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  1. Although going from memory, both Joanne Kates & Jacob Richler in the past year or so, have reviewed Private club restaurants in Toronto. Of course I don't expect you to review Le 357c anytime soon, for obvious reasons. -Steve
  2. What a great picture. Be still my growling stomach! Looks like you got everything right in that dish, gus. Is the brown of the greens (bok choy, what?) staining from the oyster sauce or does your stove actually generate enough heat to char/caramalize wok-fred veggies? If the latter, I'm insanely jealous. Interesting observation Carswell, regarding 'the brown' of the greens. -Steve
  3. Ask Stephane. This is the second time, you give very very high praise to Le 357C. IYO, could this the best restaurant in Montreal? Is Bertrand's dessert the best in the city? So they have meyer lemons?? They must grow it themselves, or have a special arrangement with a supplier, as to my knowledge it's unavailable in the city. Since this a members' only establishment, I'm not sure if any of the Montreal restaurant critics will ever review this place. -Steve
  4. Monica, please when you do a book tour for your new book, please come back to Canada again(if possible come to Montreal). I missed your couple of television appearances in Canada for your first book. Although it's possible I might of caught one of your television appearances, but totally forgot about it now(I would have no idea who you were at the time). I promise to get a copy of your new book, when it's released next month(is it still scheduled for a May release?). -Steve
  5. Thanks, now I see the Phillips Foods link. -Steve
  6. Chopper, is the jumbo lump crab meat fresh at Phillips food? I should of stated earlier 'fresh' jumbo lump crab meat(I've never seen it at Montreal fish markets). -Steve
  7. Is jumbo lump crab meat available in Montreal fish markets? I don't think I have ever seen it in Montreal fish markets(I've asked before). I'm only aware that some of the Montreal restaurants use jumbo lump crab meat for their crabcakes(Milos is one). In last Saturday's column by Lesley(mostly focusing on stone crabs), she gives out a recipe(courtesy of Fairmount Turnberry Isles executive sous-chef Luis Pous) for Crispy Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes. The main ingredient is jumbo lump crab meat. Of coarse if jumbo crab meat is not available, then an individual can just buy some live crabs, then at home steaming it a little bit before taking out the crab meat to make these crab cakes. Lesley regarding stone crabs. Are stone crabs available at all in Montreal(I thought I seen it on menus(available in-season) at Milos & Faros)? Your column says '..Montrealers have no access to stone crabs(their flesh becomes dry & stringy when frozen).' Does that mean it's available in Montreal, but only frozen?? -Steve
  8. Paul, belated posting here(been busy the last few weeks). Great pictures! I don't like the fat distribution of the George's smoked meat brisket. I want the fat within the meat(marbled beef), not all the white fat on top. Can't wait for the video of the event, when you have it ready. -Steve
  9. In Montreal, regular Montreal smoked meat is often refered to as pastrami. -Steve
  10. From my memory, Hamel has a website, but can't remember their URL. -Steve
  11. SteveW

    Bubble Tea

    Where is the best place(s) to drink bubble tea in the Toronto-area? Meaning an establishment using quality teas, & fresh fruits(no powder stuff). -Steve
  12. You can just click on e-mail at the bottom of any VM posting. Or you can go to member profile of VM, & click on e-mail in the Communicate section. -Steve
  13. I think he's talking about the current(last) season of A Cook's Tour. -Steve
  14. Dark chocolate Kit Kat bars are still around Montreal. I just got some. -Steve
  15. Has Le Bilboquet gone too mass-production in recent years? Besides supplying for their own shop, Le Bilboquet ice cream are also available in some Montreal restaurants, cafes, & food shops. BTW Carswell, what are June strawberry cups? -Steve
  16. What's wrong with Le Bilboquet's vanilla ice cream? You're not the first person, I've heard to say specically that their vanilla ice cream is no good. It should be noted that they charge extra for their maple taffy ice cream. Can't remember how much more, compared to their other flavors. -Steve
  17. Pushap, is a restaurant. Haven't been there for awhile. I think they do a brisk take-out business, mainly for their Indian sweets. The cross street is Mountain Sights. -Steve
  18. Anyone with memories of the original Moises steakhouse? Was it located at its current location? My understanding was that it was a very small restaurant & non-descript, like the Schwartz's deli. -Steve
  19. Paul what are the best Indian restaurants for nan bread in the city? -Steve
  20. I'm no expert in this area. Guessing, the colour is the sign of its freshness, & how long it has been aged. -Steve
  21. Quite a few of these past restaurants I've never heard before, or only know by the name. Any local books, magazine articles, and/or newspaper pieces that come to mind over the years, who have covered the history of one or some of these Montreal restaurants? Maybe an old Montreal restaurant guide would have background on many of these restaurants. -Steve
  22. Guru(or anyone else here), any comments on the Mauritius restaurant named La Ravane on St-Laurent boulevard? I think I've seen several rave reviews of this fairly new restaurant. -Steve
  23. Thanks for your answers Junior. From speaking with a person working for Cargill not too long ago, I was told Sterling Silver beef comes from Alberta. -Steve
  24. Thanks Rex. Besides all that, I hope Cafe Melies takes coffee seriously, & makes a great brew. Where in Montreal for places that serve breakfast, take coffee seriously? Most breakfast places treat coffee as a commodity item. -Steve
  25. With Amanda taking over the reviewing duties for now, any possible changes to the person doing the Friday Diner's Journal column(Sam Sifton has been doing it)? -Steve
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