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  1. When I was younger, I had never been much of a salad eater, but as time goes on, I realize I can appreciate a good salad every now and then. Salad greens tossed or topped with creamy or simple oil and vinegar dressings can sometimes really enhance my appetite. My favorite is an Indonesian salad of greens, cukes and sprouts tossed in a spicy peanut sauce, in West Java it's called lotek, the running joke in our family is that it may be low-tech but it's definitely high taste . Here it is served in the mortar or coet in which it was made.
  2. I apologize if this one has been menitoned before, I tried searching but couldn't find it. Has anyone tried this before?
  3. ^ Shaloop, that coffee cake is absolutely gorgeous!!! Looks so moist and tender and buttery! You've got me drooling here! May we have the recipe please?
  4. My breakfast sandwich this morning was: Australian chicken paprika loaf, Dutch Gouda cheese, and French butter on an Indonesian hard roll. Beverage du jour was a steaming hot mug of sweetened East Javanese ginger coffee.
  5. I woke up with a hankering for a bowl of something hot and comforting. It sure hit the spot ! Now, I want waffles, burritos, scones, crepes, sandwiches...yummy breakfasts & photos everyone!!
  6. Wow, everyone's crepes look absolutely heavenly! Please forgive my horrible photos, it's been awhile since I've been here on eG and am trying to get back the hang of things. I do so love (making and eating) crepes both sweet and savory. Here's an awful photo of an otherwise delicious spinach crepe that I recently made for a tea time snack
  7. Ooooh, Percy....spectacular as always.
  8. oh my!!! I love gj, and your chocolate ones look absolutely divine!! Thanks so much for the photo.
  9. liv4fud, this is great! I can almost smell the wonderful aromas! Please continue, I'll be looking forward to more!
  10. The latest craze to hit Bandung -- Brownies Kukus or Steamed Brownies. I'm trying to find out the "how's and why's". They're pretty good. Very moist, not fudge-y nor too sweet, heavy and dense. They have a hint of cinnamon. Anyone heard of such a thing?
  11. Yikes!! I've got my head on backwards today, and I'm crossposting to the Dinner! thread (where there are more photos and descriptions), when I should've posted here! Soto Ayam
  12. spaghetttti

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    We had chicken roulade: chickenloaf spiral-rolled up in an omelette. The texture was rich and smooth, rather pate-like. The sambal goreng tempeh was tiny diced tempeh deep fried til crisp then stirred together with soy sauce, golden fried shallots & garlic and spices with some crunchy peanuts tossed in. It's rambutan season...I don't really like them so much, but these were nice for dessert -- sweet and juicy.
  13. My colleague here at work roasts and grinds his coffee beans with slivered ginger. We drink it "tubruk" style, that is -- brewed by pouring boiling water over coffee grounds and sugar -- no milk or cream. It's heavenly.
  14. Toomuchgoingoninmylife....haven't had much time to prepare a proper breakfast. I really miss it, too. I'm so grateful for this thread and am living vicariously through all the splendid breakfasts here, though. My thanks to all of you who have taken the time to share and post your morning meals. Picked up this blueberry / pineapple bread this morning to have with my steaming hot mug of ginger coffee at work.
  15. I recently made and then sent over a bowl of trifle as a food gift to a friend who then served it to another friend claiming she made it. Well, when word got back to me, I just had to laugh... the other friend knew I had made it because she had just received an identical bowl from me as a gift, too!
  16. Austin, I took the picture last night after my husband brought home a couple of the flossy breads. They're available at a chain bakery called Breadtalk here in Bandung. I must admit...I like all breads from the blistery charred naans of India, crusty European peasant loaves to the Southern US traditional baking powder biscuits, especially lavishly slathered with butter. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't love them so much... my waistline doth protest.
  17. Oh-oh, I see that Austin has posted a photo of the same bread on his site...and he thinks it's disgusting...
  18. Hi Abra, I'm very late coming to this thread, and perhaps I'm waaaay off, but could this bread with the fluffy topping be anything similar to what you're looking for. This is one of my favorite rolls -- it has a very soft and floofy texture and the "floss" or fried shredded topping, in this case chicken, when fresh from the bakery is like savory cotton candy. Oh, wait...it doesn't have raisins in it....oh shooot.
  19. Cold and soft? Desserts: puddings and custardy things keep popping into my head. Banana pudding, creme brulee, chocolate pudding but hzrtw8's steamed egg custard is blowing my mind. It looks great to me, what do you think?
  20. Crullers, especially good Mexican/Chinese/Asian ones, are made for dunking into hot chocolate or coffee. Sometimes I dip or swish, but most of the time I slam dunk!
  21. Great looking eggs, Karen and jrichman! Wanting something different for b'fast, this morning I had a ripped hot dog with relish on a toasted, buttered bun. Milk soda to wash it down.
  22. Klary, this is a most amazing thread; as you can see, you have inspired many of us across the globe! This morning was my bitterballen making session. Made with smoked and ground beef, I added tiny shreds of mozzarella cheese, so that first bite gets a lovely string of surprise. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to share and show us the food from your part of the world.
  23. Wow, devlin -- awesome! I am such a lemming. The poached egg sits atop some sweet potato homefries and is accompanied by some beef bacon. As usual, Vietnamese coffee with scm.
  24. What wonderful, perfect pancakes Shalmanese & Alinka! Rachel, I agree with Alinka. Glorious description of a breakfast of my dreams! Have y'all met my very dear friend, crumpy? A creamy Belgian chocolate and hazelnut spread that's delicious on toast. Or all lickety by itself.
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