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  1. Had dinner there on Sunday. The antipasti were excellent and the staff very gracious. Definitely the best bet in the Hopkinton/Southborough/Westborough area.
  2. 1) L'Espalier. 2) Clio, Mistral, No. 9 Park. 3) Craigie St. Bistrot. 4) Hey, Charles. Might you have freelance time for a few drinks?
  3. Bonefish started in Florida and is rolling out in other areas as a JV between Outback and the original founders. They have about 65 restaurants, mostly still in the South but recently expanding as far North as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Apparently it's been quite successful, focusing on suburban locations where there's little competition at the upper-middle market level. One of their distinguishing features is very extensive (for the segment) server training. Apparently, there's a 13-week course and a requirement to eat through the whole menu and taste through the whole wine list before being allowed on the floor.
  4. Does it have to be all at once? I would like a cold La Chouffe right now. My local stopped carrying it on tap and I'm jonesing.
  5. Unfortunately, yes. This whole debate reminds me of the fight over mandatory helmet laws for motorcyclists. Crying "nanny state," bikers have managed to get them repealed in a good number of jurisdictions. Fairly predictably, according to a recent study, motorcycle accident fatality rates have since jumped over 80 percent. Fair enough, say the "libertarians," so what? It's a matter of personal choice and, possibly, an example of Darwinism (or Intelligent Design, if you prefer) at work. Ah, but wait, say the "nanny staters," guess what's more than doubled as well? The cost of hospital treatments for motorcycle injuries, much of which isn't borne by those free-spirited individualists with the wind in their hair, but by us schnooks doing 45 down the highway in Priuses full of the squealing next generation. Why should we underwrite your Easy Rider fantasies? Who's right? I don't know. What's the moral of the story? I don't know. Maybe the government should buy fat people motorbikes. Will that do?
  6. Where is this new Thai place of which you folks speak? (First one to say "upthread" wins a knuckle sandwich.)
  7. I happily endorse JPW's opinions above with the exception of his take on Mandalay, where we part company a bit. I agree that the menu isn't really as long as it looks because many of the, for want of a better word, "curry-like" preparations are substantially similar. But the salads are great -- particularly the green tealeaf salad and the utterly addictive springroll salad -- the noodle dishes rarely disappoint (try the room temperature preparations and order them spicy, if you dare) and the special basmati rice and onion gravy-smothered chicken is the only thing that can occasionally tear our lot away from 2 Amys for Sunday lunch. It's also cheap and kid-friendly.
  8. Yo, Bussy. According to this authoritative source, "jimmies" can mean rather different things to different people. So which would you prefer your guests to bring along, then?
  9. Hello all. Longtime urbanite, most recently ex-DC, soon to transfer to the Boston commuter belt. Haven't been able to find much discussion of anything West of Blue Ginger on the board and wondered if anyone had any local favorites to recommend. Have heard good things about Oga's in Natick and one friend talked up Sky in Sudbury. Own experience so far limited to a decent dinner at John Stone's in Ashland. Ambitious pub food and good beer on a pleasant patio.
  10. You could try Oya (Warning: utterly vestigial Web site) in Penn Quarter. Very new and LA cool. Good (red crocodile skin) bar. Haven't heard much about the food yet, but the chef has chops. Or IndeBleu just around the corner. Also high on the style quotient.
  11. Did some booze shopping in Magruders today. Not wildly impressed with the wine selection, though the beer lineup was more fruitful. Snagged a couple of cases of Eggenberger Hopfen Konig, my favorite pils. On sale, too. Otherwise, just an observation: I believe Magruders may have the most superannuated clientele anywhere North of the St. Petersburg Publix.
  12. Was up in Wheaton today and had lunch at Sabang. As we were in a hurry we went for the buffet, a bargain at $8.95, and with a little judicious winnowing it is quite good. Best bets seem to be the Beef Rendang, Fish in Yellow Sauce, Bihun Goreng (fried rice noodle) and Chicken in Hot and Sour Sauce. The shrimp weren't great, neither were the loempias (egg rolls) and the gado-gado (vegetables in peanut sauce) was watery. My wife liked the Tofu and Eggplant curry, but I don't touch that stuff. My body is a temple. Full of assorted flesh. We'll have to go back for the full rijsttafel to really see what the kitchen can do. Hard to beat 16 courses at $48 for two. Edited to add: Oh, forgot to mention that I had the Banh Mi combo at An Binh the other day. It was amazing. Once a week from now on!
  13. So it'll feature smelly tramps pissing in the corners, a carpet of loose Burger King wrappers and several furtive chickenhawks cruising for scrawny teenage runaways? Sounds like a fun time.
  14. Might this be the very first fern bar actually located on a Fern Street?
  15. Yes, it still gets very full in the evenings. They are now averaging around 1,000 covers a day, which is some going for a place (and kitchen) that size. However, if you are willing to consider lunch on the weekend, things are more manageable. Either go around 12:00 or after 2:00 and you should be able to walk right in and sit down.
  16. But then Corduroy would also be cheek-by-guanciale with 2 Amys! That would present a major dilemma.
  17. OK, If we're going to be picky, that's WaGYu. As in: "Very witty, Stretch, you wag you!"
  18. Sound good. But were they serving any of these? "The Old Homestead Steakhouse (7501 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda; 301-654-2006), which opens this month in the Chevy Chase Bank Building, hopes to outshine everyone with a $65 surf ’n’ turf 'burger' composed of sushi-grade tuna and Kobe-beef patties topped with foie gras and served on a brioche with three dipping sauces: horseradish aïoli, Champagne mustard, and Cheshire cheddar." (Source: Washingtonian Magazine) All on the same bun? Burp...
  19. 2 Amys. A Margherita and a homemade ice cream. Mmmm.
  20. Yes. Especially for deep-fried squid. The appetizer calamari is better than the entree squid with basil, though. Get two orders and be very happy.
  21. Try Ruan Thai for real mom-and-pop Thai cooking. It's on Amherst Ave. off University Blvd on the left. Pho Hiep Hoa, just on the other side of the gas station, is also worth a look-see.
  22. I wonder if they're going to do the $41 burger and $19 hot dog at the DC location? I've always wanted to try the footlong.
  23. I'm guessing they regionalize their menus a good bit, too, as the Cluck-U down the road from me in DC proudly advertizes a $3.99 "BUCKET O' GIZZARDS" special that I'm not sure would sell that big in New Brunswick?
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