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  1. Yes! Thanks a lot. A few of these threads are a trip down Egullet memory lane , that is for sure. Thanks again
  2. Hello, Many years ago, I am guessing early 2000s, there was a long thread on pizza dough. A prominent forum member posted his recipe. I think his user name was something like Skilsey, but I must have the wrong spelling because I cannot find it. I used the recipe years ago and it was really good. I have just got an Ooni Pro and would like to make this dough again, but I cannot locate the recipe. Anybody can help me finding it? I have found a couple recipes that look good for Neapolitan Pizza dough, but would like to use this one as well. Thanks
  3. On the other hand, that $50 cookbook will still be usable in 10 years. Whether the app will be is a serious question. Actually, I would venture to guess that the app will still be in the market in 10 years unless the CIA closes. If they have their students use tablets and their textbook apps, they will continue to update/refresh the app constantly. The update might not be free, but I would guess it would be cheaper to buy than a new brand book. I like books, but I believe the publishing world in the Education/Learning niche is going to change completely. If your angle is directed to a specific hardware (iPad) that might not be around in 10 years, that is another story, I do not have an opinion on that. Obviosly, if the app is not developed for other types of hardware and Apple goes down, I could see the validity of the comment.
  4. www.laespanolameats.com might be a good alternative to www.latienda.com I have ordered from La Espanola Meats before and they are good. My only complain is the shipping costs. I leave in MN, so I cannot speak to stores in your area. Do you have a Super Target around? The ones in Minneapolis are carrying a domestic chorizo from the brand Columbus that I really like. Actually, I prefer to cook with this one and eat Palacios by itself with bread...
  5. Thanks I obviously missed Nathanm post. Now, if I can figure out a way to hide the purchase from my wife...
  6. Apologies if this has been said before, but difficult to figure out... When I go to MC site and to the retailers that they listed, the book is not available right now. I do not want to pre order it, but buy it when it is available. Does anybody know when another print will be distributed? Is the demand so high that pre ordering is the only option? Thanks
  7. I cooked baby back ribs twice over the weekend. I used a three step process and I like the results. -Cooked them sous vide at 60C for 24 hours -After the bath, smoked them for about 20 minutes in a Webber grill -After the smoke, seared them in a gas grill, primarily to improve their look. The first batch did not have any spices/rub prior to the bath. The second batch was brined + had a simple BBQ rub. I need to be careful on the smoking step, make sure that I just have enough coals to produce smoke without creating much heat. I will continue cooking ribs this way.
  8. Since this topic is a couple years old, I am wondering if there is consensus now on best temperature & time combination for Baby Back Ribs Sous Vide. Any suggestions? My main SV references (Roca and Keller) do not really mention baby back ribs. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks
  9. Pretty interesting Thom. I do not use Twitter or Facebook, but your explanation makes sense. Thanks
  10. I am not sure how the numbers work regarding members and posts. I do remember that back on 2005, I would quit checking eGullet when I left the office around 5:30 p.m., be back by 7:30 a.m. the next day, and I will have 8 pages of new activity in the forum. Now is 3 pages in the last 24 hours.... Threads that would have brought a lot more conversation, like this one, pretty much die right away. But others, like "stealing produce bags" flourish. Maybe it is not the demise of online forums as it is my own demise in this type of food community. The online content and quality these days on food is a lot higher than a few years ago. I do not remember the thread, but somebody posted a link to a few lectures from Harvard on food and science. That was really interesting to me. In my opinion, a forum like this cannot produce that type of work. I think it is an interesting topic though.
  11. When was the pick of eGullet? 2005? I remember being addicted back then, checking for new posts every 10 minutes at work... I believe the content quality was a lot higher. I come now once every few months and I have not posted in years.... Assuming that I am right, where did all the people that posted in eGullet back in 2005 go? Personally, I cook now more than ever, but I rather spend my limited free time reading good cookbooks that checking out websites such as this one, or MFF or OAD... Even if you just check restaurant and chefs websites, you can access some great content. I am actually surprise that eGullet, MFF, and OAD have lasted this long. Alex
  12. I had cooked frozen pizza and pasta with store bought sauce before, but the turning point for me was rice. Back junior year in college, I filled a pot full of water, probably 10 qtrs, and drop a cup of rice. It did not work out. One of my roommates show me the directions in the box. To my defence, this was in Austria and I did not read or speak German. Anyway, I few months later I was cooking dinner parties for 10 / 12 people with big paellas, tortillas de patata, all kind of tapas... That was a great year for me, a lot of fun. Discovering a new passion is a great feeling. It is been more than 10 years and now is an obsession!
  13. Paltrow has lived in Spain with a host family in the past. She actually still visits them and loves the country. I believe she is fluent in Spanish as well. Regardless her food likes/dislikes, she is a good candidate as a "non cook" co-host. Alex
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried in the past at 40 C for 30 minutes, but that was no enough. After the bath, I stuffed them with some squid ink rice and sauted them.... As you said, I need to increase temperature and time.
  15. I would love to know if somebody has cooked squid Sous Vide. Anybody can give us some temperatures / times? Thanks in advance
  16. I followed Roca's directions in the past and it was fantastic. I believe monkfish is a great example where sous vide technique really helps the fish. I usually seared the fish quickly to add some color and texture after the bath. With the monkfish, I seared it once to taste it, but I prefered it without the searing.
