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  1. It never occured to me that pancetta could be eaten uncooked until I went to Italy and saw it on the menus for Panini. I ate it there but I won't eat it here. In the restaurant where I worked and first encountered pancetta, the cooks blanched it. Seemed to me thay were cooking all the flavor out of it. I never do that now. And now I want Carbonara and there's no Pancetta in the house.
  2. My late sister-in-law was notorious for not being able to get a meal together so that it was all ready at a aproximately the same time. She cooked one thing at a time and not exactly in the order it should have been done. It wasn't totally her fault though, her husband bought what he wanted to eat and brought it home to her to prepare. Best divorce that I know of.
  3. I can't choose any one item that led to the demise but I have watched it happen. I grew up in a family that cooked everything from scratch at first. My grandmother finally succumbed to a cake mix once and that was enough. My mom on, the other hand really, needed the cake mix. She loved to try new recipes but wasn't very good at it. Married in 1953, I started cooking from scratch and have continued to do so. Can anyone explain why my daughter, who is a great grandmother, prefers to eat Jiffy cornbread, Bisquick or canned biscuits, cake mix cakes, jarred spaghetti sauce, etc.
  4. Just the thought of hot tuna!!! Yuck! Sashimi!!!! Yes!
  5. BarbaraY


    Last I got I added some to a pot of minestrone. Sadly I added them too soon as they were very tender and sweet. I added them at the same time as the potato and they melted away. Another way I enjoy them is in a potato, parsnip, and leek soup. Roasted along with some carrots is another family favorite. I too grew up with the cooked to death vegetables of yore but once I found a vegetable didn't have to be cooked to death I learned to like almost all vegetables.
  6. I think I wouldn't use it. Sounds looks really strange.
  7. PEEPS! Nastiest things ever created. Yuck! I really don't care for anything with marshmallows Nothing but sweet sponges. Even when camping I eat only one slowly toasted over the campfire. If it gets burnt I pass it on. Anything with fake banana flavor isn't even allowed in the house. I can't even stand the smell. That said I love the Cadbury eggs. Got my first four at the grocery recently. Last year I waited too long and the were all gone.
  8. My recommendation is, if it's in plastic, don't buy it as it will probably be just a ball of red grease. I get it at a Mexican meat counter where it's made in shop. Crumble it up and cook with potato and onion and scramble in a couple 0f eggs
  9. We have given up on trying to find a good one around here. The only restaurant that I know of that serves them is Applebee's. My daughter ordered one there some time ago. Don't ask! Since we love corned beef, I cook it often in the pressure cooker. We have dinner one night and Reuben Sandwiches for several days.
  10. Here in CA, I have been finding the opposite problem. Some "chefs" are not salting at all. Some things just have to have a little salt added during cooking to taste right when finished.
  11. These are available at Chef's catalog. http://www.chefscatalog.com/product/25312-oven-chek-digital-bakers-oven-thermometer-ot-3.aspx I PLAN TO GET ONE OF THESE SOON AS MY OVEN IS GETTING A BIT IFFY.
  12. I can't figure out why so called chefs can't learn the correct pronunciation. Today I heard one pronounce Turmeric as Toomeric. I have heard others do this, too. Maybe they moved the "R" to Sherbert.
  13. Any Cup Cake Wars should be eliminated from the earth.
  14. It has to be butter in this house, too. I think it has been at least 15 years since there has been margarine and that's because of a weird kid who didn't like butter!
  15. Since there are just two for Christmas dinner I'm making Dorie's Curried Chicken, Peppers and Peas. So simple but so delicious.
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