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  1. I fifth the ginger salad I second the Dragon Roll, but not for take out I throw Tom Yum soup with shrimp into the mix. Thank heavens for Spices delivery. BUT DO NOT get the sushi in carryout. It's just okay there anyway, but the delivery sushi isn't worth it for a variety of reasons.
  2. Colorado Kitchen is a great idea as long as the neighborhood won't freak out your parents. If they are not used to the different aspects of city life then it's not a great choice. If you go to Palena (they are closed Sunday) early enough (between 6:30-7) seating won't be a problem. Derek is great with parents, especially when they embarass the crap out of you. Matchbox is the place with the amazing miniburgers and pizza. Again, go early or be prepared to wait and the bar isn't that parent friendly. But the miniburgers are excellent. I could go for some right now. Jenny, what about some of the oldies but fairly goodies like I Ricci, Galileo, others I am too tired to think of. Sure eG'ers wouldn't go there but might be right up your parent's alley. Or Tratoria Lilliana just up the street? Although I have heard that it has gone down hill in the last few months Buck's might work for you. I'd also throw Ardeo and/or Bardeo into the mix. I think they get overlooked a bit around here.
  3. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2004

    I had planned on taking some pics but ate everything before I had a chance Tonight's dinner was roasted goodies from the local farmer's market: Roasted Cauliflower Roasted Plum Tomato Soup with Roasted Zuccini and Garlic Roasted Garlic on toast
  4. I get good scrapple from my local poultry guy. Growing up we had it at least once a month for Sunday breakfast. We were a straight in the pan until the sides were crispy but the insides were creamy kind of family. It's been too long.
  5. Mr friend and I stopped by Sunday evening to sit at the bar and see if they were serving the Osteria menu but they were not. Disclaimer: I know this isn't about Osteria per se but I searched and the only other Galileo thread is about Laboratorio. Since the closest I came was sneaking a look inside and being surprised to find people dining there, I figured this was the better thread. This post isn't worth of its own thread. But back to experience. Because that is what it was. The girl behind the bar was well, a Sunday bartender. When we ordered the wine she commented that it was her favorite. 45 minutes later when they comped us more wine because our order took so long she didn't remember what we had originally ordered and poured us a better wine We ordered the cheese plate. When we finally got it we were not disappointed. The selection of cheeses were beautiful, although I was surprised to find so many French cheese at an Italian restaurant. It started with a delicate goat cheese, moved on to a strong cheddar then and eventually ended with a Brie (I think, this was four or five glasses later). The bread was exactly what you would expect for Sunday night bread, which was dry and blah and did nothing to enhance the cheese. I was hoping we would get some bread sticks but we didn't. When the plate was delivered a "manager" came over to apologize for the delay. I have never smelled such strong, fairly cheap cologne in a restaurant of that caliber. His scent literally lingered for at least 10 minutes. It affected the experience of the cheese because all I smelled was him and his cologne. I've been to Italy and know how Italian men love their cologne. But in a restaurant where smell is such an important part of the experience? I was surprised and not happily. I realize we went in on a Sunday night. And sat at the bar. And didn't order much. But still, the place was slammed. Rereading everyone's posts made me realize what I had missed.
  6. It's already gone I used a lower oven (350) and cut the slices fairly thin. I think it took about an hour and was completely sublime. I forgot the garlic but sea salt at the end was a nice addition. I am thinking that in a month or so this will make a great soup.
  7. It's killing me that I am not going to make it down there this week. Back when the museum was in the planning stages there was a good deal of thought put into the eating options in the museum. There was a strong opinion that it should not just be institutionalized hot dogs and hamburgers. As someone involved early on with the project said "It may be institutionalized First American Food, but at least it will be First American".
  8. This is a very generous offer from the chef so early on in the planning process. In the past we have asked the eG'er with an allergy to contact the chef directly once those picky issues like date and time have been worked out. Otherwise we could be working around someone who doesn't even join us! That being said, we do have somewhat of a tradition of deviled eggs at our events
  9. I too must atone for these sins I also add: For the sin of preparing too much food that never gets eaten For not sharing my cooking with people who will not or cannot appreciate it For making stock and not freezing it in time For eating at a TGI Fridays last month while stuck in Pittsburgh For forgetting the box of raspberries I just found in the back of my fridge
  10. In the middle of winter when it is dark and gray and it has been way too long since I last had a fresh tomato I am going to dream of Chef Ruta's Roman bread and tomato soup
  11. depending on date and price and my mid term schedule I am in my organizational experience, either directly or indirectly, is yours for the asking
  12. Matchbox is good but if you go during busy hours it can be a nightmare of a wait. Keep in mind that unlike most museums in DC you have to pay for the Spy Museum. For us natives that is practically blasphemy in this town Whatever you do, DO NOT go to the food fest downtown that is held that weekend. I can't remember what it is called but it is not worth your time or money. They may have bands that interest your kids but the food is horrible.
  13. Nectar Palena Nectar Nectar Palena Palena Cheestique
  14. There will be fried lemons in my very near future
  15. At dinner last night one of my guests threw a small fit. He is a very active regular and has never experienced the steak tartar deviled eggs. He couldn't believe that I was fortunate enough to have them on my first visit. Micheal better start chopping
  16. Your killing me here...it sounds brilliant. I need more details. Was the uni whole? How was it presented. Did the banana bring out the uni flavor as I am imagining it would? It sounds completely divine.
  17. I imagine they have other things to worry about right now besides selling some ham
  18. This why I stick to Jack and Coke, expecially on my way home
  19. No a Copenhagen Citron, which I could use right now I keeping things such as pate or cheese cool an option?
  20. Do it. They are well worth the ride no matter where you live Plus you'll burn off the calories on your way home Go across the street to pick up some Mexican for when you get home and have built up an appetite. Their tamales are fantastic.
  21. Your brilliance in iambic pentameter, prose and life continue to amaze me Thank you for sharing your week with us We now return you to your regularly scheduled eG life
  22. Most Thai restaurants have it in some form or another. I say most because the place two blocks from my house doesn't have it As for the ingredients, I would head to your local Asian market and then over to snowangel's for some kaffir leaves.
  23. Someone should move this thread to the Cooking forum As I type my first stock of the fall is simmering full of early root veggies Al_Dente's braised short ribs Anything else I can learn to braise Italian Wedding Soup Roasted Chicken with root veggies
  24. That sounds unbelievably wonderfully delicious. I am having a caramel in your honor
  25. Better late than never. Thanks to babka's roomate for helping with the pics. Most of the shots aren't great. The lighting wasn't great for shooting, not to mention the wine and Busboy's spirits. The salad our main course some of the wine, owner's can pipe up and claim their bottles
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