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  1. Here is the newest list. giuinha and ledervin you are in! Al_Dente + 1 babka +1 Bilrus + 1 busboy & mrs busboy Chef Shogun creaton edemuth +3 eunny jang gnatharobed + 1 giuinha hillvalley iamthestretch klc14 laniloa ledervin littlechinagirl +1 MCJB2 +1 mdt monica + 1 mnegerball Nadya otello + 1 rhodegirl + 1 roger troutman rosebud +1 silentbob tailfins + 1 tweaked woodleygrrl Surprise guest #2 probably has to work and I am not sure if surprise guest #1 will be around so there may be room for one or two more. Please let me know if you are interested. I hope to have the payment details worked out by this weekend. I am having some Paypal issues I have to figure out and my damn job keeps getting in the way of working it through.
  2. Sorry if you thought I was criticizing but I just feel that many of your complaints were not there fault. I am just defending a restaurant I am very fond of. Sort of ironic that you finally get there and didn't share in the magic
  3. Glad to see that we could be of service. I disagree with Jenny about Poste. I liked the main dining room because of the open kitchen. Plus you can have enough fun without the whole room turning around to watch you. I can't wait to go back and sit there again. Plus, the cocktails are excellent and the truffled french fries are to die for. Zola's bar is very smoky. I've only been for drinks but each time the smoke is so bad that I have left after just one (if that). Have you thought about Cafe Atlantico?
  4. Saturday night I spent a few hours discussing food and restaurants with a couple of guys from France. The bar had Larry King's interview with Julia on. I asked the guys if they knew who she was. They had no idea.
  5. Let me detox from this week first and then we'll talk. I expect the educator's discount.
  6. Jenny, you could not have picked a worse time for your first Palena experience. An hour before closing on a Monday night? With people who don't understand food? You were doomed from the start. Many of your complaints for the most part are out of Palena's control. You don't like sitting outside but you did anyway. Especially when it is next to a gas station. Your friends didn't like the food and needed bigger portions. The mood was too mellow for you. That's not Palena's fault. While I can't imagine dining with Derek there, he is not the only member of the staff who is great. I was there last night for my reentry from vacation. The entire staff made sure my first dose of the real world was as painless as possible. The carmels are not part of the regular cafe menu, so they should not be expected. I would hate for someone to read this thread and expect carmels while dining in the cafe. They are not part of the regular cafe menu. The Copenagen Citronne and Sidecars are just as amazing. I hope you give it another try on a better night. Derek being there helps, but he has trained others in his image. Go when you have time to relax over the fried potatoes and a glass of wine while waiting for your chicken to roast. Hopefully it will be better.
  7. Vodka is my poison. Rum is a very close second. A few weeks ago during a girls night out (I am too tired to create a link, just go to the DC page) I noticed that despite the large number of cocktails we consumed I was not feel drunk. You know, the dizzy headed, thoughts are a bit too slow, feeling no pain, saying things I shouldn't to Frenchmen kind of drunk. I thought it might be due to some meds I have to take and sucked it up. This past week while on holiday I spent four days consuming my two poisions on an hourly basis (just about). But I still felt way too in control. I just wanted to get drunk. Then I was introduced to my new friend Jack and Diet Coke. Ahhhhhh, my intoxication took just one drink. The rest of the evening I was feeling no pain. So how come my new friend can intoxicate me but my old standby's won't Except for when I am on holiday I do not drink that often, maybe once a month or so (unless there are eGers involved, but that is another thread), so it's not like I am drowning my sorrows on a regular basis. Will my old friends ever be able to work the magic that Jack does now? How do I get it back?
  8. I spent 8 hours running a restraint training today. One of the women I had to train ws about 15 years older than most of the participants and was having a very difficult time grasping the techniques. She felt she had to perform each technique perfectly on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd try. I pulled her aside and asked if she had ever watched Julia. Turns out she was a big fan. I reminded her that Julia, the grand dame of American food) regularly made mistakes. But she kept on going and did not let it faze her. I also reminded her that Julia did not embark on her career until she was in her 40's. The rest of the day was a piece of cake (pun intended) for her. Julia's legacy lives on.
  9. giuinha, I will not know for another week if there is room but will let you know if there is. I am heading off for about a week so please don't worry if you PM or email me (which is greatly preffered) and I don't respond. Feel free to post away here but don't expect a reply, from me anyway. babka will be around to answer any questions. As far as payment goes, as I said before I am going to do it through PayPal. Since I am going away and we have 2 1/2 weeks I am not going to go into details right now. Plan on $40. If you don't have a Paypal account, go sign up for one. It is free, you can use your credit card and it will keep everything much simpler on my end. I will send out a mass email to everyone who is coming late next week. I will not be posting payment information here because it is a public forum and I am a privacy nut. (One good internet stalking will do that to ya!) A number of you have PM'd me saying that the email did not go through. Please let a forum host or site manager know (I don't know which and don't have the time to figure it out) if it is not working. It may be a problem on my end because of my ISP but I would like to be sure. As of today email is the best way of getting in contact me. I won't be able to check in here while on vacation or once work begins. To everyone who PM'd me today, unfortunately I don't have time to respond individually. I DO NOT need phone numbers or address. Just an email address. babka has mine if you need it. If you are on the list you are coming. I think that is all. Sorry if this post sounded grumpy but I spent the last 8 hours getting beat up during a training I run and I still have to finish packing. I promise to be refreshed and happy when I return next week.
