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  1. I too love the Nectar or Eve idea. That box at Eve is stunning. I wouldn't mind receiving a ring in that someday One thought that keeps coming to mind as I read all the posts is that unless you do this very soon it may be too cold to do anything outside. Nothing ruins a proposal like a guy who is down on one knee but can't get the ring on because he is shivering too much.
  2. We are "treated" to a cater lunch by them about once or twice a year at work. The Cabin John people are also wonderful to work with. The owners are locals and pay a lot of attention to customer serivce. It's such a pleasant change. A few years ago they left us a bunch of extra bottles of hot sauce that I only recently finished.
  3. I'm excited by both That space has seen many many incarnations. Let's hope that this one actually sticks. I wonder if they will do anything in conjunction with the Shakespeare Theater?
  4. hillvalley

    Dinner! 2004

    I've eaten unusually well the past three of four nights. Saturday was steamed lobster with a dozen of my mother's closest friends. We steamed some baby potatoes and had a roasted pepper dish as well. Drank some really bad wine but at that point, three or four bloody mary's later, it didn't matter. The past two nights are my desperate last ditch to hold on to the tomato season. Last night was a golden and red plum tomato soup with pancetta. Tonight was rotini with a plum tomato sauce and fresh mozerella. I put the cheese and pasta in layers in the bowl so the cheese melted and was wonderfully stringy.
  5. I love potatoes. I really love potatoes. But after 4 months of the potato of the month club it was a while before I could eat them.
  6. Is it worth shlepping to NoVa? It takes a very good reason for me to go on that side of the Potomac Anything to avoid?
  7. I picked Mr. Latte up at a local used book store today because I had heard about it here. I fit perfectly into the targeted demographics, late 20's, single, female, food lover, reader, etc. This will become one of those books I pick up when I need an easy, fun, mindless read. Any book I can read in a few sittings and enjoy is well worth it. That being said, I have now developed a new neurosis because of her. I hope to cook my first meal for my Mr. Latte, aka the dining companion, very soon. He already is a foodie and will notice every detail. (He would never ever use Equal.) I hadn't really worried about what I was going to make, figuring he would just be pleased with a home cooked meal. After reading her first few chapters I am now going to start going through my cookbooks to find the perfect meal which won't be too hard to screw up!
  8. I am in complete and utter awe. Okay, I've got a question I have always wanted to ask. What do you do with the pieces after the show?
  9. Don't wait much longer The oyster Po Boy is a work of art Perfect for a fall day like today Expertly fried and served on top of just enough lettuce and a beautiful tomato slice Go before the tomato season is over The tomato made the sandwich Made up for the crappy service and Zapp's
  10. Had some at Johnny's this afternoon. Shucked horribly but tasted damn good. Wouldn't go back though considering they only had two varieties and no specials.
  11. Beautiful the photos and the meat word of warning for next smokin weekend: in case you remember to plan in advance Kosher meat markets close early on Fridays too
  12. radio, I checked with Evan this evening and his bday is in April so I think you might be referring to someone else. But Evan enjoyed his birthday greeting none the less. I know, another raving post about Palena. This time however, I had the pleasure of dining in the back room. As much as I love the front cafe, it is a whole other gastronomic world back there. It is times like this that I wish I was a better writer because I will not be able to do the meal justice. The fact that Evan never let my wine glass go empty will impede my descriptions as well. Each of the three courses had four choices. Since there were four of us in my party we decided to order one of everything off the menu (in true eG style ). We had everything from beet and lobster salad that melted in our mouths to the perfect cube of bacon to two of the best fish courses I have ever tasted. The crispy skin of the fish was the perfect balance to the delicate flesh. This is how fish is supposed to be served. Simple, allowing the flavor of the ocean and particular fish to shine through. Despite the fact that we could feel our arteries clogging with every bite of the bacon, the tripple bipas I will have in 30 years is well worth it. For tonight anyway. My table must have been quite a site a number of times throughout the evening. With each course we would take a bite or two and then pass each plate around the table. Often we burst into fits of laughter because the flavors exploding in our mouths were unreal. If only I remember enough to go into further detail. You should know that we literally licked our plates clean. Which brings me to the cheese course. This was the best cheese plate I have ever encountered. A month ago this would not have meant much but recently I have been lucky enough to enjoy some of the best in the city. Palena's tonight was hands down the best. I wish I could remember all of the names. There was a tripple milk cheese done in a chevre style with goat, sheep and cow's milk. Another from Italy is referred to as the poor man's cocaine. The third was a Tellegio that was sublime. But the best was this tiny little dish of pure heaven. Derek or Carolyn will have to jump in and supply the name. It was creamy and rich and delicate and orgasmic all at the same time. For a moment we joked that we should lick the bowl clean. And then one member of my party did. I could not allow him to enjoy such pleasure without me so I followed his lead. We were like kids with the brownie batter bowl, scraping up every last morsel. There was not a tiny drop left in the bowl. We ended with a cappuccino and espresso. Every restaurant you walk into these days has there own rendition. These however, stood in a category all on their own. The foam on the cappuccino literally lasted more than 20 minutes and had to be eaten with a spoon. This is what they drink in Italy and reminded me that for the most part we drink crap in this country. It should be noted that they were created by a 17 year old high school senior. A lot of us spend a lot of time up front for a good reason. The chicken is sublime and that fried plate is to die for. But just past those strange hidden booths just past the bar is a whole other world of gastronomic heaven that does not get enough attention around here.
