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Thank you Leslie

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Let me thank Leslie Brenner for answering our questions with great thoroughness. For those questions, we are indebted to the members who asked them. I'd also like to thank Clarkson Potter, publisher of The Fourth Star for their offer to send five copies of the book to members participating in this forum. Names will be drawn at random and recipients of the books will be notified by private mail.

I'm glad to read that Leslie enjoyed this session and I join other members who have expressed an interest in seeing her continued informed and erudite participation in many areas of eGullet. I trust this eGullet Q&A forum will stimulate members to continue thinking about the issues and topics raised and to discuss some of them in related areas of eGullet.

Robert Buxbaum


Recent WorldTable posts include: comments about reporting on Michelin stars in The NY Times, the NJ proposal to ban foie gras, Michael Ruhlman's comments in blogs about the NJ proposal and Bill Buford's New Yorker article on the Food Network.

My mailbox is full. You may contact me via worldtable.com.

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