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  1. Full Kee We actually start talking about the food around post #147 or so.
  2. hillvalley

    Whipped Cream

    Will someone please call my mother and tell her I was right, on both the overwhipping and the fact it would not last I know this sound absurd because it is just a bowl and a whisk, but we don't have any room for extra supplies. My family goes to the beach for Thanksgiving and we have to bring any utensil or supply we need. Even with a mid-sized car there are always things that don't make it down because of space. My mother literally has the turkey (in a cooler) on her lap for the trip down. The premade whipped cream was an option because she thought she could put it in a ziplock back, wrap it in foil and put it in the cooler with the turkey. My sister is just going to either a) put the bowl on her head and let it stay there on the way down (her lap will already be full) b) be happy with my canned stuff from Whole Foods.
  3. My sister always wants real whipped cream for Thanksgiving. This year my mother finally gave in. For a variety of reasons it will have to be made Tuesday night and then transported (in a cooler) on Wednesday. Is this feasible or will the cream dewhip in two days? What if we overwhip it a bit? Or does she need to suck it up and use my organic whipped cream out of can that is actually not too bad?
  4. Once again great minds think alike. Is the Fla. market open on Sundays? I think their hours on the weekends are pretty limited. At least Literi's are. (If you weren't coming from Philly I'd send you there too, but that would be like telling you to skip Delsandro's and come down here to Philadelphia Mikes.)
  5. As long as Holly brings the necessary papers and passport he should do fine. Although do we really want just Al representing us I second both of these recommendations. Market lunch at the Eastern Market is the best brunch in town. Make sure to check out the blueberry pancakes. You'll have to come back in the summer though, to try the crabcakes. If you can't get there early enough for Market Lunch the meat counter diagonally across sells halfsmokes and hot dogs all day. It's only fair to warn you though, if you walk into EM on a Sunday wearing anything green, let alone the green of some bird, you could be in for it. It is a true Red and Gold kind of place. Puchina is right. Maine Avenue is as greasy as it gets. I'd also suggest a plate or two of oysters although they probably aren't from around here. Keep in mind that at this time of year it is car eating since the market is all outdoors. That is unless you like picnicing in 40 degree weather. The two aren't far from each other either, about a 15 minute drive. Not that you need any more help but if you need to directions you know how to find me. If you came a week ago we could have shown you the rocket launchers as well, but that's another story.
  6. I just spit chicken soup all over my keyboard I learned that I am not the only one who thinks that sour cream on tator tots sounds completely divine. I've learned that at 3am there are people in Minnesota, Texas or Virgina who, like me, have nothing better to do than read about food
  7. hillvalley

    Feeling Schmaltzy

    You actually get to eat yours with a meal? It never lasts that long when I make it. (actually, I've learned to make a double recipe) Kasha Varniskes, with the onions caramelized in schmaltz is really good as well. ← Oh, Kasha made with schmaltz. Now you're talking. I used some of mine to make hasbrown with a sunny side up egg for breakfast this morning.
  8. I'm building on snowangel's idea if you are too far away to actually cook with them. What about buying them their own kitchen tools. You could get kid size bowls, plastic measuring spoons, wooden spoons. Not to sound like the Grinch, but remember getting books as presents? Much less fun then something you can use right then and there. You could throw in a small cookbook as well (I too like the Klutz Kid's Cooking) to get them started.
  9. hillvalley

    Feeling Schmaltzy

    Duh... I should have known that. Great tip. The analogy to clarifying butter is really helpful. That will definitely be the technique I use when I make my next batch of stock. ← Made another batch last night and hope to render the fat tomorrow since I am going to be at home "sick". The problem is, other than melting it down in a pot, I am not sure what else to do. Should I bring it to a boil or just let is simmer? How will I know when all the water is gone? What else do I need to know?
  10. Let's be fair though, there are certain people who when they dine at Palena get a different level of service than others. Frankly this is probably true at most restaurants.
  11. hillvalley

    1975 Bordeaux . . .

    Excellent topic I turn 30 about a month after you and would love to get a bottle or two as a gift. There are a few people who won't get the hints I plan to drop unless I give them specific information. Let me know where you end up buying it in DC. I may have to join you in your purchases.
  12. The first juicy peach of the summer Melted brie on a baguette Chicken broth with noodles Spaghetti with olive oil and parmesean
  13. Check out day three of the EGCI course on Cooking for/with a disability. There are a number of suggestions for nausea as well as eating while on medication.
  14. How to make Chesnut Puree 1. Buy way more chesnuts than you need. 2. Peel chesnuts. Be sure to try a different method every year so you can say "this was much easier last year." Force offspring to help and have some "chesnut bonding time"* until their whinning becomes more unbearable. 3. Boil chesnuts in chicken stock. 4. Make wife put together the Cuisinart. Make wife show you how to use it. Again. 5. Brush dust off of grand maniere bottle. Make comment about hardening your arteries while getting heavy cream out of fridge. 6. Dump the chesnuts, a bit of stock, a lot of cream and a good helping of GM into the cuisnart. 7. Blend until it has reached the consistency of dried paste. 8. Force offspring and wife to taste. Use trick of "there's alcohol in it" to get youngest offspring to open mouth. 9. Put in the same bowl every year. Put paste in the fridge. 10. Force everyone at table to take a serving, even if the serving size is a teaspoon. Marvel over your masterpeice and hard work. Repeat every third Wednesday of November. * Note: Chesnut Bonding Time is only successful the first year olderst offsrping comes home from college.
  15. Nah, it's the roasted chicken. ← Stay on message. Is there a "native" "signature" DC dish. My position is that there is no such thing. ← Channeling Rocks tonight are we To get back on topic, I agree, there is no native DC food. I think we should create a native DC meal: Palena roasted chicken with Firefly Parmesan Truffle fries.
  16. Beautiful! ← The boys of DC need to go get some sushi and play in their own sandbox!!! Get the hell out of ours
  17. One night in the past few days it was almond joys and cornishon
  18. Fried Oysters, Lamb Minute Steak, Truffled French Fries ← Truffled French Fries Fried Oysters Truffled French Fries
  19. Absolutely. That's why the easy mac part is so absurd. I make fun of him for this on a regular basis
  20. I have a friend who makes mac and cheese using the pasta from Easy Mac. But instead of the powdered packet he uses goat cheese and white truffle oil
  21. My family and I had to the beach for Thanksgiving. We rent an apartment on the water in a building with an indoor pool and whirlpool. Thanksgiving afternoon is spent swimming and relaxing in the water, assuming we get off our lazy rears to make it down there. The eating bonanza always starts with oysters on the half shell. Usually about a dozen and a half a piece. I make up a batch of Wasabi Bloody Mary's to go with them. An hour or so later we move on to the main event. It's a pretty traditional meal, turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans. The big deal is always my father's chesnut puree. He is not a cook and this always turns into a big event. My sister and I cannot stand it and my mother always tolerates the stuff. But every year it is forced upon us during the meal. We end up eating about a teaspoon a piece of the stuff. It takes a couple of meals of leftovers where no one touches it before my father puts us out of our misery and tosses the stuff away.
  22. Don't worry Katie, the women of DC will take care of him. He won't know when He won't know where But he will PAY!!!!!!!!
  23. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2004

    Collard greens and pulled pork The pork out of the oven Let the pulling begin Dinner
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