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  1. I am going to make my own hot sauce for the first time soon with the bounty from my parent's garden. I've got my recipe all figured out but I can't decide how much to make. How long will homemade hot sauce last?
  2. Of course it does! We grabbed some CT today and I got an order of guacamole. At the bottom there was a huge chunk of unripe avocado. The guacamole gods must have been punishing me.
  3. I can't believe you actually ate there. At least go down a block further to the Irish Pub so you can get a decent beer. That spot is a restaurant death trap. Nothing has ever been good there, at least in the last 30 years. Have you tried the Italian place next to Banana Café? For the Hill, very good. For the rest of the city, not to bad. The Belgium place looks a little pricey for the neighborhood. I'm not holding my breath.
  4. I hate the smell of peanut butter and jelly. It makes me gag. I cannot eat when I am around it. Jelly alone, fine. Peanutbutter, okay. Put the two of them together and my olfactory system goes wacky.
  5. I end up eating at CT in Potomac more than I would like because it is right near school and I can make it there and back in exactly 7 minutes. Their burrito is fine. The rice is a little under cooked and over seasoned for my taste. But when you add on guacamole they put in a good amount. I'd go to Baja more because I like their burritos a bit more than CT plus there is the added bonus of the salsa bar. But I can't do it in less than 15 min. so I can't get there very often. The place across the street from Eastern Market whose name I can never remember (Al_Dente. help!) makes an excellent burrito.
  6. You never know where a roaving band of eG women might show up in search of some chicken.......
  7. I would have to flip a coin to choose between Japan and Italy. Japan would probably win because I have never been there and will probably never be able to afford to "do it the right way." I would start in Tokyo and soak in as much as possible. Once the city became too overwhelming I would move on to exploring the rest of the country.
  8. What should I say when I mention to non-eG regulars of Rays when they find out I was lucky enough to experience the steak tartar deviled eggs and they haven't? BTW, I have been dreaming of them ever since.
  9. That baby beet salad sounds amazing. I'll have to stop by very soon to try it.
  10. What does the cost, with tax and tip, come to?
  11. Success!!!! Flat iron steak with a Greek yogurt and horseradish sauce accompanied by fingerling potatoes roasted in chicken fat. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?act=mo...cmd=si&img=2397 (I can't remember how to post the image. If someone will PM me I'll fix it ) Note to self: disarm smoke alarm or turn on fan next time steak is attempted It came out a bit rarer than I would like, but the smoke alarm going off threw me for a bit of a loop. The ends were perfect and when I reheat the rest of the meat for my steak salad tomorrow for lunch it will be a perfect medium. My local coop didn't have creme fraiche so I opted for Greek yogurt instead. I needed a lot of horseradish to counteract the yogurt but it is delish. Threw in a bit of lemon juice and evoo to thin it out a bit. I will use it as the dressing for tomorrows salad at lunch. Thanks for all of your help
  12. Yep, right near the MCI center Went there once during my vegetarian days (don't ask, I was visiting friends) and vowed never to go back)
  13. As we approach the end of the tomato season I wonder how long the soup will remain on the menu. It will be missed. On the other hand, I can't wait to see what replaces it.
  14. hillvalley

    Grilled Cheese

    My new kick is melted brie with whole grain dijon on rye. I make it in the toaster oven for breakfast and midmorning snack.
  15. Love both ideas but..... no grill (or backyard) or cast iron pan I don't suppose my generic non stick pan will work? What about broiling it?
  16. Picked up a flat iron with Malawry this weekend at one of our local farmers markets. A couple of weeks ago I bought a jar of freshly grated horseradish. I am very new to cooking steak so HELP! What should I make How should I prepare it? The steak will be joined by a mesculin salad and roasted potatoes from Squashblossom's farm.
  17. There was a time in my life, granted it was 7-8 years ago, where I was part of a group who hung out there quite regularly. Loved their hard cider and lemonade selections. Celebrated a b-day there, if I remember correctly. The last time I was there was a few years ago with a friend who had just returned from the Peace Corps. He was craving Bolivian beer at the Brick was the only place in the area where he could find it.
  18. Or do what the locals do and go up the street to Market Lunch. Can't remember if they are open Sundays though
  19. I'm curious about trying the salmon and beef tartare at the same time. I imagine the flavors are so delicate in each dish but cannot imagine them together. Did the oils of the salmon effect the flavor and texture of the beef? If you had to choose one, which would you pick?
  20. I had dinner at the New Mexico Ave. location and if you order carefully it isn't too bad. I started with their fried green tomatoes which were great even if they were already pink. My dad had their calamary which was just plain old bad. Rubbery, strange flavor. Yuck. For the entre I had a new your strip. I asked for it medium but it was closer to the rare/medium rare side. But it was still delish. The mound of mashed potatoes it was served on were supposed to have blue cheese in them. I didn't taste it. But for unadventerous parents this might work for you Jenny. The outdoor seating is nice, the price point sounds like it is in your range and it's not too far from your apartment.
  21. bump Thought of all you doggie dining people Friday night. I had to dine at Chef Geoff's on New Mexico Ave. The outside seating had a number of people with their pooches. The dogs were all under the table or right near their owner's side. Far enough away that I forgot about them. So if you are willing to try Chef Geoff's, which was hit and miss, take your pooch and enjoy this early fall weather.
  22. I'm about 11 days late now (not worries though) and am craving protein like crazy. It's the first time I have been this late in about 13 years. This week I ate melted Brie sandwiches, omelets, steak. I never make melted Brie sandwiches or omelets and I can't remember the last time I ordered a steak. Can't figure out the protein cravings, but it's better than fat cravings.
  23. He would have to exist in order to sleep Wait a few months and all Peanut will be eating are small plates.
  24. Just a bit more on the ASL thing. ASL is its own language just as English, French or Japanese are. Actually, the deaf are the only disabled group with it's own culture, but that's another story. When deaf people learn to read, they speak in one language and read and write in another. They also miss a lot of symantics the hearing world picks up. A food example: A few years ago I had a student who was completely deaf. The year I had him he was just learning to read. One day while food shopping with his mother he finally read the name of the rolls that often held his favorite food. He turned to his mother in horror, shrieking loudly. He thought he had been eating cooked dog all these years.
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