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  1. i would like to contribute to the cod, hake, merluza thread by offering a merluza negra from cantabria spain the picture below is from a fish we call cod in greece (bakaliaros), and i must confess i am confusied after the earlier posts regarding the existence of cod in the med (or the aegean for that matter!)
  2. i am only expressing my views, i could not possibly claim that i am right (or wrong for that matter!)
  3. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is not only a marvel to look at, visit its collections and temporary exhibitions and spend hours walking around it, it is also a place where you can have a nice meal. The Restaurante was highly recommended and so during my last visit to the museum i grabbed the opportunity to have a meal in the restaurant. You can read my impressions in my weblog panathinaeos
  4. i would like to refer you to my posting egullet posting on sant' agata although "Torre del Saracino" is not in Sorrento, you can get there by cab
  5. My professional obligations bring me to Serbia these days. One of the restaurants worth mentioning is "Pasha", in the center of Novi Sad. I have posted a review on my weblog: panathinaeos
  6. many thanks docsconz, i was inspired by the "chorus" and would like to ask a spanish baritone to join ... A Spanish Baritone
  7. I want to share the enthusiasm and joy I felt at the Frescobaldi Wine Bar at Rome's Fiumicino Airport. You can have good quality wines with good quality food, something impossible to find at airports in Europe. I emphasize the combination of wine and food, as there are airports like Madrid where you can have a decent glass of wine. You can read the relevant post in my weblog panathinaeos. The seafood crudo misto was impeccable!
  8. The "Limanaki" tavern is located in a small village in the northern part of Evia, and there are literally no tourists there. The place is frequented only by locals, simply because there are no tourists in the area. The northern part of Evia is one of the best kept secrets in Greek tourism, and I hope it remains like that. The article that I wrote in my weblog panathinaeos is about this small tavern that caters the local and vistiors but also in the early morning hours provides a resting place to the returning fishermen and women. The food is simple, grilled or fried, but they know how to do it and the fish or seafood is a fresh as it can get. They get the day's catch early in the morning and they serve it for lunch and dinner.
  9. Thank you for your kind words. I am on the way of exploring the Spanish markets and hope to report soon. Especially on my favourite delicacy, salted cod, all 20 something parts of it! Regarding your question, if the image below contains the couple you are referring to, I have cropped it and the label reads like "Merluza"? http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?act=mo...d=si&img=131280 P.S. I still cannot manage to post images on the forum. I expect to learn after 2100.
  10. I will never forget in Ortygia the old man on a little stool, offering sea urchin eggs in esspresso plastic cups. I was so obsessed to go and get some before they finish that I never took a picture. Thank you for the opening of the set to include Boqueria and la Brecha. Some might want to include the "mega" markets as well, like Madrid and Tokyo, but they are in a totally different league.
  11. I visited the Venice fish market in August and posted some pictures and impressions in my panathinaeos weblog. I do not think there is any other market that gives me this sense of freshness and immediacy. The only other one I can think of is in Syracuse, Sicily, on the little island of Ortygia.
  12. I recommend that you visit "Torre del Saracino" in Vico Equense. Check their website Torre del Saracino. Gennaro Esposito is the rising Italian chef that can perform magic with seafood and local produce. Do not miss it! And the value for money is unbeatable for a Michelin starred restaurant. After Saracino you need to relax from the intensity of the gastronomic experience. There is no better place to do so than "Ristorante La Torre" in the piazzetta of the samll town of Santa Maria Annunziata, Massa Lubrense. Wonderful family food prepared by Maria, frequented by Neapolitans who love the place.
  13. I would add to the list of Bilbao (technically it is Galdakao, a small town 10 km SE of Bilbao) favourites the Andra MAri Restaurant. I have published a review in my blog panathinaeos. In my view this is a restaurant every good food lover must visit.
  14. wonderful video clips pedro, thank you very much! i remember my short visit to coruna and how dangerous the waves looked! could you please identify for me the major locations where the percebes are "extracted"? any recommendations on the eateries? regards
  15. A lot of good food principles have been confirmed during my visit to Zuberoa. One of them is the importance of top quality ingredients. Another is that it takes a lot of skill to extract from the finest ingredients the bouquet of flavours they hide inside. You can read my review in my food log panathinaeos.
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