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Mella ; mushroom growing chamber


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$479 (USD )   , after all , its Smart.






thoughts ?


I could not find out the cost of the inoculated mushroom ' stumps '  , more their projected lifetime yields .


P.S.:  found this :




maybe a decent hobby for more exotic mushrooms than you find at the A&P.


hope your Portfolio is doing well .


on the other hand , I already have both a mushroom foraging knife , and a mushroom knife/ brush 


for cleaning .   might not need the later w this .    but Im ahead of the game.


it probably comes w  an App.

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At our farmers market, we have a guy who sells those mushroom bags for $20.  The $479 for a humidity controlled box seems laughably high to me.  But on the other hand, I have not yet built the box that I have been thinking about for 6 months now.  So for some it might be worth it.

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