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  1. Have a look in RecipeGullet for Indonesian Beef Stew, perhaps it's something you'd consider cooking?
  2. Oh Percy, yummy yummy. We had bizkits!!! These are still nekkid, but believe you me they were generously and liberally smothered and schmeared with New Zealand Anchor butter and luscious strawbery jam. Mmmmm good.
  3. spaghetttti

    biscuits and gravy

    Biscuits and gravy is not a very photogenic dish, now is it? Should this be submitted to that other Dinner thread? I will say this though, it is so tasty and satisfying. The gravy was really good, lots of soul food seasoning, black pepper and onions. The crumbled beef sausage patty was seasoned with aromatic sage.
  4. Good to see you, JustKay....what's the brand name?
  5. Someone just gave me a pretty good cookbook, I'm at work, it's at home....I'll post the details when I get online from home, ok?
  6. Absolutely beautimous, Susan! The photograph and eggs, quite splendid, indeed. What's the (your) secret to perfectly poached eggs?
  7. Mayhaw Man, does that mean that I might be ... ← Hey, I could've posted that! (Except for me--- Washington,DC and Indonesian) Don't exactly remember when we started including it in our holiday menus, but it seems we've always had G B C! So, does that make me ......., too?
  8. Any creamy soup prepared and presented in this fashion here in Bandung is called Zuppa Zuppa. It's very famous and popular now and a very chic dish to order in cafes and restaurants. I've made it many times at home, and learned the hard way...the soup is made in advance, allowed to cool and then topped with the puff pastry before being baked. I've found that topping hot soup with pastry before baking inhibits it from puffing.
  9. spaghetttti

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    Today, started out with some of these rolls. And then, some Indonesian style egg foo yung with spicy tomato sauce, cucumber salad tossed with egg dressing, and a piece of chicken fried fish.
  10. ^ patti, the Tater Tot thread had the same influence on me as well!
  11. spaghetttti

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    Megan, your risotto looks delish. The organization provides catered plated lunches gratis, which we either eat together at a round all-purpose table or at our desks. Basically, it's a rice-and-three meal; sometimes with soup and always with a cracker/chip/crisp. Dessert is usually fresh fruit: bananas, oranges, melons or whatever is convenient at the market and/or in season. Yesterday, it was pulled chicken in soy sauce, fried noodles and capcay - stir-fried vegs. I ate the slice of watermelon first
  12. Melissa, what a great (and excruciating painful & difficult to narrow down to one choice) topic! I did enjoy the alluring, enticing roasted cauliflower thread very much. Somewhat categorized: if I had to chose just one thing to compose my dream day of meals: Breakfast: anything Percy makes, oh man -- those eggs he fries up! Lunch: anything Megan Blocker eats -- she eats well Dinner: anything Daniel makes -- he's the man Dessert: anything Ling eats tied with anything PatrickS bakes -- fantastic Drink: anything Sam Kinsey concocts (and I don't even imbibe ) or everything in hzrtw8's pictorials. I'm in love But, alas my final answer is: The one eGullet dish and recipe that I absolutely adore would be Rachel Perlow's Eggplant Cutlets and Layered Eggplant Parmesan. Whew.....
  13. Elsethread on eG is a topic on Licking the Pot, fuggetaboutit! We're talking serious Lick the Screen for this one. It really looks amazing, hzrt8w!
  14. Shared with my husband an unbuttered/untoasted Breadtalk pannetone/panetonne and hot jasmine tea with scm.
  15. Daniel: I think it's pretty much a common Dutch practice to balance the cookie on top of the coffee to get the caramel butter syrup filling all ooey gooey. Just like Klary does. This morning we're sort of having a long stretched out breakfast. First, we'll be having some fresh cut up tropical fruits (mangoes, papayas and pineapples). Then, I made these pigs in blankies (actually wonderful sage-y chicken sausages). In the oven are some eggs with cheese, cream, tomatoes and fresh herbs to go with the little chicky piggies. Some fried rice with shrimp crackers later on. Beverages today: assorted fruit juices, milk, tea and coffee. All this food? My son is home for the weekend! Alinka, that looks incredible! Russian scrapple?!
  16. Coconut + cinnamon Coconut + cardamom Coconut + ginger
  17. Lorna, your puff looks great and that filling of smoked salmon cream cheese and dill sounds fantastic. Something I'd like to copy if I may Here are some of the puffs I made following Chef Ong's recipe (with a tuna salad filling). I used locally made Carnation brand scm, which is not very sweet. So, the pate choux is excellent for both sweet and savory applications.
  18. Susan, steak and eggs for b'fast, yum! Alinka, that cake looks like it tastes delish! Apple juice and yoghurt with mango for me this a.m.
  19. Lorna, your pie looks fabulous...I want that slice! Breakfast this morning was more like after-dinner dessert. Oh well, it was a good way to start the day. Steamed and sweetened cassava with toasted sesame seeds and drizzle-glopped coconut cream. Beverage of choice this morning: Vietnamese coffee & sweetened, condensed milk with a store-bought Dutch stroop waffle. The cookie sits atop the steaming hot coffee to soften it up a little and to release this fantastic buttery, caramelly aroma that really teases the senses! Have a great day y'all!
  20. <Percy-inspired breakfast> Two eggs: scrambled in my current favorite French butter: salted President, added President Cheddar cheese and topped a toasted slice of Craft Corn bread from the local bakery. Daniel: Beverage of choice - Fresh OJ. Enjoyed while watching Bourdain's A Cook's Tour - Let's Get Lost episode. It's a sunny breakfast for a sunny morn.
  21. ^ Yes, that's their version of tiramisu on the right and the pastry on the left was a chocolate pouch filled with chocolate mousse and black forest cake components. They were both quite good, but the tiramisu was my personal favorite-- rich and light... swoonful after spoonful.
  22. My man, Daniel, never ceases to amaze!! My husband brought home a surprise for me: these pastries from the Airlangga Bakery in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Jakarta. We savored them by candlelight and I'm not tellin' what happened afterwards
  23. Thanks so much, Rachel. Yoohoo, Chris...what's up for the next cook-off?
  24. spaghetttti

    Dinner! 2005

    Joy, joy, joy to the world. Joie is back! Missed you very much. So happy to see you but my heart aches for Noah. Hope he feels well again very soon, and you then can get some rest, too! The chicken chili/stew over rice sounds great! I'm sure the Jello was yummy in his tummy!
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