  10. Rocks, you need a vacation. Might I suggest France or some place where you can smack a few tennis balls around?
  11. What about cheesesteaks wit? I personally prefer Delesandro's, but I am sure that will be shot down in a hearbeat. I agree with the pretzels, although I prefer mine sold by a vender on the side of the road What about Japanese food? Sushi is an art that most American do not understand. Have a great time, this has the potential to be a lot of fun!
  12. Who wants pictures!!!! Or even better, a live one brought home in your suitcase. He can live off the olive oil and wine in your suitcase So what is the food like at the events? Is Greek stadium food as bad as ours? I heard at the shot put they only sold H2O 'cause that's all they had at the first olympics.
  13. Jenny must be bored at work.....she's digging up old threads again
  14. Note: If you have over 20 posts ignore this. For the rest of you: instead of replying to numerous PM's (what ever happened to the CC function!!!!!) I am posting this here. Until you reach 20 posts you do not have complete access to all extras on the board. This apparently means you cannot email me. So please send me a PM with your email. Also, I have not sent out any information regarding payment and will not do so for another week or two.
  15. After consulting with my co-organizer and forum host we have made a wine decision. If you want wine, bring your own. You can share with your neighbor or be greedy and keep it to yourself. If someone reminds me I can bring a few corkscrews. This will make payment a lot easier and is one less thing for babka and I to deal with
  16. I agree. Go out. And when you are tired of going out order in. Otherwise, treat it as if you were going on a picnic while on vacation. Pick up a loaf of bread, some cheeses and meats, maybe a few olives.
  17. Excellent first post kansascity. Welcome to eG
  18. Excellent, I'm glad you'll be able to make it. My sister will be jealous I get to see you two. I think we will have to rename J Dinerboy. I'd like to have as many of the details worked out by Thursday as possibly. I will be away for a few days (thinking of you all while I sip drinks with umbrella in them on the beach) and then work starts up again 14 hours after I get back from Mexico. So, if you wouldn't mind, please send me an email so I can send out payment and contact info. Just click on the email button on the bottom of this post. Busboy, I will not be accepting Euros, but you can barter with divers or rowers if need be. CK has graciously offered glasses for our wine so we do not need to bring our own. The wines are still being figured out but if you have a request or suggestion feel free to post it. I think that's all for now. Al_Dente + 1 babka +1 Bilrus + 1 busboy & mrs busboy Chef Shogun edemuth +3 eunny jang gnatharobed + 1 hillvalley iamthestretch jpw klc14 laniloa littlechinagirl +1 MCJB2 +1 mdt +1 monica + 1 mnegerball Nadya otello + 1 rhodegirl + 1 roger troutman rosebud +1 silentbob tailfins + 1 tweaked woodleygrrl Surprise Guests [+2?] Edited to update list
  19. Okay, now I want brownie batter I have eaten more carbs today than you low carb'ers could ever dream of. Breakfast was powdered donugts and dry Cheerios (my favorite) Lunch was a big bowl of Udon soup with shrimp tempura Dinner was half a box of rotini with homade tomato sauce After dinner snack was a package of Salad flavored Poky I just realized I have to be in a bathing suit in three days. grrrrrrrrrrr I'm off to find some chocolate
  20. Cactus Cantina could easily. They normally don't take reservations but with a group that large you never know. Two Amy's is to small.
  21. No, this is not true. The last time we saw her was about 7:20, or so, when she cleared the salad plate and dropped off more bread, but without any sort of "how are you doing," just cleared and left. Then we sat for close to 20 minutes before we could get her attention again to ask for the food to be packed to go. I probably would have left her a tip if she hadn't been huffy. AND, if the kitchen was having a problem with the order, we should have been informed earlier. I would have been more understanding. I would not have left a tip either. Yes, you should have mentioned the movie but that does not excuse the lack of attention. Things happen in the kitchen that may back things up. It is the servers responsibility to relay this information to the customer. She simply did not do her job. I would expect the server to stop by the table to let me know that she knows the food is not out and is trying to remedy the situation. If nothing else the restaurant lost the opportunity to sell an extra drink or two. It comes down to simple behavior modification. Your tip is the reward for a behavior. Her behavior did not deserve a reward because it did not meet your expectations. Hopefully she will learn from the experience. I'm not going to hold my breath though.
  22. I love moonpies. They are hard to find up here so when I do come across them I stock up. One of my favorite books is Jimmy Zangwow's Out of This World Moon Pie Adventure. It's a great story about a little boy who travels to the Moon and Milky Way to enjoy a moon pie and glass of milk. Along the way he learns about sharing and getting to know different kinds of people. Every year I do a lesson with the book and then we have a snack of Moon Pies.
  23. Snowangel has a wonderful Blueberrie Pie recipe in recipegullet. I like to broil blueberries and put it over pund cake or ice cream. Combine blueberries, some sour cream and brown sugar. Put under the broiled until it is warm and bubbly. You can also do this on the grill.
  24. Just wanted to let you know that there is officially a waiting list so all you maybes need to make a decision
  25. Ummmm, all I can say is you never know who you are going to run into at Palena's bar!
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