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Vanilla with no alcohol?

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Boiling point of alcohol - 78.8 C

Boiling point of water - 100 C

cooking above 78.8 will eveporate the tiny quantity of alcohol needed to add a vanilla flavour very quickly indeed.

That said, the Quran prohibits drunkenness/intoxication, not consumption

Interesting point, but you have to read THIS to understand why muslims cannot use alcohol.


I apologise wholeheartedly for my ignorance. Would I be right to say that this is a direct application of the exact word from original text, or is it based on later interpretation by scholars?

What you usually see cited in this context are hadith, as opposed to the Quran. The hadith cited on the page Altaf linked to is part of the hadith collection compiled by Abu-Dawud, who is said to have lived a couple of centuries after Muhammad.

Incidentally, though I dont want to go to far off topic, I should mention that many foods and drinks contain trace amounts of alcohol, for instance bread (where it is produced in yeast metabolizing sugars), ripe fruit, and soft drinks.

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