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  1. The Chase credit card notwithstanding, Bourdains show is generally 99percent so enticing Lets face it Tony has the career most food oriented people dream having. After each show I find myself saying wow if only I had a list of the places Bourdain ate in, it would make traveling so much more fulfilling. I spent two weeks in Turkey and while I had decent food, it didn't compare to the offerings on No Reservations.
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    Sorry. Just took another look and I see they indeed do their burgers just the way I love them.
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    The menu looks awesome; well thought in terms of classy and flavorful burger selections. Even though I am in Sussex county it seems like it would be worth the time to eat there. Do u know if they do their burgers medium rare?
  4. I need dark soy for a cocktail meatball recipe. The dark soy truly makes a difference in the end product. Living in Sussex county there is a dirth of aisian food pantrys. Shoprite, Weis, A&P and Pathmark all carried the product until maybe a year ago. Whats the deal?
  5. I just put together a shrimp paste for shrimp toast. The recipe I used is simple and may be varied according to your taste. I used a half pound of small (about 40 to a pound) of fresh shrimp, two cans of canned shrimp, an 8 oz can of water chestnuts, one medium onion, three cloves garlic, a couple of tablespoons of rice wine vinegar, two tablespoons of fresh ginger, sesame oil and cornstarch. Simply let it rock & roll in the food processor until it comes together. You want a result which is wet but not runny and therefore add cornstarch as you need it. The quantity depends on the wetness of the ingredients. It is so easy because it is all done in the food processor. I then deep fried the sandwiches which turned into fabulous shrimp toast. The mixture will stay fine in the refrigerator for a few days at least.
  6. Stopped by for take-out the other day. Ordered appetizers of small spicy wontons and pork with fresh garlic. Both outstanding. Wontons were tender and sichuan spicing was delicious. The pork was pork belly and naturally full of flavor. We had shrimp in a sichuan sauce and a chicken dish. Whoa, really terrific in terms of taste and spicing. Next time its the lamb dish everyone is commenting on and one of their sichuan fish offerings. I really liked this place.
  7. I have a gift card for Williams Sonoma. I do a lot of cooking and need a good, all around chefs knife. Williams Sonoma features Wusthof, Henckels, Global and Shun Ken Onion. So for those in the know, what do I do. Seven or eight inch or ten inch? Which brand? Santoku or regular? My price range is 100 to 150 dollars Reading about knives on this forum indicated some comments that the Santoku style may not be good for harder type applications such as cutting up chicken and going through bones periodically. Most of the chefs knives listed are about 100 dollars in the 8 inch range. Any advise is really appreciated
  8. Recently on a Jet Blue flight we were thrown bags of Blue Kettle Chips. They were simply outstanding in terms of potato taste which was the most intense I have eaten. Granted they are pricey for a small bag but in terms of taste and texture those blue potato potato chips are a winner for my taste buds.
  9. I recently went to Bonefish Grill with friends who live in the Bridgewater area. It was a Saturday nite and the place was packed. The fish is fresh and definetly chain cookie cutter fare. In terms of Red Lobster compared to this place, Bonefish Grill is 4 stars compared to Red's minus infinity stars. Its a place that is fairly loud, but comforting with excellent customer service and fun. Not a place for outstanding seafood.
  10. I clearly remember bowls of mixed salty nuts at these gatherings!
  11. Come on u guys. Its a television show. Take it for what it is It's food and Real World and Road Rules and the Surreal Life. And I like the show. I find it damn entertaining and for me, it is by far, so much better than watching some supersilious sitcom. My choice and vote goes to Sam Methinks he is more well rounded in terms of cooking skills, leadership and common kitchen sense. Marcel seems to do a good job in the kitchen for the most part. It just seems he needs a partial hospitalization program to learn socialization skills. Ilan seems to be a decent enough cook, but chicken livers and goobers? Elia is hot enough but clearly needs a few more years in the kitchen before stardom hits.
  12. I have had some decent chicken croquettes from time to time at various diners and certainly feel your pain when it comes to wanting a croquette fix. I have heard Rutts Hut, while famous for their u no what, serves chicken croquettes on their regular menu. Perhaps someone out there has had them and will comment.
  13. I have used milk to soak beef liver. It seems to take pull some of the blood from the liver and removes an edginess or harshness from the taste when sauteed.
  14. After listening to the interview on Chow.com with Emily it is clear to me what a sniveling bitch she is. Emily takes no, that is zero responsibility for her food. She blames the equipment, the heat, the task and the judges but not her cooking. How could her food be so salty when she has worked at so many 3 and 4 star restaurants. How could the executive from TGI Fridays judge her food when he probably has never been in a kitchen like the ones she has cooked. I'll tell you how you miss arrogant wannabe, you don't have to have ever cooked or been in a kitchen to know food is over-salted. Can you understand that concept Emily?
