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  1. Corduroy is not participating in Restaurant Week promotion. Please make your reservations accordingly. I appreciate your patronage for the past Restaurant Week promotions. Regards,
  2. If this RSVP is for a holiday or a special day(thanksgiving,christmas,valentine`s..etc) , I recommend you book a table a month ago or sooner. for a weekend table a week ahead will be just fine as well as a weekday table.
  3. sorry to say that but Chef Tom Power decided not to extend the RW.
  4. ban starts january 2007 , there you go !!
  5. Currently our new website is under construction. There will be online menu and pictures of the restaurant . Any other questions , please PM me , I`ll be happy to help you about Corduroy.
  6. we have them on the menu at Corduroy. with wilted greens and verjus.
  7. or you can tell your server ` see that table with the kids ? they are my close relatives and they`ll pick up my check ! `
  8. well , most of the people dont eat those garnishes so why bother ? I always like the chefs who keep it simple.
  9. Jenny , How come you have alot of coupons and we dont ???
  10. Restaurant Eve has a bar menu as well which will be a little cheaper . I strongly recommend this place
  11. couple people told me that service is very pushy , hope they improved.
  12. I`ve not tried this place yet , but that salad you decribed sounds same as Panera Bread`s salad. Panera has this on their menu , with walnuts , baby greens,roquefort cheese (as the blue cheese) and raspberry vinegar. strange
  13. they close @ 10 pm , even the bar.
  14. ----------------apple tart-----------------
  15. Yes. ← Oui. ← evet. (this is Turkish means , yes - oui)
  16. Are you talking about the Laboritorio? If so, then I would have to agree that it is an experience. There has not been too many positive comments on dining at Galileo in the regular dining room. Has anyone been recently that can comment? ← Im sure Joe H has something to say
  17. you should definitely try Citronelle , and Mark will take care of your wine needs. I`d suggest you try the lobster burger , but I dont think they`ll serve that in the dining room so better stick with the tasting menu
  18. I do not loathe it. But I do feel people do. I am not one of those. The point I was trying to make was after all of these posts, are there any other positives or negatives that really need airing? Probably not. ← It never hurts to know that a restaurant continues to live up to its reputation or doesn't. The fact that the restaurant continues to generate the interest it does makes mewant to try it for myself and choose it over a myriad of other restaurants in DC accordingly. ← Ray's is legitimately very good. Several of its steaks are among DC's best. A scallop appetizer, a Key Lime pie dessert rival the best of any other steak house. This board aside (there are many here who rave about it without realizing there is a significant number of people who are legitimately put off by the restricted hours and the increasing prices-they rail against anyone who is even slightly critical of Ray's), Ray's is operated in a very non friendly user manner. As you have found out and several others in this thread it is very difficult to make a reservation. Two hours a day, four days a week. If you want to cancel, the restaurant will have no idea that you cannot make it since they don't answer the phone to acknowledge your cancellation. They ask you to reconfirm the day before but this, also, is very difficult since we once again have the two hour window with the always busy telephones. Regardless of the half dozen sycophants on this board Ray's has as good of a steak as there is in the metropolitan area of Washington. There are also excellent sides, exemplery first courses and a Keys class dessert. It also has the most user unfriendly reservation system of any restaurant that I have ever been to, El Bulli and Eiginsinn Farm included. I believe there is an arrogance associated with this that I find unacceptible. There is also some kind of belief that someone who reserves for an earlier table, by definition, should be gone within 90 minutes. This comment is not a problem except that Ray's has some entrees that are $30. Many on this board have rejected my criticism and attacked me. It doesn't matter to them how many restaurants I've been in or how old or sophisticated I am. I, simply stated, am the enemy for criticising their icon, who posts on this board and religiously responds to every criticism. For me, Ray's is not a restaurant that I would invest in. For me, the customer is the single most important person who will ever walk through the door. I will do everything in my power to make my restaurant user friendly to him. Creating a reservation system that is virtually impossible to access, a seating timeframe that limits to 90 minutes and rejecting groups of more than four prior to 7:00PM is simply suicidal for someone hoping to operate a restaurant that is enduring and capable of expansion. So, there will be a host of responses from people on here attacking me for saying this. Still, no one is listening to my, your and other posts: they can't get through to make a reservation, or they have a bit of difficulty in understanding that they MUST be out in 90 minutes. Sycophants rule. But is this good business? I think not. And the real loss is his food which is among DC's best. I just hope that down the road, a few years from now, Michael stops and listens to what people are saying: a restaurant MUST be user friendly and accessible. No matter how good the food is. He's building a very user unfriendly reputation that does not bring people in when others do not show up for reservations. He has empty tables from people who cannot call and tell him they cannot come. There is no opportunity of a last minute reservation or of someone coming in off of the street in Arlington, curious if a table might be available-there is very little foot traffic there. The criticism in Tom Sietsema's chat and elsewhere is legitimate: there is an arrogance associated with Ray's that he only reaffirms with his reservations policy and his cafeteria quick service. He does not market to those who traditionally go to a steak house, whether the business dinner or a roup out for a night on the town. He has a different approach. My personal problem is that I believe he is still, a steak house. And very, very user unfriendly despite what the many on this board say. If I were a partner in his operation I would have a major disagreement with him on how he operates his business. He would point out that he is in this on his own, its his own money and he doesn't care about my opinion. I would add that he doesn't care about all the negative publicity that he is receiving from his overly restrictive operation which can be the death march for many restaurants over time. He and others on this board will remind me that he is able to have such restrictive operating hours because of his success. I merely ask how enduring this success is? The real loss is what he serves: he is making it unavailable to the general public. ← Joe , every time you post you are saying the same exact things, which you repeated the same exact ideas 3 times in this post too. I hope you are aware of this.because after some time these are not making any sense , at least to me . no offense please .
  19. strongly recommended : lobster burger !!
  20. I had a lobster burger as my dinner from Michel Richards hands.
  21. he has some of the `monkfish liver with ponzu sauce` that is not on the menu (you should ask), I strongly recommend.
  22. I`m going there on sunday night for a tasting menu , I`ll let you know what it looks and tastes like
  23. fero style

    Oregon Pinot Noir

    Cristom is making killer wines too .
  24. Jarritos , lime flavor , when it is chilled enough in its own glass bottle , no drink is better to me.
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