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  1. I ain't saying how I knows this, precisely, but it has come to my attention that Chick-fil-A is now dispensing something suspiciously like a chicken miniburger. When an infection jumps the species barrier, doesn't it threaten to become a full-fledged pandemic?
  2. This West Coast outfit now has seven locations in Maryland and ten in Virginia, but if you're in DC then, like me, you likely wouldn't have known it as they're all in the outer 'burbs. Since it's big-box shopping time right now, though, it'd be pretty easy to arrange to be somewhere near one around lunch time sometime this weekend. But is it worth the gas? (In the car, not in me.) Have to say the Royal looks OK right now -- on the principle that nearly anything can be improved by topping it with a fried egg. And some folks sure seem to like their burgers, judging by the 500 percent increase in their stock price, even if some of their corporate philosophy is, well, a little lame. So, would you hit it? Should I?
  3. Just two things to add: 1) Pistachio bread pudding. 2) Donnhoff, Oberhauser Brucke, Riesling Spatlese, 2000. Retail +- $40. Corduroy $31.
  4. "Hands-free," eh? What, exactly, were they dipping in it?
  5. Here's the Post review online. I imagine the Mandarin PR folks will be able to do a fair bit with sentences like: "If you really care about food, you owe yourself an evening at CityZen." Me, though, I think I'd just crop down to: "'Better than sex' -- Tom Sietsema."
  6. I told you that Donnhoff was dodgy. Thanks for the memories, Rocks. Next time I’ll save up the Wallace and Grommit until I’m sitting in your nice, clean car.
  7. "Seriously, Tom, there must have been over 100 flies" swarming all over the bar at Palena? Indoors? In December? In Palena? Perhaps they were attracted by the fact that the poster is so clearly full of shit...
  8. I assume there'd be a picture of Paris Hilton next to the definition, if somebody did?
  9. I am so watching this. I only hope they haven't edited out all the swearing, or the savor will be lost.
  10. I know this thread is about English speakers slaughtering other languages, rather than the other way round, but these menu gems are really too good to pass up. Some other tasty sounding treats, for your delectation.
  11. They're going to sell dope, too? Better and better. But then it should be called BlackTar, surely? (This post will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1. And don't call me Shirley.)
  12. Sure, but will there be miniburgers? (More seriously, any thoughts of allowing corkage from Bassins next door? That would rule.)
  13. I guess they're covering all the bases. www.mandalayrc.com also leads back to Burma.
  14. I can probably make it. There's a thing at the Fairmont later on, and that's pretty close by. Am a bit worried about forfeiting my Socialist Workers Party membership if I'm seen with you two running dogs, but guess there's always limousine liberalism to fall back on...
  15. Eh, Denny's (not that Denny's) Beer Barrel burger would still spit in big Neb's eye and call him a Babylonian bitch.
  16. How thin can we split this hair? I think if you get just one then it's just a burger, albeit a small one. "Miniburger" implies multiples constituting a single serving, surely? I do like "semiburger," though -- it's the 1% milk of meat patties!
  17. I can say it. I have never had White Castle. And I can't believe no one has mentioned this movie yet. The scene at the end when they chow down is pretty much the money shot of modern miniburger cinema.
  18. I concede the point. They ARE everywhere. Can some sort of Pied Piper of Hamlynburger not be found to lure them all into the Potomac to float off somewhere really backward where they'll be hailed as the vanguard of a rising, new, miniaturist cuisine? Perhaps Delaware? (Edited to add: I deeply respect the proud State of Delaware and happily pour my toll money into its coffers each time I wish to traverse its majestic gray freeways en route to the earthly paradise of Northern New Jersey. OK, not happily. But still.)
  19. Yeah, there are a lot more flat, grilled small treats on offer these days than round, deep fried ones. I wonder why that is? Probably something to do with the law of suppli and demand. (Man, when you're on, you're on! Woohoo!)
  20. OK then. Let's count how many places are shrinking the burgers, honey. Off the top of my head, I make it: Matchbox, Jackies, Poste (sort of), Tallulah and that crappy golf-themed place in Bethesda that my numbnuts Jayhawk friend likes so much. Does that qualify as an infestation? By the way, AOL CityGuide (yeah, I know, noooooobs) is running their annual Best of DC poll right now, and if you don't go vote for Colorado Kitchen for best burger then the drunk college kids are gonna end up sending innocent tourists to Lindy's and The Tombs again. Do you want that on your conscience?
  21. I'm with you on the Royal Mile. A colleague and friend of mine lives close by and we often end up sinking a few there when we visit her. I confess to never having eaten their food, as we usually gravitate to Hollywood East across the road or Dusit around the corner, but from what I've seen going by it looks like a solid pub repertoire. Nice crowd, too. Off topic, but speaking of local favorites, did the Anchor Inn actually close? I thought that would be there forever.
  22. Just goes to show, our DC Blackie's has, well, hung on longer than your Virginia Whitey's.
  23. This isn't a listing by any definition of absolute merit, is it? Or in any strict order? Because pleased as I am to see a solid South African bottle like the Glen Carlou Chardonnay (#21) up there, I will happily trade you the case of that I have in my basement for your case of the Leeuwin Art Series Chard (#24). Call me. Anytime.
  24. Ah ha, further evidence of the ubiquity of the miniburger. ← AAAAHHHHH!!!! Down with Mini-Burgers ← Not my department, but I hear this town is full of tiny wieners, too.
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