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  1. Uber latkes! Truly magnificent, Rachel & Jason! Do you recycle schmaltz or is it single-use frying fat? Man, y'all eat good....
  2. You all surely must realize that even though Afterburner started it, this is actually Lorna's long-running blog...perhaps we should change the topic title to ..."What Ling had for dessert...any and all may join in, of course" I love ya, Lorna
  3. Jmahl, your photos and desserts look positively stunning, absolutely wonderful! More, more
  4. Patrick, I definitely have a foot fetish, and those macarons have the most sublime feet! The lighting of the photo is exquisite.
  5. Lynette, a warm welcome to eG and the Breakfast thread! Your kefir smoothie sounds really delish! I'm especially interested in your use of VICO (Virgin Coconut Oil). What health benefits have you gained from it?
  6. Susan, absolutely spectacular! I can just imagine the complexity of flavors and textures: the crisp potatoes fried in goose fat, the luxurious, silky salmon, the cool, smoothness of the sour cream, the snap-crackle-pop of the flying fish roe, oh my!
  7. Michael, the latkes were garnished with skinny threads of garlic chives. I tried the pancakes with just sour cream, just applesauce and then with both sour cream and applesauce. OMG absolutely out-of-this-world delicious!
  8. Well, Bubie Yetelah made some latkes today. Was a little heavy handed with the onions and on the salt, but the cool whipped sour cream balanced out the saltiness. Are these supposed to be good with applesauce, too?
  9. Lieve Klary, All the best to you...you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Daag, Yetty
  10. Jon Lurie gave an excellent ImageGullet tutorial in Tech Support. Check it out, hope it helps.
  11. Percy, love those eggs! The sponge cakes are one of my favorites, I used to get them all the time at the Vietnames shopping center in Virginia...now you've made me homesick! Karen, your strata looks so delicious!! My pancakes came out pretty good this morning, light and fluffy. Swimming in pure maple syrup, topped with buttery toasted almonds. with some luscious mango, the pancakes made for a perfect breakfast here in the rainy tropics.
  12. I wonder if annecros would share her gingerbread recipe that she mentioned upthread? How about it Annie, please?
  13. I concur, Patrick's desserts and photos are exquisite!
  14. I read somewhere that there's a Southern Comfort ice cream, must be good?!
  15. Christmas is my favorite time of year. As Diner Girl says in her "You Know It's Christmas when...." thread, it's all bout the smells, tastes and sounds (and a very touching tv commercial ) When I'm in the States, I always look forward to the See's candy stand at the shopping mall. set up just before Christmas and then gone soon after until the next year. Here in Indonesia, Starbucks is offering the Christmas blend coffee, my favorite supermarket has stocked up on eggnog, and I even saw Coffeemate Gingerbread creamer, which I believe is seasonal, out only around Christmastime. There are candy canes, tree/star/angel/Santa shaped sugar cookies galore. And fruitcake, too! Passing by the Baskin-Robbins counter, I spotted an ice cream confection decorated in Yuletide fashion. What are your favorite "Just for the Holiday/Limited Edition" foods & treats?
  16. spaghetttti

    Dinner! 2005

    Rochelle, congratulations! The kosher dill pickle was a dead giveaway
  17. Susan, I love days like that. May we all have many! I was wrapped in deliciousness at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Sushi Tei. Salmon belly heaven...first as sushi, then served in a simple yet intoxicating soup. The luxurious salmon morsels absolutely melted on the tongue, just like buttah! Salmogasm
  18. Hi, P... you are so kind, thank you for the compliment. This is called Tahu Sumedang, which is a salty, very fragile, light bean curd. It needs to swim nekkid (skinnydippin') in super hot oil for a crispy crust and airy slurpy interior. It really is delicious!
  19. I always take a quick skim through the magazine, but this morning I took one for the team and decided to actually buy the November issue. IMO the food photography is excellent, clean and clear...some are truly drool inducive! The recipes are straightforward, especially nice for me since most of the ingredients are readily available to me. Among all the delicious ideas, the lamb burger on pg. 124 is something I may try to make this weekend, it looks wicked with the beetroot salsa!
  20. Bumping up one of my favorite threads. Yesterday, juicy chicken satay, spicy peanut sauce on top of rice cakes. Today, tahu (tofu), hot and fresh out of the wok.
  21. spaghetttti

    Dinner! 2005

    ^ White comfort food and Wonder bread! Daniel, you are my hero!
  22. Had to be at work early this morning and ordered a grilled nutella & peanut sandwich from the cart out in front of my office building. With a mugfull of hot strong Timorese coffee, it really hit the spot.
  23. We will be having a light fish dinner, and I thought these would be good for dessert with some Vietnamese coffee.
  24. spaghetttti

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    My cousin took me out for a Thai lunch. Everything was amazing. He ordered cashew shrimp, beef with kailan, but I was completely blown away by this steamed fish. The flavor and presentation was spectacular. It came to the table bubbling hot from the charcoal in the lower pan. The succulent tender fish was bathed in a fragrant spicy sweet sour broth. I'm still in a blissful mood after the wonderful Thai iced coffee we had to end our meal.
  25. Oh my word, aliwaks!! Burned, poked & choked (potentially)... No mention of dessert fondue. Anyone partake in the Franklin Mint as Sandy recommended? Can you go just for some chocolate fondue, and/or would it be worth it?
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