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  1. oh god - any ideas on a recipe for this? It took me a while, but this looks like what I had...recipe here
  2. fifi, what a great idea. I second that emotion. Santa Ronnie. Santa Ronnie is dreamy!
  3. Oh My Gosh Blog of the Century. Party of the Century. Ronnie_Suburban, Man of the Century. Thank you so much, you are totally awesome.
  4. Hi Shiewie, thanks...loved reading your blog a while back! Stay tuned in Elsewhere... I'll be posting reviews and photos of soon.
  5. anil, thank you..I'll do my best to post on the foods of Indonesia. Currently fascinated with street and hawker-type deliciousness...
  6. jeffj, that was absolutely awesome. I enjoyed reading this over and over again. I've not had a dining experience such as yours but I loved and lived vicariously through your narrative and amazing photos. Kudos to chefg. Thank you, and I with Ronnie_Suburban says, you are my new hero, too.
  7. spaghetttti


    Oh I just can't wait until next summer, when I'll be in New York, city of my heart. I hope that I'll have a chance for an Amma dining experience! Congratulations, Mr. Saran & co. All the best
  8. Ah Christmas aromas, fragrances, smells are my favorite - I remember being served gulab jamuns infused with Grand Marnier - the orange and cinnamon blended well with cloves and vanilla. orange cinnamon cloves vanilla
  9. private formal dining, rather stiff and looked uncomfortable, but had a nice view. I forgot to take photos of where we were seated.
  10. I absolutely adore Indian food. After reading Mr. Suvir Saran's wonderfully eloquent posts and of his restaurant Amma, and the glowing reviews, I hope that when I come to NYC next year, I'll have the honor and pleasure of dining at Amma. Congratulations, Mr. Saran, all the best! We have a few Northern and Southern Indian restaurants here in Jakarta but so far I have only been to Mantra. Although I'm sure Mantra comes nowhere close to the dining experience at Amma, we enjoyed a delicious casual meal here last week. We were seated on sumptious peach colored pillows which contrasted nicely with the maroon silk wall hangings. We started out with warm naan, then came lovely dal, a succulent mutton dish, some spinach and cheese, and tandoor chicken. I wanted to take more photos but I was knuckle deep in the mutton, which was the best dish of all. And I don't really like lamb and mutton all that much. But this was heavenly.
  11. spaghetttti

    Dinner! 2003

    Monday night: Made breakfast for dinner: pancakes from scratch, over easy eggs, beef bacon, Australian grapes, apple juice and coffee. Tuesday night: Tahu telur (a tofu omelette) with a spicy peanut butter sauce, bean sprouts and chopped kyuri cucumber, topped with golden fried shallots and served with krupuk (shrimp puffs/chips) and brown rice. I was too lazy to trim the bean sprouts. We really enjoyed this light meal, especially with the green tea we drank; it was very special, hand shlepped from Beijing by friends.
  12. spaghetttti

    Dinner! 2003

    oh I forgot to post dessert...we had some of this almond crunch I brought home from Trader Joe's - Bailey's Crossroads, Arlington, VA, USA. it's all gone now
  13. spaghetttti

    Dinner! 2003

    Here's what we had: lodeh - vegetables in coconut milk batter fried tempe & some fried tofu mie goreng - fried noodles we also had some very spicy hot sambal, jasmine rice and some fried chicken.
  14. Rachel, love your hair up like that, so pretty. Mmm, I want some of that cornbread.
  15. Hi Cusina, Your son is absolutely gorgeous! I am enjoying your blog very much...that pie looks like it smelled good, too!
  16. Jason, I'm supposed to be fasting, but I'm almost licking my monitor. Everything looks awesome and you do take some fantastic photographs. drooling and misty eyed...
  17. hollywood is dreamy. I love that song
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