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  1. I brought nori and egg yolk furikake for lunch on Friday. My new students just about freaked out. It was the perfect lunch that took no thought because I had the rice, nori and furikake in my classroom. Between the furikake and the nori they now think I am compeltely nuts. Wait until I bring in some natto
  2. I picked up some pizza, salad and white chocolate covered Poky last week. The white chocolate one hands down. The pizza and salad tasted artificial and not like anything that resembled salad or pizza.
  3. So who did babka and I walk by at the Adams Morgan festival today? (we both had the crab cake sandwich, which for festival food was pretty good. it was washed down with cherry, ginger, lemonade which was too sweet for my tastes. now the post is foodie and Rocks won't delete me )
  4. After filling my olive oil bottle (thank goodness with Trader Joe's and not something better) I stuck the top back in. Upside down I had to struggle a bit to get it all the way in It will be stuck like that forever (or until it breaks in the landfill ) Bought a new bottle last week and this time paid attention when I put the top on.
  5. About 25 years ago, when Yom Kippur fell on my mom's birthday, she announced that she would no longer prepare a break the fast meal. So every year we walk down the street from our Synagogue for sushi.
  6. That tomato is georgeous. It looks like a Cherokee Purple that we have down here, but I couldn't promise anything. You're waffles were just what I needed this morning. They look fantastic.
  7. Alright, I have waited years to go to Vadalia. Finally had a chance tonight and my companion and I agreed that IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had the seared Foie Gras, which was a cheap cut of meat which they over cooked and the afore mentioned veal cheeks. Both dishes were over salted and just plain bad. I take it back, the veal cheeks themselves were good, but not worth the rest of the meal. One of the dishes, I think the Foie Gras but at this point who knows, had the worst greens I have ever tasted. Good heaven they were awful. There is nothing pleasant to say about them, try as I might. They were a vinegary over salted mess. I love good greens and these were awful. What's more, they literally left a bad taste in your mouth. The grits that came with the cheeks had the most potential BUT in the middle of fresh herb season they used dried rosemary and thyme. Come one folks, if you can't use fresh herbs at the end of the summer then don't bother. (Thank heavens we did not have anything with tomatoes.) Even though my wine taste buds were tested we both enjoyed good glasses of wine, but they could not make up for the rest of the meal. The whole meal was just plain disappointing. The only highlight was the bread basket. What a tease. The brioche was as good as it gets in the US, buttery and rich, and that cornbread and foccacia, well I would go back just for the bread basket. But not much else. They set such high expectations that the rest of the meal did not live up to. A total disappointment. There are much better meals in the city. Especially for a James Beard winner, even if it was 5 years ago.
  8. Palena buys veggies from me now, so I vote for them.
  9. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2004

    Golden plum tomato soup with basil
  10. Sigh I am not going to be able to ship the caramels so I can stop being so secretive. The caramels are from a bakery here in DC caller Ammernicks. It is connected with Palena which is a favorite over on the DC board. The caramels are, well, sublime. Pure heaven. Snowangel has heard about these caramels for about 4 or 5 months now. On a semi regular basis she gets emails where all I do salivate over them. So in honor of her blog I wanted to send her a box. It seemed like the perfect surprise. I got as far as buying a pound. I have 27 perfect caramels in my fridge and freezer. (I had to have one to make sure that they were not posionous ) But shipping them overnight to Minnesota is more than my wallet can handle (it's more than the price of the caramels) so there goes my surprise. Thank you for your help and suggestions. Someday I'll deliver them in person. In the mean time I will think of snowangel with every bite
  11. My left over pork chop made me very happy until I saw your larb. Oh, that looked good. The tree is beautiful. For those of us who cannot go through that monster that is the larb thread, could you give a bit of info on it? What do the kids do for lunch? Do you have to pack three of them? You need to start bragging about Diana and Peter's culinary and knife skills, by the way:wink:
  12. Leftover pork chops make an excellent late night dinner
  13. Only in some people's imagination, after Busboy started passing that stuff around. Watching you all post during the day while I was getting beat up while hungover SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing to organize anymore so let me know where you all want the next one and I will get the ball rolling. And Stretch, you owe me a scotch and tweaked owes me a beer after your end of the night comments
  14. Larb. yummmmmmm. Will you FedEx some of the final product Seriously folks, Susan is not doing herself justice when it comes to her kitchen. She has worked very hard to bring it to where it is today. What about some Butt? Will we get to sample your master smoking skills?
  15. You have an excellent boss. Will you tell him to call mine? Can't wait to hear about your dinner. Are you going to do the multi course in the back or the cafe in the front?
  16. I am going to ship them overnight. They are too good to let sit in some truck some where. I am sure that Fed Ex would ship them but when I went to them for help the guy pretty much said go somewhere else. The creator of the caramels recommended that I freeze them before shipment, so I am going to follow her suggestions. Now I just have to figure out where I can buy freezer packs and an insulated envelope.
  17. Just found out that we have a last minute cancellation due to illness. If anyone wants to come send BABKA an email to let her know!
  18. I started a wonderful evening there last night (not much else to choose from, even Palena was closed ). We had brilliant sausages over a creamy polenta and rapini and an delicious cheddar and tomato panini, although the tomatoes could have been better. This morning, 4 glasses of wine later, I wish I had some of the panini for breakfast.
  19. Assuming I am awake to remember I am going to bring a list of people's handles and real names. Otherwise, if you want name tags someone else should bring them.
  20. Just heard from CK and they are starting at 7. Hopefully Rocks will change the heading soon As for parking, it sounds like there is just street parking. Remember folks, this isn't Cleveland Park. You will be east of the park, as they say. Here is the final list: Al_Dente + 1 babka +1 bbq4me busboy & mrs busboy Chef Shogun edemuth +3 gnatharobed + 1 giuinha hjshorter iamthestretch klc14 laniloa littlechinagirl +1 MCJB2 +1 mdt mnegerball Nadya otello + 2 rhodegirl + 1 rosebud +1 tailfins tweaked We have a number of new people so I expect you old timers to be on your best behavior. For the first half hour anyway. I look forward to finally putting names with faces.
  21. I'm in DC and they are traveling to the middle of the country. I am buying them (would set the apartment on fire if I tried it on my own ) so I don't know how they are wrapped but I could always wrap them myself. I don't know anything about caramels, other than I love them, so I was afraid they might melt.
  22. I am checking with CK and will let you all know if it is 7 or 7:30. I'll have Rocks adjust the thread title and calander announcement with the right time.
  23. Although I love the idea I wouldn't bother with the homemade marshmellows. Are your girls likely to notice the difference? But if you do go with the homemade marshmellows, and need a guinea pig, you know where to find me. What about pretzels? I love the chocolate/salt combo. Also, ladyfingers are perfect for dipping.
  24. I would like to send a gift of caramels to a friend but am not sure it is feasible. I am planning on freezing them and then shipping the caramels overnight. Fed Ex won't do it so I guess I am stuck with UPS. I can't be the first person to do this, can I? Is this absurd? Can I do it? How? Help!
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