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  1. Can't claim it's "exceptional" food, but for a group that obviously has means, Charlie Palmer Steak is walking distance from the hotel, has a great view of the Capitol at night, a nice wine list and is open Mondays. They're also used to handling large parties, as they're a big lobbyist/politico schmoozing destination. Bistro Bis is even closer to hand, literally around the corner, though you'd want to check that they could handle your party all at once.
  2. On the sample menu in the window for P Street Bistro I saw a listing for grilled mahi-mahi with a banana vanilla cream sauce. Bon Apetit ← Yes, but is that proceeding from the bistro tradition or the cafe tradition?
  3. Palena's patio was the place to be today. Warm sunshine, warm welcome. Wholeheartedly recommend the deconstructed salmon "caesar salad" and the blood orange and prosecco "bellini."
  4. Tom says Cindy Wolf has another good thing going on. "Compelling recipes, a handsome space, service with a smile -- a meal at this "grand house" adds up to a transporting evening. A class act in spite of its youth, Pazo wears its name well."
  5. I thought that one was kinda weak. Would have been more mileage in digging into why exactly PC has become a such talisman of home for Central Americans, rather than superficially batting around the company's plans to go mass-market. Didn't have his usual flavor.
  6. Here's a sample menu, though it's probably not the very latest one. You can see more-or-less where they're coming from. As far as general impressions go, there were just a few meals in a row where it didn't seem the kitchen was trying very hard. Sloppy execution. Unmemorable food for the price point. This was a while back and, I'm pretty sure, prior to the arrival of the current chef. I don't get that impression anymore.
  7. It's expensive but, at least the last two times I've been, good. For a while it was expensive and not so good, which was not so good. A very nice bar to hang out and have a few bites at, too.
  8. Saw this place the other day on the way down to the weekly swollen artery biathlon at Taqueria Poblano and Cheesetique and idly wondered what it was like. Now know. I love eGullet, and Cheesetique, and Jill (in a platonic, cheese-mentor kind of way, obviously), and Del Ray. Couldn't have found it on a map six months ago, now may as well just move down there.
  9. Must add a recommendation for the "steak and eggs" if you see it on the bar menu at Palena, as it was at lunch on Saturday. A chunk of Snake River Farms flatiron (They also get the paleron from time to time, according to the head man himself. Oh, I'd love to be there when he makes daube) -- rosy and tender -- in a Roman sauce of pinenuts and spinach with a poached egg on the side. Wolf the steak, pop the yolk, let it all the good juices mingle gently and sop up the delicious remnants with their fantastic sourdough. Also managed a minestrone and a full order of the fries, though Jeff did tactfully try to steer me to a half portion. Swore I'd never eat again. But then some VIPs arrived and we got donuts and hot chocolate. Totally smashed those out, too.
  10. Maybe I'll have to start ordering Gragnano, as the bad news is they can't get La Chouffe in any more. Some kind of customs hassle. Do have Moretti on tap now, which is at least Italian, if a bit bland, and have just added Paulaner Weissbier. I'm not entirely sure about hefe weizen with pizza, but am of course willing to give it a go in the interests of science.
  11. Is that anything like Droit Du Seigneur?
  12. Depends on how you define "dumpy." If 6'3", 210 lbs and a size 46 jacket is dumpy, then yes. ← Stallion alert, ladies. And he's single!
  13. Ray's has no bar, or tender. My uninformed guess is the puker was at Tallula.
  14. Isn't talking about how well you tip somewhat akin to talking about how well you, well, you know...
  15. ABNORMAL, adj. Not conforming to standard. In matters of thought and conduct, to be independent is to be abnormal, to be abnormal is to be detested. Source: THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY, Ambrose Bierce, 1911.
  16. If you want to stay on the train for a few stops, Oriental East in Silver Spring is pretty good. It's about 2 blocks down Colesville Rd. from the Metro station, across from the NOAA building.
  17. Is that anything like a Womble?
  18. Good to see a woman like Ris Lacoste -- who has done well for herself in a tough, often macho business -- making a concerted effort to mentor (womentor?) other women and help them to succeed. Not qualified to comment myself, but my wife tells me that that is, sadly, more rare than you might think.
  19. I think from the perspective of the keen amateur diner, the interesting thing is not that the gent in question chooses to spend $50,000 a year eating out, but that he chooses to spend it on repeatedly eating roughly the same things, however well prepared. And that certainly implies, to me at least, that the motivating force behind the behaviour is psychological, rather than gastronomic. The article is great, though. A charming picture of a charming eccentric. This is why Kliman so clearly transcends the regular "the fish was moist, the decor was tacky, the service was sufficiently obsequious" school of food writing and criticism.
  20. Todd Kliman liked Bangkok 54. Rocks, did you ever get to give it another go? http://restaurants.washingtoncitypaper.com...p?week=20050325
  21. If you do the Cathedral, don't forget to impress the kids by pointing out Darth Vader. And try save some room for the blood orange panna cotta at 2 Amys.
  22. Actually, there is a dumpy, balding man inside Rocks trying to get out. The guy sat too close to him at the bar at Marcel's one night and kept going on about how he couldn't stand "that sugary riesling crap." Two bites was all it took...
  23. Edit: Not funny, or clever.
  24. I enjoy brunch at Bistro Bis. It's serene -- good if you're carrying a big hangover -- they don't bat an eyelid when you order copious amounts of hair of the dog and the menu isn't too "breakfasty." Not cheap, but usually good.
  25. OK, that they do not mention on the Web site.
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