bar 6 is also a wafer chocolate bar, but its taste is a little different than Kit Kat. -Steve
  23. SteveW

    Coffee Crisp

    One chocolate bar that I like very much but haven't seen in Canada for many years is Bar 6(I think that's the name). Is it still around? -Steve
  24. Marion Burros is scheduled to be on the hotseat starting next Monday, for the next eGullet Q&A. Any of this stuff could be posed to her. -Steve
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