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  1. Are hot cross buns available year-round in these Vancouver bakeries? In Montreal, bakeries only make them for a short period of time(maybe a couple of weeks per year). Can remember for which holiday(maybe Easter), it's made. -Steve
  2. i heartily endorse Chocolats de Chloe as well. they are sublime and different. the caramels aux fleur de sel are, um, so lovely it's hard to find words for them. ← Genevieve Grandbois also makes caramels aux fleur de sel chocolates. -Steve
  3. Good grief Charlie Brown! This afternoon's episode of "Into The Fire" on FoodTV Canada featured Carnegie Delicatessen and Restaurant. I have never seen sandwiches like those in my entire life. 6" to 8" high, 3 1/2 lbs of meat! Nothing short of extraordinary. The owner's favourite saying: "I only have two rules. First, you can't leave until you finish what's on your plate. Second, if I can see an empty plate, then I know I've done something wrong." ← It's the case with all the major NYC delis serving pastrami. That's their standard size. It's ridiculous!!! I don't understand why the obsession in the US at many restaurants, with serving such huge huge portions. -Steve
  4. NY pastrami is also smoked. As far as the difference between NY pastrami & Montreal smoked meat. Old fashioned Montreal smoked meat uses the brisket cut, while NY pastrami is usually the plate cut. And spices used for Montreal smoked meat vs NY pastrami are a little different. -Steve
  5. I went by the place on Friday. It's called Boulangerie Cheskie(359 Bernard West). -Steve
  6. Is their a Ottawa chapter of Slow Food(Slow Food Ottawa)? I have an article from mid-2003, that a Ottawa branch of Slow Food was going to open. -Steve
  7. I know both of your candies(also don't know name of the thin plum discs). As far as my favorites, I would have to think about it for my complete list(& many of them I don't know their proper name). Two that come to mind. One is a dates w/walnuts candy(it's small rectangular shape, & comes in about 12 a box), but don't remember its name. Second would be dragon beard candy(this is a bit specialized). -Steve
  8. Any comments about Carlo's? I heard some very favorable comments on this pizzeria, but it was from 2-3 years ago. -Steve
  9. Isn't there some kind of law in Canada about cooking burgers, in order to prevent E. Coli problems - like you can't even ask for one medium rare, they can only cook it well done? (I tried searching to confirm this, but couldn't find anything). ← There might be a law in Canada about it(vaguely remember hearing about it), but how are they going to enforce it? I ordered my burger medium-rare today(in Montreal), & got a medium-rare burger(burger places usually overcook my burgers). -Steve
  10. The female floor reporter on the original Iron Chef USA was Sissy Biggers. -Steve
  11. What I find strange, is that considering 'Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares' is a Channel 4 production, it would air on BBC America. -Steve
  12. I was also mislead, by the title of this thread. -Steve I really find the title of this thread to be quite misleading And, of course, they have admitted to nothing, with the possible exception of making a great deal of money on the programs they offer .. and they will continue to offer what the paying customers wish for ... as will the advertisers .. just the way the marketplace acts ... ←
  13. The Griscom & Richman 'Dining Around' show wasn't that good. Rosengarten's 'Taste' was excellent. -Steve
  14. The new editon is called Chinese Food Finder: Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley. As skchai mentioned, there's now editions covering SF & NY. -Steve
  15. You can try a Montreal source. I think it's the same Canadian Kobe beef(Wagyu beef to be precise). It was discussed in the Montreal eG section here. I think they will ship to individuals(no miminum 100 lbs. requirement). He use to have a retail location, but not anymore. -Steve
  16. I think Martha Stewart use to have a Garland salamander in the kitchen of her television show. How much does one of these babies cost? -Steve
  17. The confirmation now, yes. But when I first heard several weeks ago, that he was scheduled for Thurs Dec 2, it was not made public. -Steve
  18. A bit of a correction for you Fuchsia. Your 'eating insects in China' article available online at the Financial Times website, is only available to subscribers of the site. I just checked to make sure. Haven't checked the Financial Times site in many many months for their food articles, since I became aware that they switched it to a pay site. BTW, I did pick-up the Financial Times Weekend edition over the weekend, so I have a copy of your article. -Steve
  19. Just heard a confirmation today, that indeed Bourdain is scheduled for Christine Cushing Live Thursday Dec 2. -Steve
  20. You have to remember, the Schwartz's smoked meat that he tasted in 2000 & 2002, were based one or maybe 2 smoked meat sandwiches. That could account for the possible difference. It would take multiple visits to Schwartz's, to get a better idea, if they're better than Katz's. While he's probably eaten pastrami at Katz's 50+ times?? I'll PM you his 2002 article later today. It's not specifically about Schwartz's, instead it covers the Montreal restaurant scene. -Steve
  21. I could even answer this. FG, could correct me, if anything is incorrect. On his taste test in 2000 for the Montreal Gazette, where he pitted NY Pastrami(Katz's) vs Montreal Smoked Meat(Snowdon Deli & Schwartz's), he prefered Katz's over Schwartz's. Two years later, he visited Schwartz's, & thought that the Schwartz's smoked meat was just as good, if not better than Katz's. BTW, you correctly say Cott black cherry soda. Many Montrealers(including some people in the media), still mistakenly call it cherry coke. Black cherry soda & cherry coke are two different things. Cherry coke is coke flavored with cherry. -Steve
  22. Is Vancouver crab = Dungeness crab? Meaning is it the same thing? -Steve
  23. Are you sure about that? Despite all the press raves about their Dungeness crab & garlic noodles, I've heard from several people that Crustacean uses frozen dungeness crab(they don't like to admit it)!! -Steve
  24. What about if the glass bottle is clear or dark? Does that in anyway affect the taste(the small coke glass bottles are green from my memory)? -Steve
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