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  1. When I worked at an Italian restaurant with a lot of a lot of Cambodian kitchen help, they all did the same thing --only with the dinner rolls - and warmed them up in the pizza oven. Maybe it's an Asian thing. ← Nah, I did the same thing but on Jewish Rye. In fact I spent a summer at sleep away camp where I had one at least once a day, but that is another thread. Chicken skin, turkey skin, duck skin. If I was really lucky I got the tush of the chicken on Friday nights (I can't remember the Yiddish word for it). Hoho's. Loved the hoho's. I remember when I realized I was finally old enough to buy them myself. Woo hoo. My other one was a dip I would make out of sour cream, dill and dijon. It's great for veggies, etc. but I would eat it straight out of the bowl with my finger. yummmm
  2. You want the list of people I have seen do this? Without asking first? It's damn impressive. BTW I do accept bribes of Ruta's chicken to keep my mouth shut or to spill the beans.
  3. I thought it was New Year that was the big scrum down? ← On Christmas, the fights happen before people get drunk. The Busboys blew of Christmas dinner a couple of years ago to -- well, just to prove that we controlled tradition, not the other way around -- and celebrated what is now known in family lore as the Jewish Christmas at Mei Wah in Dupont. It was a mob scene and, though we had reservations and were relatively early, waits were long. Lot of yelling and angry stomping around near the hosts table: "Why did they get seated?" "What, did they pay you off?" "I've been here over an hour. (maybe some of them were a little drunk, after all) I want a table now." Anyway, I'd reserve soon and go early or late, unless you're at a swanker spot than Mei Wah - which is no dive, by the way. Food was pretty decent, too. ← Picture it: Christmas Night, 1998. Fong Lin Restaurant in Bethesda. The joint is packed with hungry nonChristmas type folk. Party of 7 shows up an half an hour early for their 7 o'clock reservation. At 7:10 they are seated. Family of 4, without reservations, who had been waiting an hour and a half and have no table in sight observe situation. Father of the second family cannot find the maitre de to complain. Instead he approaches father of the first family. Less than adult words are exchanged. Slowly everyone in restaurant turns to watch the building excitement. Father of second family moves threateningly towards father of first family. Chests are puffed and backs are straightened. Men prepare to defend their territory and fight for the last Hong Kong style wonton until the daughter in the first family loudly bursts into tears and runs out of the restaurant. The entire place goes silent. You gotta love them holidays Hehehe, my mental telepathy made it across the park!
  4. Or you could do what the rest of us who think it's just another Saturday night. Eat Chinese Where ever you go make a reservation fast. I have seen grown men with multiple fancy degrees get into fist fights over tables that night.
  5. Would somebody find the last time Donna is going to fire up the grill. I have these dreams, shall we call them moist dreams, of going during winter break. Otherwise one of you regulars is going to have to get some takeaway for me!
  6. <cough cough> Happy Birthday <cough cough> Enjoy your chicken!
  7. hillvalley

    Girls weekend

    At least you send out the cards Susan, I spent the day dealing with "behavior incidents" and fantasizing about your weekend. Good friends, good food, good view, sounds like paradise.
  8. Just ordered my father's present for this year. They're on back order though
  9. Growing up I thought everyone went to Eastern Market to shop. Why buy meat and chicken that has been prewrapped? You mean your poultry guy doesn't know you by name? Now I make it down there a few times a month. I cook for one so despite the higher prices I end up saving money because I can buy exactly what I need. The fish place can be hit or miss though. I would rather go down to the Maine Market. Same for the produce, although Mr. P next to the bakery has pretty good fresh herbs in the middle of winter. BTW, anyone notice they changed the direction of the Market Lunch line? I was there a couple of weekends ago and got excited when there was not a line. then I walked in and saw they are now snaked out into the parking lot
  10. Me thinks a certain forum host has too much time on his hands
  11. Yep There was a semi private book signing last night at Les Halles. Afterwards Bourdain had dinner at the bar. Busboy (who along with the Mrs. gets all my love and devotion forever, not that he didn't have it already) and I had the excellent fortune of being invited to join him. We had a good meal and an even better hour of conversation. His grillbitch, by the way, is great.
  12. He he he Add two copies (mine and Busboy's) of Bourdain's Les Halles book to the list
  13. Someone remind me why I am going out of state (make that District) to eat?
  14. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2004