  17. I believe you can eliminate some of the grit by placing the clams in a bowl of cold water with some corn meal in the fridge for a few hours. The clams will open up and "spit" out the dirt. Clams are fantastic, I cook them all the time. Check Spanish recipes for clams in green sauce. Pretty traditional and excellent dish. Alex
  18. Busy jobs, a 6 month baby, and a love to cook at home keeps us away from restaurants. Last time we were at Auriga was probably a year ago. The food was great. Actually, I think it was the best restaurant I have experienced in Minneapolis. Yes, I have not been to that many... There are a couple out there that we need to make it... La Bella Vie and Heartland come to mind. It is sad that they are closing, but I guess I am part of the problem. Last time we went to dinner at a "fine dining" restaurant was 5 months ago. Al Vento, close to our house. And although the food is great, it is in a different league compared to Auriga. We went to Levian as well. I was intrigued and wanted to come back, however the short ribs cooked "sous vide" were a disappointment. How can they be dry? I cook them at home that way and are almost impossible to dry them... Nonetheless, it was in our list of places to revisit sometime. Auriga as well... A dinner for my wife and I in these restaurants is going to be around $125. A visit to Solo Vino, Coastal Seafoods, Trader Joes, and Lunds and I can cook a few great dishes at home for the same price. Yes, I have gone to all those places in the same day a few times... Unfortunately for restaurants, I rather cook. I guess, I do not have the answers to why great places close. Anyway, I wish the owners and employees of Auriga luck in their future. Alex
  19. I removed the all the ribs from the bags, seared them, and we ate. Now I just have some leftover pieces. Thanks for your response.
  20. I have probably missed something in this long thread, but what about "sous vide" leftovers... I cooked short ribs at 60 Degrees C for 36 hours. I have some leftovers, is it safe to eat them the following day? After the bath, I seared the meat. Taste was good, but obviously, it is my first try at cooking and tasting and it was different. The meat was not visually pleasant, but after the searing it looked good. Nevertheless, taste is the most important thing. Anyway, what about leftovers, would they be ok? Thanks Alex
  21. Great photos, I wish I had more time to look at all of them. Thanks Alex
  22. I do not know how you could obtain this book because of your location, but it might be a great research tool. It has hundreds of recipes divided by restaurants. Donosti. Pintxo a Pintxo Pedro Martin is the author. Great photos and a good source for cooking ideas for me. The recipes are quite general, without measurements or times, but a great book in my opinion. Maybe more knowledgeable members of eGullet have their own opinions about the book... Good luck Alex
  23. Thanks for asking, sorry that I have not posted a follow up. The dinner was just great. We had 12 friends dining and another friend helping my wife doing all the serving of food and wine. They also helped me with planting the food. We went to a great wine shop with the menu and they helped us choose all the wines. We had a tight budget for the wine, so most of them are table wines. Nonetheless, they worked quite well. The only one that had a weak reception was the sherry with the soup. I do enjoy drinking it though. I wanted to post some pictures but I am having problems with ImageGullet. Anyway, here is the menu. Some dishes are standard Spanish tapas, three others are inspired by Thomas Keller (pasta, scallop, and beef) Crème Brulee from Michael Symon and the Cheesecake from Marcel Desaulniers. The timing was good starting with the first set of tapas at 7:30 p.m. and serving the deserts at 11:00 p.m. this timetable was more driven by the diners than by my cooking. I could have served the dishes a little faster, but people were having a good time and the breaks were welcome by all. Although I do know that it was a heavy menu, people did not seen to care at all. The only thing that was not eating completly was the crust of the cheesecake, most plates came back empty. Here is the menu (I had some substitutions for a couple vegetarians (e.g. tofu instead of scallops and portabella mushrooms instead of beef): Assortment of Olives, Bread, and Oil with Parmesan Cheese Moreau Blanc France Shrimp Croquette and Rouille, Tuna Empanadilla and Tomato Sauce Manchego Croquette, Zucchini Empanadilla with Spinach Oil Pimientos del Piquillo Stuffed with Goat Cheese Marquis de Perlade Blanc de Blancs Brut France Butternut Squash Bisque Lustau Los Arcos Dry Amontillado Spain Chestnut Ravioli with Fontina and Celery Root Puree Sutton Table Pinot Noir United States Pan-Roasted Jumbo Scallop with Morel Mushrooms and Asparagus Puree Berger Gruner Veltliner Austria Braised Short Ribs, Fall Vegetables, and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes Panarroz Jumilla Spain Vanilla Ginger Crème Brulee Napoleon Dark Chocolate and Pumpkin Cheesecake Smith Woodhouse Lodge Reserve Porto Portugal
  24. Thanks for the comments and encouragement Brian. I am planning in a "thin" version of butternut squash soup. I will be pushing the veggie stock over cream as you suggested. I made the stock with a heavy reliance in carrots and it has a nice orange tone that should go well in the soup. At the beginning, it was the plan to have all the appetizers in the same plate. However, the dinnerware does not allow me to do that without compromising the desire look of the presentation. Looking back, we should have never registered for big dark green plates for our wedding The plates that I have for the 1st appetizer are rectangular and white and would not hold the peppers as well with an appealing look. By the way, there are some nice looking pictures of ribs in your site. Alex
  25. Shalmanese, Thanks for your comments. I agree that the menu is heavy. However the portions will be small. Think about it as a tasting menu. For example, there will be only one large scallop with the mushroom sauce and an asparagus puree. The beef will be served with some potato puree, a couple small roasted vegetables, and the sauce. Piquillo peppers are pretty small. I am planning in about a 3/4 cup of soup. The ravioli are 2 inch in diameter and I will serve 3 per person... Basically, I am hoping that small portions and a variety of wines will make the dinner flow. The creme brulee is just a few spoonfuls of creme and phyllo dough making layers. In the spring and the summer, I could design a lighter menu, however, it is 7 degree F. in Minneapolis right now. Alex
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