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Creativity - Is there an expiration date?


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First of all, as a Spaniard living in the USA, I am extremely thankful for your contributions to the culinary world. You are a great ambassador of our cultures. I hope to dine someday in el Bulli.

Your creativity is well known. When you look forward to the future, do you see any limitations? Do you feel that your team will be able to keep up this creativity for years to come?


Alex Prieto

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Two years ago I shot a series of films on “Simple cooking”. They were going to be released in video. Finally they were released in DVD. A little longer, and instead of DVDs we would be using the internet to make the series available. Is there going to be a replacement for the siphon? You never know.

There are brilliant things that last 300 years, 500 years. A fried egg: it’s already present in Velázquez’s paintings. And it’s still brilliant.

It’s rather complex to speculate about time.

Ferran Adrià


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