  13. Kris, the nabe looks wonderful. What kind of broth do you use?
  14. I drive past it at least once a week and am amazed and a little freaked that you actually went in there. What about the Kantouri. I've always wanted to try it but value my safety more than dinner. I think my standards are probably as low as yours and that block is very sketchy. I know what a burden it can be to have left over stock and would be willing to help out by taking some off of your hands if you need me to.
  15. The need to do a spell & grammer check on their menus
  16. could that be what I think it is......will natto be in our future I'm giddy with anticipation
  17. LIttle wing is right. Kelli does not get enough credit around here for handling all those boys so well! She is so good that most of us don't even notice. Not to mention she puts up with us and isn't even on eG.
  18. No one tell her that Herman's is now a Cosi and American cafe is a TJ Maxx which in the mid '90's was Ruby Tuesday's kind of chain. This favorite sandwich idea would make a great thread in say, the general foods forum, but since our fh started it Reading this thread makes me realize how long it has been since I had a truly great sandwich. Last night I had a horrendous cheddar and tomato panini at Bardeo which reminded me how bad a sandwich can be
  19. Okay, I'll be the first to say it, That [picture is adorable!!! One for the photo albums. I was surprised to see the avocados. Are they common in Japan? Have they worked their way into Japanese cooking. Please tell me you can't get a California Roll over there. I too have a cold and, inspired by your blog, have been drinking miso soup all week. Feel better.
  20. and what about the Copenhagen? Do you think there could be joint custody on that one? It's time to get Evan on here
  21. You beat me to it 'cause I was in class Sushi Ko, which is in between Georgetown and AU on Wisconsin Ave. has excellent sushi. I'd go with the Chef's sashimi plate. It is a work of art. Enjoy your weekend. The weather is going to be absolutely perfect for walking around the city.
  22. JPW, you are my new hero. I have driven by a number of times and always wondered. But too many bad Pho's have made me gun shy. This one is now at the top of the list. If only I hadn't picked up crap from a diner tonight.......
  23. Nabiyaki Udon and an Almond Joy for dessert
  24. Have you been there lately? I have had some pretty bad takeout the past few weeks. I love the sandwiches Italian subs at Literri's and the proscuitto and mozzerella at Cornucopia. The Pita Pan at Booeymonger used to be a regular in my diet but it has been awhile.
  25. Sigh Eating on the Hill. It has always been difficult. The south side, from Mr. Henry's up to 8th has better options than it has in years, but it still sad. Twenty years or so ago there was a pretty decent place on 8th where the Irish pub is called Bookbinders but it is long gone. The revitilzation of 8th street has brought a glimmer of hope, but just a glimmer. Marty's is a good option for bar food, and the El Salvadorean place a few doors down is great. Personally I think BC has gone way down hill since it opened, but that is just me. I know people who have lived on the Hill since the Carter adminstration and they have always gone elsewhere, even to Shirlington, to eat. I agree with Tweaked that the lack of social life on the Hill, other than the bars down by the Capital, is a major part of the problem. The Hill has never been a neighborhood to consider as a place to go to eat. I wonder how much Hill staffers play into it? Those who are being taken out head downtown to Penn quarter. The rest can't afford to eat out and instead spend their money on drinks after work. Who can blame them? Yes, a Ray's/Komi type of establishment would be great, but with the price of rent skyrocketing, it's hard to believe it will happen.
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