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  1. Any comments on Maiko Sushi on Bernard West? Haven't been there, but would like to hear some feedback on experiences. -Steve
  2. What about the fairly recently defunct Thai restaurant, Chili Club Thai? Was the Thai food there top notch? -Steve
  3. I've been saying this on eGullet for several years. Yes, the Toronto Chinese restaurants are better than Vancouver & San Francisco(I'm mainly talking about the Chinese satellite towns of Toronto). I still feel many people on eGullet don't believe me. -Steve
  4. Carswell & Walnuts, both saying what you say, that people shouldn't diss a establishment based on one try(in particular not saying it in public). Then what do you two, think of all the published restaurant critics in the city who write reviews based on one visit(any Montreal restaurant critic regularly makes more than one visit per restaurant review)? What do you think of Lesley Chesterman's restaurant reviews? Any Montreal critics you like? I've said it many times on eGullet, for the major publications in the major cities, critics should make at least 2 visits before the review. -Steve
  5. Do you know if Joanne is personal friends with any(or all) of the "boys"? -Steve
  6. For the second season of Opening Soon, the show is listed as a co-production between Food Network Canada & Fine Living. I'm guessing they have a much bigger budget this year(now also covering the opening of US restaurants) & Fine Living is covering approx. half the cost. Thirsty Traveler was originally aired on the Food Network when it debut in the US. -Steve
  7. In the 'Chefs at Large' episode, featuring restaurant critic Jamie Maw on a review of Bis Moreno, it was mentioned by host Michael Smith, that Jamie also didn't like the small portion size of the dishes. So the Bis Moreno people must be aware of this criticism. I'm surprised they haven't rectified this problem(are they so cheap!!). -Steve
  8. If Peter Luger does price its mail-order steaks, exactly as it prices them in the restaurant, then does the restaurant do take-out orders for their steaks? That's a outrageous policy, charging the same for their mail-order steaks!! -Steve
  9. From doing a quickie search on google, it seems that bone-in filet mignon, is the latest 'speciality' steak cut, being added to some steakhouses throughout America. Queue de Cheval didn't add bone-in filet mignon until several years after opening. -Steve
  10. Bone-in filet mignon is one of the steaks available at the Queue de Cheval steakhouse(& its off-shoot 40 Westt) in Montreal. Otherwise besides the mention of L'Os, I have never heard of any restaurant anywhere serving filet mignon with the bone. -Steve
  11. I think the confusion is that Montreal smoked meat uses the brisket cut(the fattier section of a brisket is the plate), while pastrami uses the 'plate' cut(some pastrami is also made from brisket however). Katz's pastrami is from the plate cut. -Steve
  12. The Montrealers who constantly diss pastrami(I'm not one of them), say that the pastrami in the NYC delis are spiced like regular Montreal smoked meat(as opposed to the prefered old-fashioned Montreal smoked meat). -Steve
  13. Whatever happened to the NY-based mail order US Prime steaks company called Prime Access? Haven't heard anything of this company for about 2 years. Apparently their dry-aged US Prime steaks(shipped fresh to customers(not frozen)) were comparable to Peter Luger & Lobel's US Prime beef. I remember in taste tests several years ago in a publication, they even beat out Lobel's. David Rosengarten has raved about Prime Access before. Apparently Prime Access has(or had) another division, supplying US Prime steaks to steakhouses. Would appreciate any updated information on this company. -Steve
  14. couldn't agree with you more, everything is repeated to death. Both american and canadian. I've got both the american and the canadian, and the canadian is better, less emeral. I wonder if there's a foodtv.uk? At least Food Network Canada, doesn't air any infomericals during overnights which the US-based Food Network does. -Steve Take back some of my comments on Food Network Canada. They do air the dreadful informercials. It's during weekend mornings(Saturdays & Sundays), from 8:00am to 10:00am. -Steve
  15. Nick is a little over the top, but I love his shows. Sometimes he comes off as an Italian charicature I think. He's actually based here in Seattle I believe. I'm a little embarassed to to admit it, but one of the first time I saw his show, I spent a few hours trying to figure out where "his restaurant" that he regularly refers to in the show was. Turns out no such place exists! What the point of the reference is, I'm not sure. Does anyone here know the real story on the parting of ways between Nick Stellino & the Cucina Amore program? Apparently it was very nasty. When Nick was making a promotional appearance here in Montreal several years ago, he casually mentioned it, without getting into details. -Steve
  16. SteveW

    Tahiti Treat

    I just found out earlier this week, that this Tahitian Noni is also being sold here in Montreal. As already mentioned here, it's a multi-level pyramid deal. I was given a taste by one of the distributors. It tasted awful!!! Customers are suppose to drink around 2oz per day of this stuff, to cure any illnesses. -Steve
  17. couldn't agree with you more, everything is repeated to death. Both american and canadian. I've got both the american and the canadian, and the canadian is better, less emeral. I wonder if there's a foodtv.uk? At least Food Network Canada, doesn't air any infomericals during overnights which the US-based Food Network does. -Steve
  18. I know there's some type of Food Network in the UK(no connection with the US-based Food Network), but don't know if it's any good. -Steve
  19. Sorry, it turns out this pizzeria is called Dani's Pizzeria. Their speciality is not actually pizza, but chicken souvlaki. It's owned by a Greek. They even added a new chicken & cheese pizza to their menu this year. Finally went to this establishment today. -Steve
  20. It's very convenient with the car, as its just off the 40 West highway at the Ile Perrot exit. -Steve
  21. Steve: Your mentioning that Spanish or French Hams aren't legal in Canada makes me question if my information is correct. Since the USA has been importing various Spanish, Italian and French Hams recently. i'm surprised that they aren't available in Canada. The Canadian Goverment has been more ammeniable for Seafood and Fruit or Vegetable imports then America. Especially on items from Hawaii and the Pacific such as Mangos and Fruits. I was told that they had received the Fresh Water Crabs [Hairy Crabs] last year and it was rumored that some were imported into San Francisco but not verified. I'm sure that if they were shipped into the bay area that Gary Soup would hear about that occurance. I'm ready to travel anywhere that I could indulge in the Crabs on this continent, especially with the Ginger/Crabapple Tea. Irwin Sorry Irwin, I sort of misread one part of what you wrote. As far as your information. I know that Serrano ham from Spain is allowed in the US. The Proscuitto Parma & Proscuitto San Daniele from Italy, are allowed in the US. I'm not aware that French Bayonne ham from France is allowed in the US. Proscuitto Parma from Italy is allowed into Canada, while Proscuitto San Daniele from Italy is not allowed into Canada. -Steve
  22. Unfortunately in Canada last year, Food Network Canada repeated the same old episodes over over over over over .... again, that I & others got sick of the show(those episdoes aired for more than a year). Now I'm leaning myself back to watching the new episodes of the second season. -Steve
  23. My contact in Vancouver hasn't seen either Yunnan ham or Hairy Crabs in the city. She thinks it's illegal to bring these two items into Canada. Although she would not be surprised if Yunnan ham is being smuggled in. My brother hasn't seen either Yunnan ham or Hairy Crabs in the Chinese satellite towns of Toronto. -Steve
  24. I wonder how much they're charging for the Hairy Crabs, at the Vancouver Asian markets?? -Steve
  25. Irwin, I've been inquiring about Serrano Ham from Spain, & to a smaller extent French Bayonne from France for years, but I have been told by everyone that it's illegal in Canada. I haven't seen it in Montreal ever(only domestic versions of these hams). -Steve
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