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  1. Well said These rickshaw drivers are always trying to outdo the stunts and skills of Evel Knievel. I dont think you will forget that experience in a hurry.
  2. Translated Chowmein, Italy(probably Idli), Egg Roll and Pepsi in the background. That's a fine example of Globalisation OTOH he seems too be making only samosas, pakoras and kachoris.
  3. docsconz, An excellent trip report, looks like you had a good time. What was your impression of the food's chilli hotness ?
  4. Just wanted to clarify that I am not the forum moderator here. Never was. Augustine, please bear in mind that more than half of Goa's restaurants close down their shutters for the monsoon season - June - Sept.
  5. Thanks eipi10 and Prasantrin, You like the ones with rock candy/sugar? There's another version with a pistachio in the center. I like them with a single strand of saffron. You should try making them from this: MTR Gulab Jamun Mix
  6. Episure

    Lamb Shank

    I make these in a covered wok over a period of 2 hours on low heat. As suggested above it is the low heat that breaks the connective tissue and these are impossible to overcook. Nalli Korma
  7. Episure

    Indian Food

    My Karma -Indian Bistro
  8. Just double-checked the carryout menu from my (sometimes) favorite Indian restaurant (Heritage India in Washington, DC) and can confirm that at least in that restaurant the dish is known as Aloo Tak. ← You're right, I just googled for it and Aloo Tak seems to be specific to Washington restaurants. It seems to be a creation of Chef Sudhir Seth His new restaurant's Menu His user name here is SDSeth, I've emailed him and hope he will respond to your query.
  9. I know this is late but I think Busboy is referring to Aloo Chat.
  10. Oh, so you were the other guy taking pictures also. Pani Puri - probably the world's first example of molecular gastronomy
  11. Episure

    Indian Food

    Hook up with Atul Kochhar, from the Mayfair restaurant Benares, to cook some spicy Indian summer snacks
  12. petite tête de chou's advice is spot on. Additionally use drained thick yoghurt. Restaurants use red colour powders. If you really want that colour I would advocate adding some carrot puree.
  13. I agree with what Edward said. Sorry for the delay in replying, It's been some time I dug around for places to eat authentic food in Jaipur. From what I can remember and after cross checking with my friends there: Jai Ambe next to sindhi camp Sharma Dhaba near Viswhakarma Industrial estate on the Bikaner road Rawat Sweets near Polo Victory cinema Ask around for directions. Have fun.
  14. Episure

    Indian Food

    Careful Hands Forging Tandoori
  15. Can't add much to v.gautam's excellent dissertation except admit that I have learnt a lot from this topic. As he says, terroir plays an important role in defining the organoleptic properties and in that respect I find Ghee from the dairy farms of Coimbatore(Southern India) to be different and aromatic. Ghee from the Belgaum(Maharashtra/Karnataka) area is quite famous but I prefer the former. I'm not sure what process they follow, though. I have witnessed the cultured cream-ghee method only at an artisanal dairy near Bombay run by a husband-wife team. I had forgotten about it until I read Gautam's reference and was able to connect to the different (and rare! ) procedure. I usually make food in the normal way but cut back on prescribed oil quantities and instead add a little Ghee before serving. Sometimes I spray a little warmed Ghee using an oil mister.
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