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  1. Even if Katsuji statement has scientific truth, he would not even know if the food were seasoned correctly if he did not taste it. He did not have the experience to cook those dishes properly without tasting. I was hoping that he would turn around in the competition, but unfortunately he got worse in my opinion. His statements from last night were just pathetic. The show last night had good intensity. There were no complete disasters like in other episodes, just a poor performance I am curious to know what type of season finale we will have. I thought the final would be working the line, and they kind of did that yesterday. Are there definite plans for a second season? Alex
  2. Thanks a lot for your great reports. I am glad you enjoy Spain. Alex
  3. This was the ground for JP's dismissing once he was up for elimination against the other guy. He did got to that stage of the specific challenge once he did not work harder in helping Katie. The other guy got there for not being a good leader and he survived because the food was better. Was Katie willing to get any help from JP? That is another story. Sorry, Grub, I might sound pedantic. I think you have good points. It was a tough spot for JP. He probably though that being a follower would carry him through the next stage and questioning Katie's judgement would be detrimental. Well, that was not the case in the judges’ minds. The show might have some flaws, but it is entertaining and with longer episodes could be more instructional. I am curious to see your opinion on the following show that aired yesterday. Hopefully, you are able to catch it. Alex
  4. I do not disagree with you completely in your summary. I found the outcome a surprise. However, the judges never stated that the captains would face elimination alone. I think with all these reality TV shows, people assume that all elimination should be similar. In your case, you are assuming that this is like the Apprentice when the "captain" always goes to the boardroom. In Cooking under fire, they have been pretty consistent to eliminate the contestant that the judges felt did the worst (or others did much better) in the challenge. In this case, they felt that the two "finalists" have done poorly. Chef Ming stated that the final product is more important than what happens at closed doors in the kitchen and therefore, JP had to go since his team's food was the weakest. As for your assessment that the women are been favored, I disagree. There has always been a male contestant doing worse than these women cooks in each specific challenge. Your observation does not appear true by watching all episodes, at least not based in the editing that we see. Last night episode had something similar happening. Although one contestant did not complete the assignment (only cooked 2 dishes out of 3), the cook with the worst food was eliminated. The chef with two dishes prepared the best food among all of them. Although the show does not have written rules that have to be followed to the letter, I believe the judges have been fair. Last night’s episode was good although I would have like to see the contestants picking up the fish. Therefore, the judges could evaluate them on their purchases as well. The challenge was difficult. I enjoyed seen the guest chef. He was tough. All right, next week they are in a real kitchen working the line! Intense! Alex
  5. Great Job! This is an outstanding thread. Thanks a lot for showing us your Italian Cooking Year. Alex
  6. Great Blog, and I am quite glad there is a Barcelona soccer fan down there. We have just won the Spanish League a few weeks ago! Alex
  7. ***Spoilers below*** All right, that was good. The editing made it look like Matthew was gone from the beginning. Mr. Ruhlman comments and faces really made it look like that. However, although the show did not portray it, seems that he put it together with the girls at the end of the cooking process. Our only hint was Chef Bernstein stating that she like that team's food the most. I think sometimes is difficult for the contestants to see what the judges are really looking for. I thought the role of JP was to follow, no questions ask, especially with Katie management approach. Nonetheless, this was not good enough and he did not help the team, 86. This one was a tough one, I did not expect this outcome. So I guess that is good for the show. Has anybody read Katsuji bio? Anyway, Fish Market next week. Looking forward to it since I love fish, especially seeing somebody dealing with whole fish. Alex
  8. I dislike to quote myself, but nobody has addressed this question yet. From my experience making aioli, you want less garlic than 8 cloves for that amount of oil and eggs, unless the garlic has been roasted first. Alex
  9. "Makes 1 cup Ingredients Garlic cloves, peeled, about 8 fat cloves Kosher salt, 1/4-1/2 teaspoon, approximately Yolk from an extra large egg 3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil Freshly ground white pepper Juice of half a lemon Hot water, about 1-2 teaspoons (if needed)" Sorry for the quote, but I do not know how to quote from a "closed thread"... Anyway, my question is regarding the quantity of garlic. Isn't 8 cloves of garlic a large quantity for the above ingredients? I enjoy the class, thanks. Alex
  10. It is pledge week at TPT (Twin Cities Public TV). So instead of Cooking Under Fire they had some Time Management Guru. Their schedule for the next show appears to be on June 19th, but is the Terrine show, therefore a repeat... Alex
  11. Nice... Lucky you for getting a half hog from a good farmer and friend. Pigs have to be the most beautiful animals in the World... Alex
  12. Well, even when there were some good suggestions regarding butcher shops in the Twin Cities, I have just ordered some Natural Hog Casings online from this place: The Sausage Source I will keep you posted on my experiments, we have just got a digital camera so hopefully some pictures will follow as well. WolfChef, I think you are located in MN... If you need a volunteer to help you and your friend with the hog, I will be more than happy! That would be an interesting way to spend a Saturday in the fall. Alex
  13. Thanks for the ideas Thanks for the link. Prior to posting, I did a quick search online and found some useful links. Nonetheless, I was trying to see if casings will be easy to find in a local store. The convenience of shopping online cannot be beat so I might just go that route. There are some companies in MN (outside the metro area) that sell online, targeted among others to hunters. Prasantrin, you have just mentioned the best two sausages (retail) in the Twin Cities in my opinion. They are a must on my fishing trips. Alex
  14. AlexP

