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  1. Melange, gorgeous photos of gorgeous desserts! The colorful Payard macarons are enticing....lovely feet!
  2. Alamaaaak! I've never seen a rujak as provocative as that!
  3. I just had breakfast, but your latest is making me hungry all over again! May I request something of you, Tepee? Would you be willing to take a photo of the hawker / stall as well? Just curious to see the street action. Thanks
  4. spaghetttti

    Cucumber cups

    Hi Wendy, Last year for my birthday, I made these cuke cups...they've got cream cheese & tuna seasoned with Old Bay. The labneh and tobiko sounds wonderful, gus_tatory! And, I love your idea of tuna tartare, Wendy!
  5. *Deborah*, swoon!! That's positively stunning! Where can I find the recipe?
  6. prasantrin, yes that's the chocolate in the cream colored triangular box. Lorna, I don't have fleur de sel, but I did a taste comparison with what I do have. I found that the Hawaiian pink and Cerulean Seas salts had a very sharp, clean saltiness. No distinct difference between the two, whereas the Baleine was smooth. All three tasted good with the chocolate, but the crunch of the larger crystals of the Hawaiian pink was most pleasurable. You might be right about the color, too. It's just pretty. How does fleur de sel taste?
  7. Toblerone chocolate liberally sprinkled with Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt. Sweet, salty, crunchy....delightful.
  8. Wow, lezaaaat! Beautiful photography as always, Tepee! More, please
  9. I think fifi's post (the third post in the topic) on the Hash Brown topic sort of answers this. ← Oooh, grated hash browns, cottage fries, pressed potatoes, and even radish hash browns.... they all sound delicious. Thanks so much for the link, Susan! I just noticed people are posting their Dinners! and here we are just finishing up breakfast on the other side of the world! This morning we had slow cooked oatmeal with fried apple topping. The apples were cooked in french butter and have cinnamon, walnuts and almonds. Percy, I want a bite of your breakfast, splendid that!
  10. May I contribute to this thread? We haven't been to our pasar ikan in a while because shopping at Carrefour for fish has become so convenient lately.
  11. We had a whole bunch of bananas, so after making loaves of banana bread, muffins, and fritters, I decided to make barongko. Sort of a mousse/souffle made of pureed bananas blended with coconut milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon. Steamed in banana leaves, it's very light and kind of like a banana tamale?! Sometimes served for dessert, but we had it for breakfast this morning.
  12. Ahem, tidak mungkin sayang. We get our kopi from here. Hmmm, green tea sounds good. Coffee, cigarettes (not for moi), instant mie. I also try to get some nasi goreng or siumai from the carts out in front of the office.
  13. Very lovely straightforward recipe. Thank you so much. I may have to make my own tahina...just a paste from sesame seeds and oil? Toasted seeds or not?
  14. I've noticed that when we're trying to beat the clock, the office is filled with mugs of black coffee and bowls of instant ramen.
  15. The process: blend and throw. I like that!! Builds muscles dat! What seasonings to use?
  16. oooh, I think I know what grill contraption you're talking about...I used to have something that fits that description, my mother may still have hers. I'll check. Back to the eggplants: would char grilling this way be good? What do I do next for that great baba ghanoush?
  17. spaghetttti

    flavored butters

    Oooh, that sounds really good. I'm gonna try that tonight! Thanks, Linda!
  18. spaghetttti

    flavored butters

    I like to make up a batch of garlic, ginger, soy sauce butter that goes really well with grilled fish and chicken. Sometimes I'll throw in some chopped cilantro, too. My family likes cinnamon honey butter for fresh out of the oven breads/buttermilk-baking powder biscuits and pancakes/waffles.
  19. Pein, heheh...I knew what you meant, also remember that I'm in Java, therefore, I drink real coffee...none of that nonsense stuff! SB=Starbucks...which we happen to have here, as a matter of fact, down the street from my office. But you didn't hear that from me, ok? So, should I try the Chik Kut Teh, yea or nay?
  20. I don't even know what that is, (some SB concoction? ) and that's a good thing! Since you promised not to TOTS.... Yes, you can cook with chicken instead. Some brands have a different combination of spices for Chik Kut Teh. Will check out the difference during the weekend's grocery run. ← Thanks, Tepee. There were some packets for Bak Kut Teh, and since I don't do Bak, wasn't sure if the herbs could be used for Chik. I'm right there with you on the aromatherapeutic effects of a chinese herbal/medicine shop. We've been frequenting our favorite sinshe lately, and I always look forward to spending some time in there. Sometimes invigorating, sometimes mellowing...always pleasurable.
  21. Excellent, hzrt8w! I can just imagine how crisp the tofu is! The toppings are exquisite, just a little dip into some kecap....heaven lah!
  22. ^ ^ Those potatoes sound so good. What's the difference between hashbrowns and homefries?
  23. I promise not to THROW OUT THE SOUP, so can we talk just a little about chik-kut-teh?
  24. chan25 and Tepee made delicious looking rendang out of a box. I just saw a slew of Brahim's products at the supermarket and bought some along with a packet of Asian Home Gourmet spice paste for Hainanese Chicken Rice that I plan to try tonight. What do you think of these convenient pre-mixed spices/pastes? Do you like to use them?
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