  15. Otto had a loss of judgement with the lychee caper. Marisa showed her evil and manipulative personality as well as poor judgement in her cooking, particularly since desserts were supposed to be her specialty. It was so interesting to me to see Marisa's expression change into what looked like a Djinn when she was exploiting the team and Otto to further herself. Don't worry Marisa, it won't be long.
  16. Good topic for feeling hungry and yes so many choices. And here are mine not in order of preference since it depends how I am hungering at the time. Skirt steak cooked medium rare. Whole duck with crispy skin. Duck or goose foie gras
  17. Most of us use those toaster ovens for reheating or cooking various things. I have one that I think is a little out there but so outrageously satisfying. So I am wondering what other ideas for the use of this horizontal toaster appliance can be put to some outrageous gluttony. When I see the ends of domestic muenster cheese at the supermarket, I mean the orangey, thick ends, I am thinking toaster oven. Cover the pan with foil and set those controls on 450 or broil and place the cheese in the oven. A few minutes later this is what you have. A partly crusty melange of hot, soft, oily, chewey, gooey and salty heaven. Just eat it and your good until morning. I mean its quick, its inexpensive, your not using the big oven, no bread, no meat, but it is so good. Anyone care to share your culinary secrets?
  18. I do not think this one has been mentioned yet. While I enjoy quality, twice cooked fries with salt only, I have been known to dip them in gravy when the gravy is decent. But, my overall favorite has to be the butter and garlic sauce left or included with shrimp scampi. If u have not tried it, fries dipped in, coated in, slathered in good butter and garlic, scampi sauce is thee way.
  19. Thanks for all the information. The lobster was cold and definetly cooked thoroughly. The glow or luminescense definetly remained after cooking and refrigerating the lobster salad. I did finish the salad over a period of two days and have no ill effects that I am aware. And by the way, it was about two pounds worth and damn tasty.
  20. I recently purchased a few cooked lobsters and put together lobster salad using only mayonaisse. About 2:00 a.m. woke up and went to the fridge and placed a nicely sized portion on a paper plate. The kitchen was dimly lit having just awakened with this lobster salad on my mind. Lo and freakin behold, there were multiple areas on the plate that literally were glowing in the dark. Put the lights on, glow disappeared. Shut them off, the glow was back. It was similar to the old glow in the dark wristwatches or as if there was a black lite illuminating a poster. I thought about not eating it; thought about radiation, thought again, and ate it. The lobster salad tasted fine. I talked to a coworker who thought it might be phosphorous causing the glow. If so what about it. Anyone out there ever have this experience or know what was going on.
  21. I thought the two hour finale was truly entertaining t.v. fare. Gordon is a pisser with his earthy retorts to all and he moves the show along with his demanding attitude and cocky deportment. I wouldn't give Tom the privilege of working a hot dog stand. I think he was brought back simply for us viewers to see once again his simple minded ineptitude. I was routing for Heather and I think it remains to be seen how she functions in her new and demanding role. There is no one formula for readiness to take on great responsibility for any position. Many times people step up to the role in which they are placed. Good luck to Heather. P.S. It did look from my viewers vantage point, Gordon was ready to leave his wife and family and run away with Virginia.
  22. I have thought for a while, Keith is going to win the competition. Gordon seems to praise his efforts more than his teamates. Heather seems more inconsistent in her cooking than Keith. Sara didn't have too much to say after her total screw up and I look forward to her arrogant self going up in Hells Kitchen flames.
  23. When I compare HK to most of the sitcoms or dramas or t.v. fare in general, this show is really good viewing. It moves right along with Gordon as the guru, catalyst to sting and praise as the wannabe chefs perform. Last nite's episode was interesting, exciting watching. Gordon has the ability to communicate using expletives, put downs and sparingly preaise what it is he is after in quality food prep and presentation. It seems the players are "getting" what it is G.R. is after and it seems they indeed are developing as the show evolves. I am definetly a Gordon fan and I think he is a talented, multifaceted chef who indeed knows how to get those all important t.v.ratings. He knows just how to push the buttons necessary to seperate those who can do from those who thougt they could, but cannot. I am looking forward to more from Heather, Sara's tricks and I think Keith might be the dark horse winner of this slugfest.
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    Top Chef

    Coqquus I'm a thinkin you're missin the forest for the trees. It was simply my analysis and my conclusion. And if the producers brought back a chef who was eliminated due to one of the others dropping out, they certainly could have overlooked the missing of one dish by Dave. I ask, Should not the competition be at least a bit more wieghted in favor of who the judges et.al. considered the best tasting dishes?
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