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  1. snowangel, what a find! Add 2 more to the count. I was bored at work last week and found my way over to Overstock. Today I came home to Patricia Wells' Trattoria and the infamous Zuni Cafe (which I got for 40% off!!!!!!). The latter was a total eg peer envy purchase after hearing about snowangel's delight with the recipes.
  2. Walk in with no hopes or expectations and you'll still wish you had gone to Palena. I really really wanted this place to be good. I wish I could give you one reason to go but I can't. I had a half rack of the baby-back ribs and a side of cheese grits. At $10 this could be a great deal. But it's not. The ribs were dry, the rub added little flavor and the cheese grits were well, bad. They were served luke warm and I could almost taste the cheese. Almost. I got to taste the baked beans and cole slaw as well as the Texas style ribs. The cole slaw just was not good, no other explanation. The beans tasted of wine, red I think, and they too were not worth it. The Texas style ribs were not moist and had little flavor. The platters were served with four squeeze bottles with different bbq sauces. None are memorable and the only reason the Carolina sauce stood out was because it was a different color. They have only been open for two weeks. Perhaps there is hope. But I am not holding my breath.
  3. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2005

    Needed some comfort food so dinner was soup & a sammich shitake and wood mushroom soup (inspired by reese's mushroom soup a few weeks ago) melted mozzarella marinated in basil salad (with the salad on top)
  4. While I strongly second the Komi recommendation I would call ahead and make sure the veggies are vegetarian. At least one on their menu right now has bacon in it which I guess would make a vegetarian cranky.
  5. Yes, Mr. P (as I know him) bought out the poultry guys right before Christmas. His plan is to become as competitive as Mel at the other end of the market.
  6. I had the pleasure of experiencing Komi for the first time through their tasting menu a few nights ago. It was the perfect way to enjoy the many talents of both the front and back of the house. These are a few highlights. The meal was started simply but exquisitely. One perfectly shucked oyster (Malpeque I think) topped with a touch of creme freche and caviar. The creme freche brought out the creamy texture of the oyster while the caviar added another layer of the sea that heightened the briny finish. The presentation was beautiful. The oyster was presented on a block of shaved ice. Simple and elegant. It was the perfect beginning to the meal. Our second course brought together marinated yellow tail, fingerling potato crisps and taramasalata. The yellowtail had capers and the thinnest slices of cornichon that I have ever seen mixed in along with a subtle dressing. The three components of the course were presented individually with the direction to place a bit of fish on the potato and top with the taramasalata. For our first bite we followed the directions. I was concerned that the flavor of the potato would be lost under such heavy flavors. Of course, I was wrong. With the first bite you immediately taste the fish, capers and cornichon. Then just a bit of the taramasalata. But it was the finish of the bite that surprised me. Lingering there, in the background, was the potato. Brilliant. Separately the three parts of the dish were fine. Combined together they took fish and chips to a whole new level. A bit later came a grilled mushroom salad served with the current amuse, mushroom cappuccino. The soup was creamy with a touch of coffee (or was it chocolate) bringing out the earthy flavor of the mushroom. The salad joined the mushrooms with asparagus and ciliegine (mozzarella). The cheese added a bit of body to the delicately grilled mushrooms. The two dishes together played a great game of compare and contrast. Finally, at last, after long wait, I experienced the crackers. Oh those crackers. I had heard. I had read. I was not disappointed. The first was on the sweet side topped with flecks of nori. The second was flavored with paprika. Last, but certainly not least, was the asiago cheese and red pepper flakes. When eaten in the order presented in the basket your mouth goes on a short trip full of different yet complimentary flavors. Sebastian's cheese plate was excellent. I do not remember all the different cheeses, but his goat and two blue still stand out in my mind. After a couple of heavier dishes the cheese was a perfect beginning of the end. The cheese was served with simply flavored crackers. I assume they are the made of the same dough as the infamous crackers, without any additional seasoning. Perfect vessels to enjoy the nuances of each cheese. Of course we had the donuts, along with three other decandent desserts. There is little left to say but they are really as good as their hype. Even if the rest of the meal had not been sublime, the Chef would have redeemed himself with his ending. The service was perfect, attentive without being intruding. At times our waitress seemed to enjoy watching me giggle with each first bite. (I did that a lot.) Sebastian is as gracious and wonderful as his dreaminess over at Firefly. There must have been something in the water back in the '80s and early '90s out in the MD burbs. Chef Monis and his staff have many talents, all of which were displayed on a perfect Friday evening.
  7. I was there this morning and unfortunately the news is sad but true. It is still open on weekends, but not until 11 and then they only serve lunch.
  8. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2005

    more micro greens (I'm going to turn into a micro green soon) penne with tomato, black olives and capers the last of the raspberries and cream
  9. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2005

    Melted Brie on baguette microgreens with a Dijon-red wine vinegarette pork chops in a mustard cream sauce raspberries in whipped cream
  10. It's as if a higher eG power told me to make gallons of chicken stock and lobster soup this past week. I started off with a lobster bisque. Damn good but not thick enough. Since life is going to get crazy in a couple of weeks I am trying to stock up the freezer while I can. But before I go crazy I have a couple of questions. a) Can I freeze soup with noodles in it? I have a couple of containers of chicken soup with stars in my freezer for a friend's son. I'm worried that the noodles will get mushy. Am I totally crazy? b) Can I freeze cream based soups? There is a mushroom soup in my future but only if I can put some of it up. BTW, when we run out of ideas I have 262 recipes: The Big Book of Soup and Stews
  11. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2005