    Sea bass substitutes

    I took a quick look at the recipe. From my experience with Orange Roughy, you might want a fish that is a little thicker, a fish that might take more beating. Halibut would be my replacement for Sea Bass in the above recipe. However, it is expensive compared to your quoted Orange Roughy price. Fresh cod could be good as well. If you go for Orange Roughy, I would adjust the recipe to account for the lack of thickness. Obtaining a well distributed 3/4 inch thick Orange Roughy fillet might be difficult. Another possibility could be Tilapia, I think it would hold better under the broiler than Orange Roughy. Nonetheless, Tilapia will be the less similar to Sea Bass. Although not that easy to find in American Markets, Hake could be a good choice. Anyway, IMO you will do well with any fish above. Good luck. Alex
  15. I purchased the food grinder that attaches to my KitchenAid. I am looking forward to making some sausages. Although my knowledge is limited, I have some books with recipes. I do know that I need casings Any sources of casings in the Twin Cities? I believe they could be both natural and synthetic. At this point, either option would be good to start with. Thanks in advance for any replies. Alex
  16. Thanks for the explanation. Regarding honesty (above quote), I think your paragraph above describes the show well. What I mean is that the show does not use any of the antics of other reality tv programs. Yes, there has been some arguments among the contestants, but appears that the judges and producers are not trying to force drama. In that sense, the show, the people involved, and their actions appear to be genuine, a rare find in most reality tv that I have seen, that is not much anyway. Alex
  17. Once again I found myself enjoying the show. There was a lot more talk about food/cooking this time, limiting some of the "reality tv" crap. I am wondering what type of information do the contestants have during the competition. Do they have books by the judges? Internet? Their own books? One of the contestants stated that it was obvious that they will be cooking terrines the following morning. Could they have studied prior to the challenge? Some of the cooks looked quite lost and although Mr. Ruhlman was quite helpful, if given the chance, they should have done some research on the subject in advance. Also, most contestants were not taking notes during the explanations. Sometimes I just want to yell, "Get your shit together!" I assume that if I saw the entire challenge I will have a different view, since editing might changed my perceptions. Anyway, I will be cooking a terrine sometime this summer. It is something I have not tackled yet. Next show is teamwork, two teams of three people each. That is going to be good. Alex
  18. I enjoyed the show once again. However I think that the limitation of time (1/2 hour) creates some problems with the editing. I would like to see more explanations on the wines and the dishes as well as more work in the kitchen. With an hour show, the audience could probably learn a few things, at least normal home cooks could. I did learn something about artichokes and wine, and a couple points on wine/food contrast. I was impressed with some of the dishes created within 45 minutes. I would have like to see more of the ingredients available to them. Did they have dough already prepared? A few people had tarts... It was difficult to see this time who was going to be 86s, although they were focusing too much on the guy that actually was. Nonetheless, a few people were way off on their dishes according to the judges.Next episode with Terrines is going to be interesting. So far the challenges are good. I am wondering if the finale would be a cook off in a Chef English restaurant with customers... Anyway, good show once again. Alex
  19. Thanks a lot for the explanation Jesus. I think I would follow the process used by your family if I were in Spain. However, being in Minneapolis I might just tried to find a substitute for the cheese or mature cuajada. I will be in Santander for La Feria de Santiago in July, who knows maybe I give it a try then. Thanks Alex
  20. I enjoyed the challenge of replicating a specific dish. I was a little disappointed that the show spent so much time on the cooks interaction in the bus. That was too much "reality tv" for my taste. I am surprise that the girl that took the dish to the table late was not penalized in some way. I think they cut her some slack, nonetheless I really like her personality and she appears to be quite competent. All right, I understand that sometimes you want to push a little bit, but in a competition like this, do not tell the guess chef that his signature dish is too salty. The competition is already pretty challenging, why do you want every judge angry with you.... Yes, I am hooked! Alex
  21. I have seen two episodes and I enjoy them. I agree that it is difficult to see a favorite or a clear winner. I have to say that the 86s choices were clear. There was not much suspense about who should be eliminated in the two episodes I saw, at least not with the editing done. This should be an hour show!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to the next one. Alex
  22. AlexP

    suckling pig

    This thread might help: Suckling Pig Alex
  23. Yes! I knew you were going to get back at me with the whole "Autonomous Community" Pretty good, I take my hat off. For this dish, I am not worry about what is authentic and what is not, I only care about taste. Jesus, if you can provide a recipe that replicates the taste of Quesada Pasiega, I will be eternally greatful, cheese or no cheese. Gracias Alex
  24. Thanks for the replies. There are plenty of Mexican markets in Minneapolis and Queso Fresco is widely available. So far it might be my best option. Thanks. Alex
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