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  1. It is open for lunch. We stopped in today and, for the most part, I'd echo what Rhodegirl says. A decent neighborhood place. The atmosphere and menu are bare-bones bistro and the cooking seems competent. Pissaladiere Provencale was good, steak frites, onion soup and dessert crepes were fine. A limp, Wonder Breadish croque monsieur was the only real disappointment. According to the waitress, they are open "all day, every day" and have been filling up most evenings on word-of-mouth in the surrounding area. The owner is the former manager of Bistro Francais and just about everybody else, including chef and sous chef, jumped ship from Lavandou. In general, I'll happily go back when I'm in the area, but I wouldn't drive across town.
  2. I like Bistro D'Oc. It's a couple of blocks to the West, across from Ford's Theater. Or Poste is right around the corner and worth a visit.
  3. I suspect that, in this context, a "neo-Communist" is probably a restaurateur who unconscionably discriminates against rich wankers by maintaining a first-come-first-served reservations policy allowing any oiks to occupy tables that, by God, would have been set aside for their betters at The Palm. DC, in general, just doesn't seem to do egalitarian all that well.
  4. Think Landrum's leveraging the Ray's brand? You should see where Wabeck's taking his. It's all about hooking them young.
  5. Apropos of nothing, that odd little bit of fish wrap that comes in the Sunday Post amongst all the coupons -- Parade Magazine is it -- had a sort of photo essay on "What People Earn" this week. (Its conclusion, shatteringly, was that their highly unscientific survey "underscores the huge rift between celebrities and the rest of us." They're, like, all famous and rich and stuff.) Anyway, among the hundreds of little mug shots was one captioned 'David Alexander, Restaurant Owner, Washington DC' -- who reported his take-home as $130,000. So they must be selling some beer.
  6. Anyone think Sietsema is compensating this week for his rush of blood last week? Etrusco got three stars on a two-star review and Oakville Grille got one star on a two-star review. Karmic balance restored.
  7. Getting back to the food at RFD, I have eaten it a number of times and, each time, no matter how drunk I have managed to get beforehand, it has sucked. Even though, thanks to the magic of eGullet, I now know that anecdotal evidence does not universal causality make, I also know that I am not willingly going to eat there again.
  8. I guess that's it for the Library of Congress then. Sorry you got hosed, but on the upside 80% of random blog commenters prefer Corduroy to Booeymongers!
  9. Galileo grill's cooking every day for the rest of the week. Opens at 11:45. Ish.
  10. What's wrong with boiled meat? (Disclosure: Poster has admitted English antecedents.)
  11. Downside of recent USA Today write-up: 20 minute wait for table at lunch today. Nearby streets choked with Virginia license plates. Upside of waiting: Fried dough "pancakes" with lamb meatballs and spicy sauce. Wild boar sausage pizza.
  12. Cool. I'll bring the baby, the stroller and the shopping bags. You guys don't mind, right?
  13. It's my impression that Sietsema has long been an admirer of George Vetsch. He championed the African place on 18th St. that Vetsch was involved in, though he couldn't save it from the curse of Lauriol Plaza.
  14. Someone also mentioned a Vietnamese place in the office park across from Tysons II. Said they do a killer black pepper chicken. Ring any bells? Edited to add: Probably Taste Of Saigon. Which does feature in the Washingtonian guide to Tysons that I just found. Though I am moved to read cautiously any article that opens with: "Like Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Tysons Corner is a mythical place."
  15. Occasionally my usual strategy of dogged passive resistance fails to head off the mall urge in my better half and I get dragged around the beltway to the man-purgatory that is Tyson's Corner. Adding insult to injury, we then usually end up eating lunch somewhere serviceable but anodyne like Chipotle or Silver Diner through sheer ignorance of the other options in the area. I assume there are many better choices there or thereabouts? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  16. It's kitchen cockney rhyming slang. "Chicken in aspic," often abbreviated to simply "aspic"="Prick."
  17. Short doesn't bug me, as long as it's skirts we're talking about.
  18. Screw coats and ties. I'm more worried about this. "Arlington, VA: Why NOT write about some of your bad experiences? They may be as helpful (or more so) than the positive ones. Tom Sietsema: Because they are backstage stories that don't affect customers. Like the chefs at a well-known restaurant who have sex in a walk-in cooler -- THAT kind of thing."
  19. I think you're probably right. They're targeting a June opening, though, so that new construction where the old parking garage used to be is going to have to be pretty speedy if that's the case.
  20. The details of Dogfish Head's expansion plans in DC.
  21. I'm with you on the Amatriciana. Fry bacon (or, better, pancetta), soften onions in the fat, a dash of red pepper, add some diced tomatoes, simmer until thickened, serve over bucatini if possible with grated parmesan or grana. Wonderful.
  22. At least that's a better bet than our current choices like Cap City or Gordon Biersch, which are odds-on to blow chunks.
  23. There's nothing wrong with their food philosophy either. From their Web site: "We at Dogfish Head believe in using the freshest, healthiest ingredients we can obtain. For the past couple of years, we have searched to find certified organic farmers, local custom growers, and environmentally and socially responsible aggregate business people. It is unfortunate that these people are so rare because we are convinced that foods produced naturally not only impart exceptional flavor, they promote healthier living. Following is a list of some of the people we believe are doing a great job. We give them our full support and hope that you will, too! Lewes Dairy supplies us with our dairy products from milk to butter. Bob Russell, custom grower, supplies fresh herbs, lettuces, and vegetables from nearby Ellendale, DE. Davidson Exotic Mushrooms provides portabella, shiitake, and enoki mushrooms as well as sun-dried tomatoes. Oby Lee Coffee Roastery in Lewes provides the coffee for our restaurant and the Organic Mexican Coffee for our Chicory Stout." Hopefully they'll do the same with suppliers in the DC area.
  24. Will I get beaten up if I say Houston's? Nothing spectacular, but generally solid.
  25. I notice the first Dogfish Head Brewhouse in the DC area is to open in ... Silver Spring, Maryland. Man, with Ray's Classics down the road and good beer just around the corner, the Stretchman is going to be loving him some life.
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