    Duck pate with chunks of foie gras on a baguette (inhalled before I remembered the camera) microgreens tossed with evoo and balsamic topped with parmesean Lobster bisque made from New Year's leftovers
  12. My sister and I are still waiting to hear from a friend who is vacationing in Phuket, at my sister's recommendation. We are hoping he will get in touch with his family through the Embassy. I can't imagine if she had been able to go through with her travel plans and join him for the New Year. It puts real perspective on our worries here about the perfect bottle of wine or getting that reservation at Per Se.
  13. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2004

    Kobe style beef hamburger topped with pancetta and tator tots
  14. We discussed this restaurant a few months ago. [Moderator's note: Thank you for the link. We've merged the two threads and removed the link to the old thread as they are now one.]
  15. Growing up the only fish I would eat was sushi and chubs. If it had hit a frying pan of some sort there was no way it would enter my mouth. But I also ate oysters, black olives, peking duck (homemade) and natto, made my own caviar omlettes, and preferred steak tartar to hamburgers. I thank and blame my parents for this There was no kid food in our house, just people food. If they were eating it, I was eating it.
  16. Maybe is was because my table got the leftovers, but we didn't find the bitter melon that bitter. I have had arugula that was worse. The camera was ready to go to catch those 'I just tasted something really bitter' faces but there was no need. I may be the dissenting opinion here, but I was not overly impressed. The food was much blander than I expected. Given the discussion about heat I was expecting at least a little spice. After all the rave reviews I had higher hopes. Thank goodness the company made up for the food
  17. One thing to keep in mind though is that if the child gets over stimulated easily, if too much noise or flashing lights is a problem, then D&B may not be the best choice. For example, imagine having to go to D&B when you have the flu. While not the best food, Cafe Delux is very family friendly. Next door is Mama Lucia's which has good pizza and decent pastas. Around the corner from both is Barnes and Noble with a huge children's section. (On the corner of Woodmont and Bethesda Aves.) They have a coloring table, train table, etc. and is as kid friendly as it gets. Not too mention a ton of books. Grab some hot chocolate and a cookie from upstairs and you have a complete evening.
  18. Sophomore year of college I was driving somewhat regularly from Mass. to New Jersey. One weekend I gave a friend a ride home in return for a home cooked meal. The whole drive down she went on and on about her mother's spaghetti and gravy. I drove in fear, trying to figure out how the hell I was going to eat a plate of brown gravy on spaghetti. It was, by the way, one of the best plates of gravy or sauce I have ever eaten.
  19. It doesn't matter what goes into the Lemon-Cardamom Drop. What is important is that it is an excellent way to celebrate the weekend of a crazy, nutty week. And yes, for those of you who are wondering, Derek is still dreamy.
  20. hillvalley


    Take some sour cream or creme freche (low fat if necessary). Stir in some Dijon, dill, salt and pepper. Light and tangy but you can still taste the artichoke.
  21. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2004

    My kitchen is in bags for the foreseeable future so I am scraping around for non-cooked meals. Last night was a brilliant Epoisses (smuggled in last week) on water crackers. An hour or so later I had a plate of Tator Tots. Both were washed down with a red called A*Mano. Tonight was more Epoisses, more wine and a bowl of heirloom tomato soup from a local farm. It was way too sweet so I doctored it up a but of balsamic, evoo and red pepper flakes.
  22. Is this the traditional final night of Channukah dish I'm in, with a possible guest. And I vote for mild heat so we can still taste what we are eating.
  23. Jaz makes the beginning of a very good point. Those tools and gadgets that you think make cooking too easy allow those who need extra help in the kitchen gain freedoms you take for granted. A lot of this is covered in the EGCI course Cooking with a Disability. Day One discusses how a fellow eG member has learned to make adaptations, using some of the tools your are complaining about, that allow her to continue to cook. The second part of Day Two discusses how people with cognitive and physical disabilities can learn how to cook. It also includes pictures of some utensils. Yes, these gadgets make cooking much easier. And yes, some of them such as the automotic pepper grinder seem silly. Don't like it, then don't use them. But then don't use the escalator or remote control. Sure, many of us around here love to chop our own garlic, grate our own cheese, etc. But, as has been said before, we are an anomaly. We live in an era where easier is better. Everything requires less work than it used to. Sure those who are able bodied don't have to work as hard, but those who face challenges you do not now have ways to make daily tasks that used to be impossible possible. Lecture over. I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.
  24. Now I'm craving an Italian sub from Mom's Honest Tea is a local company located in Bethesda. It's wroth giving them a call to find out where Godl Rush is. I am addicted to Honest Tea as well. So much better than that other bottled crap. Once every few months Giant has it on sale and I load up.
  25. Trader Joe's is the reason why I am able to eat as well as I do. We have to make a hundred choices every day. Not having to make one while shopping is a pleasure. I get my olive oils, vinegars, artichoke hearts and organice powdered sugar (to name a few) at prices that allow me to afford such luxuries. Their bottled water, which isn't a TJ brand is also much cheaper for some reason. My local store is tiny and drives me crazy. But about once a month I have "a doctor's appointment" and leave work a bit early to beat the rush
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