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I like raisins especially in a chickpea salad with good olive oil, garlic, lemon rind, a little cumin, and a little raspberry vinegar.

I would have liked them even more in the Olden Dayes, when they used to be called "Raisins of the Sun".

Happy Feasting

Janet (a.k.a The Old Foodie)

My Blog "The Old Foodie" gives you a short food history story each weekday day, always with a historic recipe, and sometimes a historic menu.

My email address is: theoldfoodie@fastmail.fm

Anything is bearable if you can make a story out of it. N. Scott Momaday

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I know a lot of people who hate raisins and I say more for me.

Bread pudding made with raisin bread. Keeps the raisins distributed all through the pudding insteads of sinking.

Raisin chutney is very good.

If I feel like a snack, I grab a handful and munch 'em.

Put some in the breakfast oatmeal.

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I like my raisins, but I tend to eat them by the handful, not cooked with anything else. I like them plump, chewy, a bit tangy and not too sweet. I bought these green and rather elongated and slender ones once, and loved them.

I won't eat the black ones though. Golden is my usual choice.


Totally More-ish: The New and Improved Foodblog

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Heh, I grew up in Central California. In a vinyard. We had several male dogs. (you see where this is going, right?)

They ALL loved to hose down the trays of raisins sun drying.

I couldn't eat raisins for many years thereafter.....

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This post came to mind as I was enjoying a glass of Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera 1927 Spanish sherry. Liquid rasins is the best way to discribe this sherry. I love rasins and this was a real treat since the flavor was like a mouthfull of rasins in a glass.

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you want some tasty raisins, try these people's fancy mixed raisins: http://www.rosendahlfarms.com/customer/home.php I stumbled across them in Publix a couple of years ago, got hooked, Publix stopped carrying them, :angry: so of course now I have to order them.

(is this allowed? I have nothing to do with this company, just love their raisins!)

I may be in Nashville but my heart's in Cornwall

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There are lots and lots of golden raisins and currants in The Cooking and Cuisine of Sicily:

*Mixed into stuffings for thin cuts of beef, veal, grouper or swordfish, rolled and sauteed, braised in sauce or skewered & grilled

*Filling the bare bodkins of sardines; leaves of escarole & artichoke

*Tossed with pistachios, pine nuts and herbs in pasta, seafood or vegetable dishes (see reference to caponata earlier in thread) that include ingredients such as cauliflower, swordfish, eggplant and anchovies.

"Viciousness in the kitchen.

The potatoes hiss." --Sylvia Plath

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"Raisins...they taste sweet, but really they're just humilliated grapes."

That doesn't mean I don't love them!

I think one of my favorite ways to eat raisins is with warmed pumpkin, a tiny bit of sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Yum!


Sweet Misa

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Alas, I am conflicted.

I enjoy raisins (especially in a nice rice pudding and bourbon-soaked in a warm bread pudding) but when I see them at my local farmer's market, to me it's a sign that summer is coming to an end once again.

Persephone supposedly ate six pomegranate seeds but they could have been raisins for all they portend.

They are a good-bye to home grown tomatoes full of the promise of summer. They are a fond farewell to champange peaches so ripe, juicy and fragrant you wonder why Chanel hasn't bottled them, yet.

When I see raisins make an appearance at the farmer's market, I quickly look away and feign interest in the next farmer's booth in an attempt to put distance between me and the little Heralds of Autumn. I look away and try to convince myself that I haven't seem them and that summer is still here and is still going strong.

But come they do and summer does end.

'Tis truly a bittersweet love affair I have with raisins.


“Peter: Oh my god, Brian, there's a message in my Alphabits. It says, 'Oooooo.'

Brian: Peter, those are Cheerios.”

– From Fox TV’s “Family Guy”


Tim Oliver

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In Catalan cooking raisins are an essential in a number of vegetable dishes , including stirred into sauteed spinach with pine nuts......yum :biggrin:

Yeah, I had this in Barcelona and have been whipping it up ever since. Super tasty and simple.

We make this all the time with the overabundant Swiss chard from our garden. It's also delicious stuffed into chicken breasts.

While I do enjoy raisins in things, particularly savory-type dishes, I absolutely refuse to eat them out of hand. Last year my toddler learned how to raid the cupboard for raisins, her favorite snack. Let's just say that she can't keep her misdeeds a secret for very long... :blink::wacko:

Julie Layne

"...a good little eater."

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