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I hate sweet and meat.

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Filipino food is famous for pairing fruit with meat, much less sweet stuff with meat.

To wit:

menudo -- ground beef, vegetables (typically carrots, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and chickpeas) ... and RAISINS. I've seen a version with turnips and golden sultanas. My mom uses Sunkist regular.

embutido -- think of your basic meatloaf, in a rolled up version, stuffed with hard boiled eggs and veggies, and you guessed, it, raisins.

lumpia -- the fresh version is usually paired with a sweet plum sauce.

talong omelette -- this is an omelette made with a Japanese eggplant, with or without the addition of ground pork or beef and minced garlic, usually paired with banana ketchup (substitute regular ketchup)

there's more, but these are just examples.

don't get me started on the use of SPAM and fruit. that's a whole other subtopic. :blink:


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I think I have an entire cookbook of meat with fruit. Middle eastern versions are a favourite. Pomegranates - mmmm. But one thing to have with duck that's fruity but not super sweet is that balsalmic vinegar with fig in the yellow bottle. Lucy's?

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