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  1. Corduroy is not participating in Restaurant Week promotion. Please make your reservations accordingly. I appreciate your patronage for the past Restaurant Week promotions. Regards,
  2. If this RSVP is for a holiday or a special day(thanksgiving,christmas,valentine`s..etc) , I recommend you book a table a month ago or sooner. for a weekend table a week ahead will be just fine as well as a weekday table.
  3. sorry to say that but Chef Tom Power decided not to extend the RW.
  4. ban starts january 2007 , there you go !!
  5. Currently our new website is under construction. There will be online menu and pictures of the restaurant . Any other questions , please PM me , I`ll be happy to help you about Corduroy.
  6. we have them on the menu at Corduroy. with wilted greens and verjus.
  7. or you can tell your server ` see that table with the kids ? they are my close relatives and they`ll pick up my check ! `
  8. well , most of the people dont eat those garnishes so why bother ? I always like the chefs who keep it simple.
  9. Jenny , How come you have alot of coupons and we dont ???
  10. Restaurant Eve has a bar menu as well which will be a little cheaper . I strongly recommend this place
  11. couple people told me that service is very pushy , hope they improved.
  12. I`ve not tried this place yet , but that salad you decribed sounds same as Panera Bread`s salad. Panera has this on their menu , with walnuts , baby greens,roquefort cheese (as the blue cheese) and raspberry vinegar. strange
  13. they close @ 10 pm , even the bar.
  14. ----------------apple tart-----------------
  15. Yes. ← Oui. ← evet. (this is Turkish means , yes - oui)
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