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my pre-order Darto has arrived . . .


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rim to rim it's about 13" / 300 mm

upon explaining 'paella' DW opined she needed muscles outside the pan more than the mussels inside the pan . . .

(she's a big seafood lover, so don't fret - this will all turn out well.....)


initially, Darto did not make plain the dimensions of their N.xx product numbers.  at last glance, they've gotten a bit more open to sizes.


but indeed, , , I too fell victim to buying a piece based on N.xx number - turned out to be a mini-pan.  works for "broiled mushrooms for two"

but not much else.


however comma, if one is into black iron pans. Darto be da' bomb.  just make sure you know the size of what ye' be buying . . .

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