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Savory Cocktail


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Maybe I missed it mentioned earlier but cheese seems to be a way to go.  A couple of years back a friend of mine working at a high end resturant (that had an extensive cheese selection) as a bartender messed about with some sweeter cheeses. Marscapone, ricotta and the like. 

How about a hot gogonzola, heavy cream and brandy drink?  don't know if I would want to knock back a bunch of these, but...

Not exactly savory; but, one thing I noticed when looking at a website for a local coffee shop, is that they use a blow torch to put a brulee top on some of their coffee drinks.

While using a blow torch in the proximity of liquor makes me a bit nervous, I wonder if you could do something similar with a foam topping on a cocktail? Carmelized true meringue or brulee topping. Be kind of cool, really.

But, then I'm a guy, so stuff like blow torches and flames appeals.


Erik Ellestad

If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck...

Bernal Heights, SF, CA

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