    Made my first stew of the season. I tried to hold out until the weather really got cold but I just couldn't wait any longer I braised some short ribs in fire roasted tomatoes and a cabernet-sauvignon with lots of shallots and garlic. I am trying to empty out my cabinets in preparation for a move and tonights dinner used up a ton of stuff. Only four more cans of tomatoes to go
  15. I dreamt of the soup last night Rissa's mother's spring rolls make the world a better place. JPW, I am sure Peanut would fit on a bar stool. We'll bring a long a mini blender and get her started early on those spring rolls. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful way to wind down from an exhausting week.
  16. That's a damn impressive looking stove you've got yourself there. I must say, raw pig tails may be the most phalic looking piece of meat I have seen in a while. The end result though, looks wonderful. Sigh. What did you do with the leftovers? Find a way to sneak it into the kids lunch?
  17. While I know the suggestion of Montmartre sounds like a good idea to them, neither of these men have children. Stretch will see the error in this idea in about 3-4 months. If it was the summer and you could sit outside, then maybe. I second the Trattoria Alberto's recommendation. Good, simple Italian food. It was my parent's go to restaurant when I was little. The food won't blow anyone away, but it is close and can handle the kids. I also second the Old Ebbit suggestion if you can get a reservation. The place gets much calmer when you get further back into the place near the building courtyard. There is also the El Salvadoran place across the street from Trattoria. Good strong drinks, kid friendly. Go early enough and you may have the place to yourself.
  18. I had the same thought process I end up hungry after each episode.
  19. My milk shake maker is the only gift from my Bat Mitzvah that I still use. Go buy one. There is nothing better than a chocolate milkshake at 2 am in the middle of July. Or December for that matter.
  20. Think we can convince Ruta to open for lunch? Just for the burgers maybe?
  21. I went with my mother for lunch last Thursday and am not sure I will go back any time soon. The entire experience, from the service to the meal, was horrid. And yes, we told the server and manager, but more on that later. We started with the infamous ginger salad. I used to love this salad. The tang of the big slices of ginger balanced with the chopped peanuts is amazing. Not this time. I would call it bland peanut and cabbage salad with a few pieces of ginger thrown in because that is the dish's name. It was bland, limp, disappointing. Next came the sushi and sashimi. I ordered chirashi, Mom had the sashimi. The fish was just plain old bad. Slimy and limp with a fishy smell. The seaweed that accompanied the sashimi smelled rancid. The wasabi was so bland that you could eat a spoonful and not blink and eye. I am not sure the last time I had sushi that was this awful. When our server finally came over to check on us we mentioned, very politely I might add, that we were concerned with the freshness of the fish. She could have cared less. There was no apology, no explanation, no attempt to remedy the situation. She shrugged her shoulders and walked off. On our way out we asked to speak to the manager. Again we mentioned the low quality of the fish, the bland wasabi and the disappointing ginger salad. Instead of listening to our complaints she started arguing with us. In the front of the house, where every table was full, she proceeded quite rudely to tell us that other customers compliment her fish and we were wrong. Then she went on to imply that there was something wrong with us because we were not satisfied. She did not apologize for the lack of service nor the poor quality of food. Her interaction with us made it clear that the customer's opinion did not count. It's a shame because I used to love the ginger salad. But it's not worth it anymore and they have lost a customer.
  22. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2004

    Four cheese raviolini with vodka tomato sauce and a ton of Parmesan (couldn't taste the vodka ) Sautéed spinach with leeks, garlic, fresh mozzarella and Parmesan Boyland diet cream soda (a rare treat)
  23. squashblossom and I were there a number of times last winter, including that rediculously cold few weeks we had in January. The last time I was there was at the end of my blog. She was the farm manager at New Morning Farm at the time and delivered their weekly wood supply for the oven. When we walked in the owner (can't remember his name) yelled ouy "It's the wood woman!" Their oven fried parsnips are out of this world. The ultimate warm comfort food. I've tried to recreate it at home but have not had any luck. If only the front half of the dining room didn't get blasted with outside air every time someone comes in.
  24. Her brilliance began early Oh My God I Remeber This!!!!! Were you the one who had DC names for all of their dishes? You lost because of the curls. If you had had the curls.....
  25. It's certainly worth the trip to VA. See Mark's suggestions on what to eat -- the ceviches (except for the clam ) and tacos are awesome!!!! ← He's right, it's worth crossing the Potomac. Everyone else is right about the crab ceviche, dragon fruit, oxtail tacos. Don't miss 'em. Add the squashblossom quesadilla to the list of great dishes. I had a hibiscus margarita that was excellent. Just a touch of sweetness to bring out the flavor of the flower. We ended the meal with a pitcher of hot chocolate. It was agreed that this would be perfect after an afternoon of ice skating! My only complaint is that many of the dishes such as the tacos and oyster ceviche have three servings. It makes sharing a bit hard. At different times in the evening three of us were gushing over the plate in front of us while the fourth sat and watched. It would be a great exercise in diplomacy the next time you are in the middle of major negotiations. You can have the third oxtail taco but I get the money I need for __________.
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