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  1. Anova $30 off use code HOLIDAY on precision cooker reg $179.
  2. I'm not a drinker at all. I finally found one that could prove dangerous. Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade, a spiked Arnold Palmer if you will.
  3. Just saw this topic and it sounds amazing. Please put me down as a maybe. Do we have to keep checking this forum or will there be periodic messages sent?
  4. I did it. I pulled the trigger and ordered my copy. Amazon says it arrives in about a week. For those of you that have been studying the thousands of pages, can you give me your TOP 3 THINGS to immediately check out when my collection arrives? Who knows how long it will take me to get through it all. Your top 3 list would be much appreciated. Thanks!!! ---
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience buying from Chef's Warehouse. This company is doing a lot of business and currently raising money for an IPO, so people are into them to some degree. Is their stuff good? How are the values? With over $300M a year in sales, I'm guessing someone here has bought from them. What say you???
  6. I just love the way people keep coming up with great subjects. I'd love to hear more from any Gel-Pro owners. Are they worth it? How do you clean them ? I have a regular cheap mat by the sink. It's getting a little ratty. Thanks for any feedback.
  7. Variation on the theme: 1. Cut in half and remove supremes into large coffee mug. 2. Squeeze every drop of juice into mug. 3. Sprinkle with about 1Tbl sugar and stir into mug. 4. Refrigerate. Eat later. Waiting accomplishes 3 things - it's super cold - sugar is fully dissolved - you get to eat it, drink the juice, no work at time of eating.
  8. It looks like MC is sold out. Some sellers say no more copies until July. Obviously, the demand has caught people by surprise for this $500 set of books. So, here's the (hypothetical) question. How high would you go to get a copy in your hands in the next few days? THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL QUESTION people. I don't have any to sell. How crazy are the foodies here? And, not only do I want to know high high you'd go, but what you'd sacrifice to get one? Sell you car? Sell you iPhone? Sell your mother? Eat Ramen for a year?
  9. Looks like a better discount is now available through Amazon: Click here.
  10. Awesome interchange. As with most things, it seems to me that baking is part art and part science. Almost anyone can mechanically measure out a few ingredients, pre-heat an oven, set a timer and produce decent results if they have just a few basic techniques (that's the science). The "art" is where the magic is. Whether it's the one responder's girlfriend who knows just the right time the dough is done for her bread or the baker with the steady hand that is able to put finishing touches that give the final product the 'wow' factor. And, it's the "art" that makes me want to go into every bakery I see to experience the unlimited variations that result. Got to go. Nearby bakery calling.
  11. This one at 77th/Broadway is decent and used to be open 24 hours. 77th/Bway Diner I've always been a fan of the Cosmic Diner, which used to be just off Columbus Circle until the neighborhood exploded with TWC, etc. They moved a little downtown to the 50's. Cosmic Diner Link
  12. Sorry about that. Yes, by "slacking" I meant "thawing".
  13. Re: Chilean Sea Bass - not long ago, I know Eric Ripert said he wouldn't sell CSB due to it's non sustainability. Re: TJ's fish - would love to hear everyone's methods for slacking. Overnight in the refrigerator? Cold salt water??
  14. The Kor One's are cool looking for sure. No matter what people say about the whole BPA thing, my completely unscientific and made-up opinion is that some of the plastic gets into / flavors water vs. Kleen Kanteen Stainless models. Any scientific types out there that can set us straight on the plastic vs. stainless steel arguments?
  15. Budrichard - you were right on with pricing. The vacuum sealed "sushi grade" tuna (flash frozen) was about $24/pound. I must say, though, I didn't love the product. Having said that, my "diners" thought the dish was awesome and I'll definitely repeat. By the way, the entree I made was "Tuna 2 Ways" from Eric Ripert's book "On the Line". For anyone not in the restaurant business, but interested in it, the book is awesome. I was lucky enough to spend a week in Le Bernardin's kitchen and this book really makes you feel like you're in the kitchen. Lots of fun facts about how much food they go through, info on each station, and - yes - some awesome recipes too. My next reach in my search for better tuna will be our closest fish supplier, which sells retail and supplies many restaurants as well. I have purchased fish from Browne Trading before (mail order) and have never been disappointed, except with the price (the fish is reasonable, but when you get done with the special shipping and packaging - it gets up there).
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