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100 year old stuffed dates


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oh, , , it's the recipe that is . . .


my grandmother related making this "holiday treat" as a pre-teen - she was born in 1898 - "Christmas" was celebrated with slight differences to today . . .


pitted medjool dates are recommended - due to size and shape.


the recipe is incredible difficult and time consuming . . . NOT!


roasted salted/unsalted whole almonds

as one stuffs, do check the pitted dates for those few that did not get pitted, and more often,,,, a piece of the stem still attached.


stuff the dates with an almond nut, drop into powdered sugar / toss to coat / store in bowl of powdered sugar . . .


here's the remainder of the thousand words:



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I can imagine that being a special, classic dessert. Medjools are very good for stuffing with something savory.

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almost 100% of searches for "stuffed dates" turn up all manner of cheese&company approaches.

these are 'non-ueber stuffed' dates . . .


 old time holiday "sweet treats" - goes along with stuff like "Christmas goose" - a dish rarely done in "modern" Christmas days . . . .

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