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Chilies/Chilis/Chillis/Hot peppers: The Topic


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Update on my NM chiles. The mysterious bag of peppers labeled Anaheim made it back to CA in excellent health. They don't look like CA anaheims, although I don't think I've bought any anaheims here for decades. The were meaty, dark green and flat like a poblano, but longer and less triangular. We roasted them on the grill, peeled them, etc. Generally they were mild but a couple of them had more heat. The flavor is nice. I froze them in small bags. I think the best benefits will be gained by mixing them with the frozen very hot Hatch chile. My plans for the next week include making a green chile stew: pork shoulder, potatoes, light chicken broth and chiles to taste. Very traditional. If only I had some fresh warm sopaipillas and some pueblo honey to go with.


Note to @Shel_B: Our Airbnb was in Velarde, north of Santa Fe. The Ohkay Owingeh pueblo is just down the road. Our host gave us a jar of Ohkay raw honey from the pueblo called  RZ's Bees. It was thick and delicious. That's local honey for you.   








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