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Absolutely Sublime Lunch at Gerard's Place


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Haven't seen too many posts about Gerard's on here. The lunch I just had there was one of the best meals I've had in DC, probably tied with Citronelle for the top slot. Started with the veal sweetbreads with chanterelle mushrooms ($18) which were pretty much perfect. Pancreas, not thymus, just slightly crispy and with a very clean flavor. Better than the ones I had in the slaughterhouse district of Rome.

Had another appetizer instead of an entree (the entrees range from $23-38 at lunch I think) - the seared foie gras with warm peaches ($22). Two big lobes of Hudson valley deliciousness, again just crispy enough, and the peaches went together with them so wonderfully...

The best thing, though, was the fruit souffle ($11) I had for dessert. Perfect texture and ethereally light - I think I inhaled part of it in my enthusiasm. Just the right fruit flavor, with lots of grilled pineapple. I tried someone's valhrona chocolate tart with raspberries, which also captured the possibilities of warm fruit added value perfectly.

I'd say this sodomizes any other DC business lunch option, although Galileo might give you better value. Only downside was the shitty bread service - stale-ish baguettes, no butter knife. I wouldn't go with the $30 prix fixe lunch - the food on it is several cuts below the regular menu stuff.

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I'd say this sodomizes any other DC business lunch option

Yikes... :blink:

Ok, fine, it takes the other business lunch options by the hand and gently shows them how to make foie gras good.

Man, I hope that's not a euphemism, because otherwise I'm really going to miss the duck liver...

"Mine goes off like a rocket." -- Tom Sietsema, Washington Post, Feb. 16.

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I was there about 1.5 months ago by myself for lunch , the food is good.

I had the chilled cucumber soup to start which was a good one but the waiter brought my spoon on a checkbook instead of a liner plate which was terrible :angry:

also its either the chef or the waiter wouldnt do any substitution for my salmon ( I wanted to have some other vegetables instead of baby artichokes) and he gave me a different face , plus my trio of sorbets took almost 20 minutes to get to the table


I hope chef is aware that servers are not doing great job there


General Manager

1122 Ninth Street, NW

Washington DC 20001


202 589 0699

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