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  1. Going bananas. Entremet composed of: hazelnut dacquoise, caramelized banana cake, banana compote, dulce de leche. All of that is set inside of a caramelized white chocolate mousse and glazed with a milk chocolate mirror glaze. Adapted from recipe here. I made some tempered white and dark chocolate decorations to go along, but I had some bloom and left them out. But I have since further educated myself on tempering and determined to nail it.
  2. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    We've been craving tacos. So dinner tonight was carne asada tacos with lime and chili-marinaded sirloin, cilantro, onion, tomatillo salsa and cojita cheese. The tortillas I just bought off the shelf.
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Oven "barbecued" brisket with bacon chipotle sauce on light brioche slider buns.
  4. Sure, feel free to hit me up via PM anytime!
  5. I was wanting to take the new 100mm macro lens for a spin, but didn't have time for a major project. So I ended up making one of those vanilla "magic" cakes. It starts with a foamy batter with the consistency of egg nog. The recipe worked as advertised, separating into more or less discrete layers upon cooking. But I didn't find the end result particularly magical. Finished with dulce de leche.
  6. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Burgers, custom grind with chuck, sirloin and short rib on homemade light brioche buns with bacon/caramelized onion jam and cheddar.
  7. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Sous vide short ribs with a red wine reduction served on parm polenta.
  8. Sure. There are plenty of variations online that work great. Here's one from Reddit that I've used. 20 g Gelatin Powder 120 g Cold Water 300 g Glucose 300 g Sugar 150 g Water 200 g Sweetened Condensed Milk 300 g Chocolate Bloom the gelatin in the first quantity of cold water for 5 or more minute, then gently heat in microwave until melted. Combine the glucose, sugar and second quantity of water in medium pan, and bring to boil. Take of the heat and add the gelatin mass and the sweetened condensed milk. Pour over the chocolate, and let sit for a couple of minutes. Blend well with an immersion blender to smooth it out. For a white color, add some titanium dioxide. For other colors, use a fat soluble coloring. Be careful not to incorporate air. Cool to 90-95F before using. This recipe makes almost 1.5 kilos. This freezes well. I store portions in vacuum bags, and reheat to about 100F in a sous vide bath or a pot of hot water, taking it out and squishing it to get the temperature homogeneous. If you get air bubbles in it when you reheat, just hit it with the immersion blender again. I've used the recipe below for a salted caramel mirror glaze, which worked fine.
  9. Only because I make mirror glaze in large batches and had it on hand, and I didn't want to shell out for the NH Pectin.
  10. 4mm exactly. A little too thick, I'm going to 2mm next time.
  11. ISO Carrot Cake recipe

    I haven't tried a great variety of CC recipes, and Ruth is totally right about people having different preferences with this cake. But having said that, my go-to recipe is Cook's Illustrated's "Simple Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting." You can make it in the food processor too, which is handy - use it to shred the carrots, wipe it out, swap blades, and then use it to make the batter. I love the frosting recipe as well. The addition of a small amount of sour cream makes the frosting perfect, IMHO. I usually add the zest of 1 orange to the batter as well.
  12. Made a variation of Pierre Herme's Tart Infiniment Vanille. This is basically faithful to Herme's recipe, except: 1) I did not include a variety of vanilla beans, just Madagascar beans, 2) I molded the top in hemisphere molds instead of in tart rings, 3) I used a gelatin-thickened vanilla mirror glaze rather than Herme's NH pectin-thickened glaze, and 4) I used a little more white chocolate in the ganache to compensate for the fact that I was using a chocolate with a lower percentage of cocoa butter (otherwise the ganache would have been too thin). From bottom to top are: pate sucre shell, ladyfinger cake brushed with vanilla syrup, vanilla bean infused white chocolate ganache, dome of mascarpone and creme anglaise, vanilla glacage mirroir. Next, I want to try the Infiniment Cafe tart.
  13. Yes! Except I substituted more chocolate in place of the walnuts. I posted this same photo on my Instagram, and a couple of days later Payard's NYC Bakery reposted the photo (with attribution). I was honored!
  14. I had more apples to use up, so I tried another variation on tart tatin, this time using Christophe Michalak's recipe. Sablé base. Added a little clear glaze for some sparkle.