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  1. Burger Club

    Sho'nuff! Come one come all! See you at two!
  2. Burger Club

    Can we come? Burger Joint, on Saturday, January 31st, 2 pm. Burger Joint is at 2175 Broadway at 77th St. 212-362-9238.
  3. Burger Club

    That's a shame John. Next time.
  4. Burger Club

    Hey Cpalms, welcome to Burger Club. The way it works around here, is that whoever wants to make an addition to the list quotes it and adds it to the bottom. Trust me, some of my least favorite places are on the list. But it's not up to me to ban them from a visit if the club does in face want to go there. We're relatively democratic around these parts. Join us Saturday?
  5. Burger Club

    Yes, but it looks as if we'll have a low turn out. Surprising. I for one, will be elyse +3.
  6. Burger Club

    Excellent job BJL. I knew you could do it! Oh yeah. Pizza Club is now in session.
  7. Burger Club

    Welcome to Burger Club, BJL. Quote the list and ass you suggestion to the bottom if you'd like. Oh lauren, sorry you can't make it. There'll be MANY more you know. Now what's this about a food festival, missy? That would be ADD you suggestion to the botom.
  8. Burger Club

    All new suggestions go here! Gosh, someone was telling me about another place the other day. Who was it? Where was it?
  9. Burger Club

    I'm glad you feel that way.
  10. The eGullet PIE Potluck

    Oh don't be such a girl!
  11. Burger Club

    Yes, I do have to start calling him that, don't I?
  12. Burger Club

    Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap....