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Vegan Glazing Agent for Panning


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After much research on finding alternatives to Shellac as a glazing agent in chocolate panning, the alternative I've found is corn (maize) protein called Zein.


Gum arabic has been floated in the past but its more of a polishing agent with little glazing properties i.e. protection against moisture in a high humidity environment, prolonged shelf life, aesthetical protection.


Has anyone had any experience in working with this or alternative vegan Glazing agents? Any pointers on where one can find this or a suitable alternative in limited quantities?


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Not sure about limited quantities - https://www.mantrose.com/products/confectionery-coatings/


I'd be looking at the waxes.


They are going to be at a show in Vegas Oct 25, 26 - 

Visit us at SupplySide West!
Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc., is a world leader in edible coatings and specialty products for the confectionery, food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, and cosmetic industries.
Be sure to check out Mantrose at Booth# 1832, and speak with a Sales Representative to learn the latest about our products.

Certiseal® Particulate Adhesive System

- Fat and preservative free dry blend system dissolvable in water or vinegar 
- Adheres particulates such as seeds, herbs, and spices 
- Suitable for applications such as nuts, granola, nut bars, chips, pretzels, and jerky

Pharmaceutical Applications
Our line of proven performers are suitable for use in major pharmaceutical marketsand 
developed using compendial ingredients that meet global requirements.

Please contact Mantrose for all of your edible coating and specialty product needs! Ask about our organic product line.  

Show: SupplySide West
Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: October 25-26, 2023
Mantrose Sales Team 
Mantrose-Haeuser Co., Inc. 



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Thanks Kerry!

The waxes seem geared to hard shells.. per the chart below it seems like the offerings are either Certiseal or Vegetable based protein glaze (mentioned in the chocolate coatings and then glaze section).


Unfortunately I'm not in the US, rather in the UK although I'd happily pay the shipping if I was able to get a small batch.


Really useful though! I'll try and speak to their contact support, perhaps they can guide me elsewhere or to trade shows more local to me. 


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